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Best MTG Search Engine
eM's Advanced Card Search was one of the first MTG card search engines, and we believe to be the most powerful available since inception. Heck, who needs humility?
Player Interactivity by Saran Ekambaram
Is anyone else tired of playing games that offer no interaction between players? I am speaking of a big trend that has been around too long in magic. There are far too many decks out there that take the concept of winning as a direct translation to cutting off all interaction between players in a game.
Orginally published 8/20/2007
Clawing your way to the top without breaking the bank by Josh Begerow
The years of trying to figure out how to afford to be competitive in Magic has taught me a few cheap and easy solutions to money issues with MTG. I feel this information could help many emerging tournament players.
Orginally published 8/6/2009
Budget Building 6 - Burn Redux by Kevin Weber
I revisit and revamp the original Burn Baby Burn deck list to incorporate Shadowmoor cards, and in turn, take it quite a different direction than the original list. Final deck price with sideboard: $38
Orginally published 7/17/2008
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Combo of the Day
Nomad Mythmaker Buy + Auratog Buy + Second Wind Buy
Step 1: sacrifice Second Wind to Auratog.
Step 2: pay 1 white, tap Mythmaker to return Second Wind.
Step 3: Enchant Mythmaker, tap the Second Wind to untap Mythmaker.
Step 4: repeat.

Posted by Knavish Fiend
Rating: (17)
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Theros has brought Gods into our planes. What is the best God/Legendary artifact combo?
Heliod, God of the Sun - Spear of Heliod
Thassa, God of the Sea - Bident of Thassa
Erebos, God of the Dead - Whip of Erebos
Purphoros, God of the Forge - Hammer of Purphoros
Nylea, God of the Hunt - Bow of Nylea
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