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CardSet Judgment
Date Released Monday, May 27th 2002
Cards in Set 143
Cardset Cost $277.75 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Spectral Slam (Judgment PCD) White Green (43)
Painflow (Judgment PCD) Green (18)
Inundation (Judgment PCD) White (12)
Air Razers (Judgment PCD) Blue Red (18)


The Judgment set is the green and white set, which balances out the bias towards black created by the Torment set. There are more green cards and white cards than any other color. There are fewer black cards (green and white's shared enemy) than any other color. All the multicolored cards are both green and white, and all the lands are related to green and white.

In addition to expanding the Odyssey Block mechanics Flashback and Threshold, Judgment also introduces a few new themes.

Okay, so they're not exactly a new theme (they were first introduced in Torment), but Judgment includes nine new creatures with creature type Nightmare: three in red and six in blue. All of the red Nightmares have "-gorger" in their names. All of the blue Nightmares have "Wormfang" in their names. Like the Torment Nightmares, these creatures all remove something from the game when they come into play, only to give it back again when they leave play. The difference is that instead of affecting your opponent, they affect you. For example, Wormfang Newt Buy is a 2/2 creature for 2 mana (which is pretty good for a blue creature), but it removes one of your lands from the game when you play it. Of course, you get the land back once the Newt dies.

Advocates are creatures with abilities that both return cards in your opponent's graveyard to his or her hand and give you a beneficial effect. They're all green or white. For example, Nullmage Advocate Buy has the ability "Tap: Return two target cards in an opponent's graveyard to his or her hand. Destroy target artifact or enchantment." So, while these creatures have some very powerful abilities, the drawback is that your opponent gets back some potentially valuable resources.

The six Judgment Phantoms are creatures that come into play with a number of +1/+1 counters on them. All damage dealt to them is prevented, and one +1/+1 counter is removed each time the Phantom would be damaged. They're all green and/or white. The cool thing about the Phantoms is that if you can find a way to boost their toughness (like with a Castle Buy), then they won't die once they're out of +1/+1 counters, yet they'll still be invulnerable to damage -- which makes them perfect blockers.

The Incarnations are creatures that have an effect while they are in your graveyard. Most of the Incarnations are 2/2 creatures with a keyword ability. But, when they're in your graveyard, all of your creatures gain that keyword ability. For example, whenever Anger Buy is in your graveyard, all of your creatures have Haste.

The two rare Incarnations are Genesis Buy and Glory Buy. Instead of just giving all of your creatures an ability, these cards have activated abilities that can only be played when they're in your graveyard. There's also another card called Riftstone Portal Buy that works just like the Incarnations, but is a land instead of a creature. When it's in your graveyard, it gives lands you control the ability to tap for {G} or {W}.

If you like Ring of Ma-Ruf, then you'll love the Judgment Wishes. Each of these cards lets you go get any card you own and put it into your hand. In casual play, this means that you can go through your entire collection and find that perfect card to get you out of the jam you're in. In tournament play, you can only fetch cards from your Sideboard or from your Removed From Game zone.

Notable Cards
A few Judgment cards stand out in the set as being very unique and potentially powerful cards. Worldgorger Dragon Buy and Spelljack Buy are two good examples. Both of these cards are very powerful... but you have to pay a hefty price to use them. Anger Buy is another card that is catching some attention. With the potential to be even faster than Fires of Yavimaya Buy and its synergy with cards like Wild Mongrel Buy, you can expect this card to be in a lot of tournament decks -- it'll just never be in play. Happy

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