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Vintage- Analyzing Silver Bullets through Ballistics: Part 1 Ė Smoking Guns by Seven
The Vintage format has been shifting at a blistering pace in recent years. There are an exhaustive number of cards in the Vintage card pool, creating an almost infinite number of permutations of deck lists for play
Orginally published 7/17/2008
Luck vs Skill, Power vs Consistency, and Draft Archetypes by Kevin Weber
This article is possibly going to offend some people. I've noticed some magic players - particularly experienced ones - approach the game from the perspective of it being a contest of skills. In fact, some are quite outspoken about luck being too integral to the game.
Orginally published 4/2/2007
Mean Players by Jon Wright
Hey, itís your turn, you gonna play or what? Hello, what the hell are you doing? Ah man, that was such a bad move, canít believe you played that. Have you ever heard these or other rude remarks? Of course you have, rude players are part of the game. But I think more people are becoming that kind of person. Yelling at you to play faster, or play different or even not to play cards. I know that people like to win but does hassling me because of my age, or size (im a little big), or even how I play do anything toward winning. Read on for more.
Orginally published 1/2/2008
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Combo of the Day
Ice Cave Buy + Celestial Dawn Buy
Counter all your enemies spell. Unlimited Counterspell. Although your enemy can also use it...

Posted by quibski
Rating: (12)
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