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Mean Players by Jon Wright
Hey, it’s your turn, you gonna play or what? Hello, what the hell are you doing? Ah man, that was such a bad move, can’t believe you played that. Have you ever heard these or other rude remarks? Of course you have, rude players are part of the game. But I think more people are becoming that kind of person. Yelling at you to play faster, or play different or even not to play cards. I know that people like to win but does hassling me because of my age, or size (im a little big), or even how I play do anything toward winning. Read on for more.
Orginally published 1/2/2008
The Arch by Audun Ween
I was sitting in my room, trying to find that one card for my Elf Deck, when I suddenly came over a rather interesting card.
Orginally published 3/10/2009
So you want to play in a Magic tourney… by Steve Davis
Playing in your first Magic tournament can be a scary and daunting experience. As a player, judge, and tournament organizer, here is some advice for new (and old) tourney players that can be helpful.
Orginally published 5/14/2008
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Varchild's War-Riders Buy + Engineered Plague Buy + Burning Sands Buy
Stick all of them out and choose Survivors for Engineered Plague. You get a great creature for cheap without the drawback and your opponent is forced to sac all of their lands over time.
Posted by Brood
Rating: (24)
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