General Info

CardSet The Dark
Date Released August 1994
Cards in Set 119
Cardset Cost $163.13 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
There are no PCDs for this set.


The Antiquities set told of the war between the brothers Urza and Mishra. This war left Dominaria in total destruction and sent the entire multiverse into a Dark Age. That's where The Dark begins. The cards in this set give players a glimpse of the desparation that this dark age drove the people of Dominaria to. Many of the cards involve sacrifices or loss of life by the spells controller. In addition, most of the card art is gloomy and gothic... a far cry from the comicy card arts of the Legends expansion.

Notable Cards:
Maze of Ith Buy and Blood Moon Buy were both very powerful -- but for opposite reasons. Maze of Ith was capable of slowing any creature-based deck to a crawl, and was soon restricted by the DCI. Blood Moon was popular because it shut down cards like Maze of Ith, the Revised Dual Lands, and Library of Alexandria.

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