General Info

CardSet Mercadian Masques
Date Released October 1999
Cards in Set 350
Cardset Cost $264.13 *



The face of Horde decks will not be the same with the addition of two new creature types in Mercadian Masques: Rebels and Mercenaries. Both types have the ability to "recruit" other creatures of the same type from your library directly into play. The difference is that Rebels recruit Rebels that are bigger than them, while Mercenaries recruit Mercenaries that are smaller than they are. Still, both creature types show some good potential for tournament quality theme decks.

Another cool theme in this set is Spellshapers. These creatures have the ability to turn any card in your hand into a specific spell. For example, Bog Witch Buy lets you have a Dark Ritual Buy whenever you need it, Dawnstrider Buy gives you a Fog Buy every turn, and Devout Witness Buy is a reusable Disenchant Buy.

Notable Cards
Rishadan Port Buy has proven to be an incredibly powerful card not only for what it does, but also because it fits into almost any deck; Squee, Goblin Nabob Buy is the perfect answer to a discard deck; and the many powerful Rebel cards make this creature type a very viable tournament archtype.

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