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CardSet Portal
Date Released June 1997
Cards in Set 222
Cardset Cost $386.99 *


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There are no PCDs for this set.


If you're new to the game of Magic, or if you're trying to teach someone how to play, then Portal is where you should start. Unlike other Magic sets, Portal isn't an expansion... it's its own game altogether. With simplified rules and timing, easier card wordings, and an overall simplified approach to the game; this set is the perfect way to learn Magic.

There are only three types of spells in Portal: Lands, Summon Creatures, and Sorceries. Granted, some of the sorceries can be played on your opponent's turn (basically making them instants), but that's beside the point. Blocking (now called "Intercepting") is played and resolved one creature at a time. There is no mana pool, no such thing as responding to a spell, and no phase-based abilities or continuous effects. All-in-all, it's a much simpler game.

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