General Info

CardSet Homelands
Date Released October 1995
Cards in Set 140
Cardset Cost $48.07 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
There are no PCDs for this set.


There aren't actually any rares in Homelands. Instead, the different rarities are Common-2, Common-1, Uncommon-3, and Uncommon-1. However, on this site, we've marked all of the Uncommon-1's as rare (since that's what most people consider them to be).

Unlike many of the sets before it, Homelands does not follow the story of Dominaria and it's inhabitants. Instead, it focuses on a totally different world that can only be reached by planeswalkers.

Notable Cards:
Autumn Willow Buy has proven to be a very popular Homelands card. The fact that it can only be targeted when it's controller wants it to be is a very nice ability.

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