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CardSet Onslaught
Date Released Monday, October 7th 2002
Cards in Set 350
Cardset Cost $441.00 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Ivory Doom (Onslaught PCD) White Black (62)
Devastation (Onslaught PCD) Red Green (30)
Celestial Assault (Onslaught PCD) White Blue (15)
Bait & Switch (Onslaught PCD) Blue Black (24)


It seems that every new block has a general theme to it. Invasion Block was all about multi-colored cards, Odyssey was all about the graveyard, and Onslaught block is no different. Onslaught is all about creatures, or more specifically, creature types. All of a sudden, that little bit of text after the "Creature -" becomes incredibly important. There are several cards in Onslaught that have to do with creature types, and even the new mechanic ties into this theme.

Onslaught introduces a new mechanic to the game - Morph. Morph allows you to play any creature face down as a 2/2, colorless, typeless creature for 3 mana. Once the creature is in play, you can turn it face up at any time by paying its Morph cost. This allows for some very interesting combat strategies. Should you block your opponent's face down creature, or should you let it through? Sure, it may only be a 2/2 right now, but it could turn in to a Blistering Firecat Buy at any time, which may be just enough to kill you.

Onslaught also brings back the Cycling mechanic, an old favorite from the Artifact Cycle, but with a few new twists. For example, Complicate Buy is a counterspell with the Cycling ability, but it allows you to counter a spell and cycle it at the same time. There are also several other cards in this set that trigger off of cards being cycled.

Onslaught also finally gives the ability "this card can't be blocked except by Black and Artifact creatures" an official name -- "Fear". Of course, this isn't really a surprise because players have been calling this ability "Fear" for years. The name comes from the first card to ever use this ability.

Of course, there are also a bunch of themes and cycles in Onslaught. There's the Mistform Cards, Chains, Couriers, Crowns, Words, and a few others. For a complete list of the different themes and cycles (and descriptions of them), check out the Prerelease FAQ.

Notable Cards
As with any set, there are a few cards in Onslaught that stand out above the rest. Blistering Firecat Buy and Grinning Demon Buy are being hailed as the new Ball Lightning Buy and Juzam Djinn Buy respectively; Ravenous Baloth Buy has players wondering if R&D has lost their minds (or at least their basic math skills); Kai Budde's Invitational card, Voidmage Prodigy Buy is also in this set and is sure to see some tournament play; and Future Sight Buy has Blue players everywhere drooling at its awesome card-advantage ability.

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