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The Expert's Role in Magic by OrnithopterLover
The expert holds with him/her a wealth of knowledge about magic that many players don't know, much of which is taken for granted. The expert should make it a goal to help players who don't play as well.
Orginally published 11/16/2009
The Art of Legacy Burn by Cody L Locy
Explosive games, fast damage, and not a care in the world, this is Red Burn. A deck archetype that has never and will never seemed to burn out from the competition, Wizards willing.
Orginally published 11/12/2013
A Few Questions Concerning Players and Their Decks by Arcanic_One
This article will be a bit different. Itís not really about cards, new decks or archetypes. Itís not about formats or meta games. Itís about you, the players.
Orginally published 8/24/2011
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Combo of the Day
Corpse Dance Buy + Peregrine Drake Buy
This ritual is easy to perform:
Use any sacrificer machine such as Altar of Dementia Buy, Blasting Station Buy, Phyrexian Altar Buy, etc...

1) Play Peregrine Drake: untap five lands.
2) Sacrifice it via your desired machine.
3) Cast Corpse Dance with buyback to reanimate Peregrine Drake: untap five lands again.
4) Repeat this process until you've had enough.

Note: Nobody has posted this yet. I only found other similar to this but not exactly this. Cool

Posted by Brute Conquest
Rating: (12)
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