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CardSet Planeshift
Date Released Monday, February 5th 2001
Cards in Set 146
Cardset Cost $124.25 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Scout (Planeshift PCD) White Red Green (5)
Domain (Planeshift PCD) White Blue Black Red Green (10)
Comeback (Planeshift PCD) White Blue Black (3)
Barrage (Planeshift PCD) Red Green (6)


Continuing with the theme of Invasion, Planeshift brings us more multi-colored cards. In fact, percentage-wise, Planeshift is comprised of more multi-colored cards than Invasion was. One suprising thing, however is the fact that there are no split cards in Planeshift. Sad

Planeshift introduces a new ability called "Gating". A permanent with Gating requires you to return a permanent of the same type that shares at least one color with it to your hand when you play it. For example, Spark Caster is a Green and Red creature that requires you to return a Green or Red creature to your hand when you play it. This can be used as an advantage, however, because you can make Sparkcaster return itsself to your hand and then re-play it to deal another point of damage to your opponent.

A couple themes that Planeshift brought us are Familiars and Battlemages. Familiars are creatures that make all spells of their neighboring colors cost one less to play. Battlemages are creatures with two kickers different kickers (you can use one, both, or none) that result in different "comes into play" effects. These couple very well with the Gating mechanic that is also in Planeshift.

Finally, Planeshift brings us the Dragon Lairs. These lands produce one of three different types of mana when tapped, but require you to return a non-lair land to your hand when you play them.

Notable Cards
Orim's Chant Buy is quite possibly the most powerful card in the set. It works well in many decks and specifically well against control decks. Phyrexian Scuta Buy is a welcome addition to many Black decks. Many players are already calling it the new Juzam Djinn Buy.

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