General Info

CardSet Scourge
Date Released Friday, May 30th 2003
Cards in Set 143
Cardset Cost $160.55 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Storm Surge (Scourge PCD) White Blue (13)
Pulverize (Scourge PCD) Blue Red (15)
Max Attax (Scourge PCD) Black Green (22)
Goblin Mob (Scourge PCD) Red (31)


Get ready for creatures... really, really big creatures! Dragons are back in a new way in Scourge. Packed with all kinds of the powerful, fire-breathing lizards, Scourge is sure to attract the attention of dragon fans everywhere.

Scourge also introduces two brand new mechanics -- okay, one isn't all that new. Landcycling is really just a new take on the Cycling mechanic. The difference is that Landcycling lets you cycle for a specific land rather than the top card of your library. For example, for 2 generic mana, you can cycle Shoreline Ranger Buy and search your library for an Island to put in your hand. The real new mechanic in Scourge is called Storm. Storm automatically Fork Buys your spells for each spell played so far in the turn. For example, if Dragonstorm Buy is the first spell you play on your turn, then you get to put a single dragon card into play for a hefty nine mana; but if it's the fourth spell you play, then you'll get to put four dragons into play instead. The best part is, because Storm triggers as soon as the spell is played, a Counterspell Buy won't stop the copies from getting created. But, for you draw-go fans out there, don't worry -- you get Stifle Buy to take care of that.

Scourge also includes a new twist on Morph. Many of the cards in the set have Morph costs that don't involve a mana payment. So, even when your opponent is tapped out, you still have to worry about whether that face-down card could be a Zombie Cutthroat Buy.

Notable Cards: There are always a few cards in every new set that stand out among the rest, and Scourge is no exception. Players eager to test out the new Landcycling mechanic will love Eternal Dragon Buy, which makes efficient use of the ability. Old school players will remember the days of Wheel of Fortune Buy and Windfall Buy when they see Dragon Mage Buy. All you combo lovers out there will have fun trying to find a way to break Upwelling Buy. And of course, everyone will want to get their hands on Forgotten Ancient Buy, the first card designed completely by the Magic community.

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