General Info

CardSet Stronghold
Date Released February 1998
Cards in Set 143
Cardset Cost $198.00 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
The Spikes (Stronghold PCD) Red Green (2)
Migraine (Stronghold PCD) Colorless Black (4)
Call of the Kor (Stronghold PCD) White Black (1)
The Sparkler (Stronghold PCD) Blue Red (2)


If you liked the Pre-Constructed Decks that were sold with the Tempest expansion, then you're in luck. Stronghold has four all new PCDs of it's own. However, because Stronghold is an expansion rather than a stand-alone set, the decks use some cards from Tempest.

Stronghold brings with it more cards with Buyback, a few more Licids, and the sure to be popular Slivers. There are a few new Slivers that will definitely become players' favorites: Crystalline Sliver Buy, Acidic Sliver Buy, and Sliver Queen Buy. Expect to see a lot of Sliver decks pretty soon.

Slivers aren't the only creatures that Stronghold brings us. If you liked Tempest's Spike Drone Buy, then you'll love all the new Spikes that exist in Stronghold, White players are sure to like the new en-Kors, and each color gets it's own powerful wall.

Notable Cards:
Of the new Slivers, Sliver Queen Buy has definitely proven to be the most powerful; and of the new Walls, Wall of Blossoms Buy seems to be everybody's favorite.

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