General Info

CardSet Prophecy
Date Released June 2000
Cards in Set 143
Cardset Cost $59.49 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Turnaround (Prophecy PCD) White Blue (4)
Slither (Prophecy PCD) Red Green (3)
Pummel (Prophecy PCD) Green (5)
Distress (Prophecy PCD) White Black (15)


Anyone who is new to the game of Magic will fall in love with Prophesy immediately. Why? Because it's FAT. And we're not talking about big boned here, we mean good, old fashioned, expensive but well worth it... F - A - T.

Each color has it's own Avatar, a huge creature with a powerful ability that can be cast for as little as two mana if the conditions are right. Each color also has a Wind. These spells are potentially game-winners, but they each cost nine mana to cast; and, unlike the Avatars, there's no discount on these.

Even the new ability that Prophesy introduces is fat. Rhystic spells are very powerful cards for relatively low mana costs, but they can be "turned down" or even "turned off" by your opponent. For example, Rhystic Lightning Buy deals four damage to a creature or player for just three mana, but if any opponent pays two colorless mana, then it only deals two damage instead.

Notable Cards
Chimeric Idol Buy has proven to be a very popular and very powerful addition to many decks. It's a 3/3 colorless creature for just three mana, and it's pretty much immune to creature destruction spells like Wrath of God Buy. Now that's a tournament quality card.

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