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Better Decks
eM allows you to find and improve your decks in many ways. Search 120,000 public decks, and browse the latest edited decks. Get deck advice from others by rating their decks, who then often will rate yours in return. See graphs and charts to analyze your deck stats and opening hand. In our forums you can get more deck help, rules help and general strategy advice.
1,2,3,4, Do I Need Less, Or Do I Need More? by Anomander
Is your deck, or just too good not to play with, but are your other choices that obvious? I intend to break down the science (because itís a science) of choosing one, two, three, or four of any card in your deck.
Orginally published 3/31/2008
Building Draft Strategies for a Pre-Release by Bluebaron
So it's the week before the pre-release. You can't wait to see the new cards before they're actually released. You pack your cards and you're about ready to head to the event. Until you realize... You have no idea what you're doing. So relax, that's where this article comes in. I'm going to take you a step by step way of identifying drafting strategies.
Orginally published 5/18/2010
The Art of Casual Monoblack Beatdown-Control by Scott
Monoblack, love it or hate it, or learn to play it. Casual style! (Insert witty rhyme here.)
Orginally published 12/28/2009
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Combo of the Day
Riptide Mangler Buy + Crown of Flames Buy + Fling Buy
Use the crown on Mangler, pump it up, change its power to its own, next turn, repeat every turn grining evilly, once you get a big bomb, fling it... BAAANG
Posted by Syous
Rating: (25)
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