General Info

CardSet Apocalypse
Date Released Monday, June 4th 2001
Cards in Set 148
Cardset Cost $139.08 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Whirlpool (Apocalypse PCD) Blue Red (6)
Swoop (Apocalypse PCD) Blue Green (5)
Pandemonium (Apocalypse PCD) White Blue Black Red Green (14)
Burial (Apocalypse PCD) White Black Green (10)


Continuing with the trend started by Invasion, Apocalypse is all about multi-colored play. But, unlike Invasion and Planeshift which focused on playing "friendly" colors, Apocalypse makes it easier than ever to play enemy color spells. This set brings us enemy-color pain lands like Yavimaya Coast Buy and Shivan Reef Buy, enemy-color split cards like Fire (fire/ice) and Ice (Fire/Ice), and several enemy-color spells like Prophetic Bolt Buy and Vindicate Buy. This set should definitely bring about some new deck-types and combos.

Like all Magic sets, Apocalypse introduces some new themes to the game. There are seven Envoys (one for each major race of creature) that let you fetch other creatures of the same time from the top of your library. There is also a Disciple for every color. These creatures are similar to the Apprentices from Invasion, but they have enemy-color activated abilities. The Volvers are just like the Planeshift Battlemages, except they have enemey-color kickers. Another new theme are the Sanctuaries. Each of these enchantments gives you a bonus during your upkeep if you control permanents of it''s enemy colors.

Notable Cards
Players are already going nuts over Spiritmonger Buy. This underpriced beast is sure to show up in several beatdown decks. Quicksilver Dagger Buy is also turning some heads. It's an incredibly powerful creature enchantment, especially considering that it's a common! People are already comparing this to Invasion's Armadillo Cloak Buy. Finally, everyone is going to want to get their hands on the new pain lands. When it comes to versatility and speed, pain lands have always been the favorite of most tournament players. So expect these cards to become hot trade items very quickly!

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