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CardSet Torment
Date Released Monday, February 4th 2002
Cards in Set 143
Cardset Cost $117.30 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Waking Nightmares (Torment PCD) Black Red (26)
Sacrilege (Torment PCD) White Black (14)
Insanity (Torment PCD) Black Green (22)
Grave Danger (Torment PCD) Blue Black (12)


Torment is all about Black. In fact, the set has been nicknamed "The Black Set". Unlike previous sets which all contained equal numbers of all five colors, Torment has almost twice as many Black cards as it does of any other color.

Torment introduces a new game mechanic called Madness. Madness is essentially a pretty simple mechanic, but the specifics of how it works have led to much confusion in the Magic community. Many people have said that Madness is the most complicated mechanic since Banding. But, basically, here's how Madness works:

A card with Madness reads "Madness [cost]". Madness takes effect whenever you are required to discard this card for any reason -- such as too many cards in your hand at the end of your turn, an opponent's spell such as Gerrard's Verdict Buy, or even as a cost for an ability such as Wild Mongrel Buy. At the time that you discard the card, you can choose to play it instead (as an Instant) by paying its Madness cost.

There are several themes in Torment. There are nine cards in Torment with the creature-type "Nightmare". These cards all remove something from the game when they come into play, only to give it back again when they leave play. For example, Faceless Butcher Buy removes a creature from the game and then returns it later.

Another theme are the "Dreams", which allow you to discard cards from your hand for some effect based on the number of cards discarded. For example, Devastating Dreams Buy causes each player to sacrifice a land for each card discarded and it deals a damage to each creature for each card discarded.

The five "disorders" are enchantments that allow you to sacrifice them or discard cards from your hand to gain some small effect. For example, Compulsion Buy allows you to cycle cards in your hand for 1U or sacrifice itself to draw a card.

Possesed Creatures
Each nonblack color has a "possesed creature". At Threshold, these creatures turn Black, get bigger, and gain the ability to destroy creatures of their former color.

Tainted Lands
The last theme in Torment is "tainted lands". There's one for each nonblack color, and each of them has the ability to add either of two colors of mana to your mana pool as long as you control a swamp.

Notable Cards
Some cards that have caught players' eyes in this set are Radiate Buy, which will probably lead to hundreds of new combos, Chainer, Dementia Master Buy, which is a definite first-pick in any limited event, and Basking Rootwalla Buy, which is sure to show up in any Standard deck that's playing Green.

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