General Info

CardSet Weatherlight
Date Released June 1997
Cards in Set 167
Cardset Cost $110.13 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
There are no PCDs for this set.


The Weatherlight expansion continues from the Mirage-Visions story of Sisay, captain of the flying ship, The Weatherlight. Sisay has been kidnapped, and now our heroes are out to rescue her under the leadership of the new captain of the Weatherlight -- Gerrard.

A definite theme to this expansion is the extensive use of the graveyard during the game. Until now, the graveyard hasn't really been a big part of the game; but this set looks to change that. Cards like Alms Buy, Argivian Find Buy, Doomsday Buy, and Gaea's Blessing Buy will make your graveyard as much a part of the game as your library.

Notable Cards:
Gerrard's Wisdom Buy, with its ability to offset early damage in slow decks and Gemstone Mine Buy, which makes playing five-color decks a feasable option have both proven to be powerful cards.

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