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Why Scry? (Or Clash, for that matter) by Shad Wills
Scry and clash are both abilities that allow you to stack your deck. Thatís right! Put a card where you want it.
Orginally published 1/11/2008
Smart Shopping by arctic79
The intent is to make players more aware of what they are buying. Every few bucks you save can go towards more useful cards, and whether you are on a budget or mowing lawns in the summer, you want your dollar to go as far as possible.
Orginally published 9/5/2007
Building Draft Strategies for a Pre-Release by Bluebaron
So it's the week before the pre-release. You can't wait to see the new cards before they're actually released. You pack your cards and you're about ready to head to the event. Until you realize... You have no idea what you're doing. So relax, that's where this article comes in. I'm going to take you a step by step way of identifying drafting strategies.
Orginally published 5/18/2010
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Combo of the Day
Goblin Recruiter Buy + Goblin Charbelcher Buy
get outcharbelcher, play recruiter and put all your gobins on top, then do charbelcher's ability. i have it in my extended goblin deck so im guaranteed a mountain to double the dmg after the fat stack of goblins on top. goblin matrons also help to find the recruiter.
Posted by kicKYourLEg
Rating: (34)
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