General Info

CardSet Darksteel
Date Released Friday, February 6th 2004
Cards in Set 165
Cardset Cost $343.75 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Transference (Darksteel PCD) Colorless Blue (21)
Swarm & Slam (Darksteel PCD) Colorless White Green (7)
Mind Swarm (Darksteel PCD) Colorless Black (5)
Master Blaster (Darksteel PCD) Colorless Red (7)


Darksteel continues the artifact-theme that was established in Mirrodin. In addition, Darksteel continues to showcase the new mechanics that first debuted in Mirrodin, such as Imprint, Affinity, Entwine, and the new card type - Equipment. The key difference is that Darksteel takes each of these ideas one step further. For example, this set brings us the first non-Blue card with Affinity (Furnace Dragon Buy), the first activated Imprint abilities (Death-Mask Duplicant Buy, Panoptic Mirror Buy, etc.), and a brand new twist on Equipment (Heartseeker Buy, Leonin Bola Buy, etc.)

Not only does Darksteel expand upon the mechanics that were introduced in Mirrodin, it also brings us some entirely new ones, including a new keyworded ability - Modular. Modular creatures (such as Arcbound Bruiser Buy) come into play with +1/+1 counters on them, and when they die, you get to move the counters onto another artifact creature. Another new idea introduced in this set is the concept of indestructability. There are several cards in Darksteel that are indestructable - literally! Cards like Darksteel Colossus Buy and Darksteel Gargoyle Buy are sure to give your opponent a headache.

Notable Cards
There are several cards in Darksteel that just jump out and grab your attention. Pretty much any card that says "Indestructable" is begging to be played, especially Darksteel Colossus Buy, which has "Timmy" written all over it. Also, a few of the new Equipment offerings are ridiculously powerful (see Sword of Fire and Ice Buy and Skullclamp Buy), so they are sure to see a lot of table time. A few other cards that immediately stand out are Darksteel Reactor Buy, which is one of the most interesting alternate win conditions we've seen in a while; Pristine Angel Buy, which is almost as hard to get rid of as an indestructable creature; and then of course there are the two very notable reprints in the set: Fireball Buy and Juggernaut Buy, which will be played if for no other reason than nostalgia.

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