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The Art of Control: In the Darkness Once Again by Scott
Why chose black over blue? For the Control and the hundreds of dollars saved. Think about it, what does every good blue deck need? Usually, expensive cards, if it wants to be competitive. Several fish decks notwithstanding... But in black...control is cheap (relatively speaking.)
Orginally published 5/31/2011
Beginner's Survival Guide to FNM by Mesmeric_Mist
Orginally published 9/27/2006
The Art of Magicís Psychological Warfare: Messing with some heads! by Scott
Remember the villain in that one movie, that was really good with Mind Games? Yea, me too.
Orginally published 11/30/2010
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Combo of the Day
Artificial Evolution Buy + Gravecrawler Buy + Basal Sliver Buy
Use Artificial Evolution Buy targeting the Basal Sliver Buy and change Sliver for Zombie, the Sac the Gravecrawler Buy for {B}{B} and recast it for only {B} netting {B} each Loop.


See first comment for more details.

Posted by Akromaniac
Rating: (15)
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