General Info

CardSet Legions
Date Released Monday, February 3rd 2003
Cards in Set 145
Cardset Cost $123.52 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Sliver Shivers (Legions PCD) White Blue Green (62)
Morph Mayhem (Legions PCD) White Blue (17)
Zombies Unleashed (Legions PCD) Black (18)
Elvish Rage (Legions PCD) Green (40)


Wizards of the Coast has broken the rules once again! The Legions cardset is all creatures! Yep, not a single enchantment, instant, sorcery, artifact, or land to be seen. And, as if that weren't enough to shake up the scene at the local booster drafts, Legions happens to bring back one of the most popular and powerful creature types ever -- Slivers! Those seemingly unstoppable little creatures are now bigger and better with some new abilities that make them more threatening than ever before.

Of course, Legions also continues to explore the possibilities of the Morph ability that was introduced in Onslaught. Only, this time around, you get more for your Morph. Many of the Morph creatures in Legions have an added effect when they are turned face-up, which ads a whole new element of strategy to the ability.

But Morph isn't the only ability you'll see in this new set. Legions introduces three new abilities to us: Amplify, which makes your creatures bigger as long as you're holding a few more of the same type, Double Strike, which lets a creature deal First Strike damage in addition to normal combat damage, and Provoke which allows the attacking player to make some decisions for the defender. For more info on any of these abilities, be sure to check out the Prerelease FAQ.

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