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CardSet Mirrodin
Date Released Friday, October 2nd 2003
Cards in Set 306
Cardset Cost $276.16 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Sacrificial Bam (Mirrodin PCD) Colorless Black Red (29)
Wicked Big (Mirrodin PCD) Green (14)
Little Bashers (Mirrodin PCD) Colorless White (34)
Bait and Bludgeon (Mirrodin PCD) Colorless Blue Black (17)


Back in Odyssey, we finally left the all-to-familiar storyline of the flying ship, Weatherlight and her crew, and began a new story on a brand new Dominarian continent - Otaria. Now, two blocks later, we say goodbye to the Otarian storyline as well, and begin an entirely new adventure - one that takes place on an plane completely across the Multiverse. On the plane of Mirrodin, everything is made entirely of metal. The grass, the mountains, and even the inhabitants of this world are a twisted combination of flesh and steel. Make no mistake; Mirrodin is unlike any world we've ever visited before.

The all-metal theme of the Mirrodin storyline is reflected in the set itself by the fact that almost half the cards are Artifacts. And even the non-Artifact cards all have something to do with Artifacts. Wizards of the Coast was even nice enough to bring back some old favorites like Ornithopter Buy, Triskelion Buy, and even Icy Manipulator Buy. Of course, they also brought back a few classic artifact-related cards like Atog Buy and Titania's Song Buy.

Perhaps the most important new feature in Mirrodin is the introduction of an entirely new card type - Equipment. Think of Equipment as a mix between Artifacts and creature enchantments. You play them just like an artifact, but they don't really do much until you "equip" your creatures with them. The biggest difference between Equipment and creature enchantments is that Equipment stays in play even if the creature it's on gets destroyed.

Mirrodin also introduces three new mechanics. Imprint allows you to remove a card from the game to "imprint" that card onto an artifact, Affinity reduces the cost of your spells for each artifact you have in play, and Entwine allows you to play all modes of a modal spell.

Notable Cards
The designers of Mirrodin were obviously not at a loss for new ideas. Nowhere is this fact more evident than in Platinum Angel Buy and Mindslaver Buy. These two cards definitely required a little "thinking outside the box".

Two more popular cards in the set are semi-reprints of old classics. Chrome Mox Buy gives you any color of mana for free, just like its predecessors (Mox Ruby Buy, Mox Emerald Buy, etc.) - but the catch is that you have to remove a card from the game first. And Gilded Lotus Buy has the exact same ability as its predecessor, Black Lotus Buy, but with a much heftier price tag.

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