General Info

CardSet Invasion
Date Released Monday, October 2nd 2000
Cards in Set 355
Cardset Cost $249.25 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Dismissal (Invasion PCD) Blue Black (3)
Spectrum (Invasion PCD) White Blue Red Green (4)
Heavy Duty (Invasion PCD) White Green (13)
Blowout (Invasion PCD) Black Red (5)


Multi-Colored cards are back!!! Invasion is packed with 66 of these allied-color spells that mix the best of two (and sometimes three) colors into one very powerful card. Even with all the new abilities and themes that the Invasion Block will have, the revival of multi-colored spells will probably be the best thing about this block.

The new ability that Invasion brings us is Kicker. This ability allows you to pay a little extra when you cast a spell to make it's effect more powerful. For example, Kavu Titan Buy is normally a 2/2 creature for 1G, but if you pay an additional 2G when you play it, it's a 5/5 trample instead.

The two main themes in this set are the Dragons and the Leeches. The Dragons are tri-colored flying Legends with incredibly powerful abilities that you can only use when the creature successfully damages your opponent. The Leeches are nice creatures for a good price, but they make all your other spells of that color cost one more to play.

Perhaps the most unique thing that Invasion introduces though is split cards. These cards are litterally two cards in one. Each half of the card is a seperate spell with it's own casting cost, rules text, and even its own name! The spells on these cards aren't all that powerful, but the versatility that they provide will cause some of them to make it into tournament quality decks.

Notable Cards
Urza's Rage Buy is showing up in Red decks everywhere. This non-counterable burn spell laughs at control decks... and pretty much every other deck too. Another powerful card is Undermine Buy. This spell is just one mana more than a Counterspell Buy, which is a small price to pay for the 3 life your opponent will lose when you cast it.

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