General Info

CardSet Exodus
Date Released June 1998
Cards in Set 143
Cardset Cost $185.46 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Dominator (Exodus PCD) Blue (6)
Widowmaker (Exodus PCD) Blue Black (1)
Groundbreaker (Exodus PCD) Black Red (3)
White Heat (Exodus PCD) White Red (7)


One of the first things you'll notice as you open up your Exodus booster packs is that some of the cards' expansion symbols are silver or gold. Well, this isn't a misprint. Wizards has decided to make a card's rarity easier to determine by actually putting it on the card. If the expansion symbol is black, the card is a common; silver means the card is an uncommon; and gold means it's a rare. Another thing you may notice is that now each card has a collector's number in fine print at the bottom of the card. This is there to make it easier to complete the set.

Exodus brings us some more Buyback cards, but these ones have a little twist. Most of them don't involve paying mana... instead they make you pay life, discard cards, or sacrifice land. Exodus also introduces an "Oath" card and a "Keeper" card for each color. These cards keep each player even with their opponent.

Perhaps the most unexpected card in this set is Spike Cannibal Buy. This creature will definitely put a damper on the Spike decks that have become so popular, because it immediately removes all counters from all other creatures when it comes into play.

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