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CardSet Ice Age
Date Released May 1995
Cards in Set 383
Cardset Cost $158.39 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
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Several hundred years after the Brothers' War, the climate of Dominaria has changed drastically. The temperature has cooled dramatically and glaciers have formed over much of the world. This is the setting for Ice Age, and it is very well depicted in cards like Polar Kraken and the Snow-Covered lands.

Ice Age is Magic's first "stand alone" expansion. Meaning that the set is made to be playable by itself. It has it's own core cards such as the basic lands, essential spells like counterspell and circles of protection, and basic creatures. The set is also as large as a base set, which gives players plenty of options when choosing cards.

With Ice Age comes new mechanics for the game. Specifically, Snow-Covered Lands and Cumulative Upkeep. It also adds a new theme... Cantrips(meaning "little tricks"). These are cards that replace themselves by allowing their caster to draw a card.

Notable Cards:
Necropotence Buy, Jester's Cap Buy, Zuran Orb Buy, and Icy Manipulator Buy have proven to be very powerful cards from this set. Specifically, Necropotence has ended up dominating the tournament scene... to the point that the summer of 1995 is referred to as "Black Summer" due to the large number of Necrodecks.

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