General Info

CardSet Fifth Dawn
Date Released Friday, June 4th 2004
Cards in Set 165
Cardset Cost $219.50 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
Deck Name Colors Rating
Sunburst (Fifth Dawn PCD) Colorless Green (19)
Stampede (Fifth Dawn PCD) Colorless Red Green (11)
Special Forces (Fifth Dawn PCD) Colorless Blue Black (4)
Nuts and Bolts (Fifth Dawn PCD) Colorless White Blue (9)


Fifth Dawn is the final expansion of the artifact-themed Mirrodin Block -- only Fifth Dawn seems to be more focused on playing all five colors than it does on playing artifacts. In fact, Fifth Dawn even introduces a new keyworded mechanic, Sunburst, that makes your spells better for each different color of mana spent to play them. Of course, the other Mirrodin Block mechanics also make an appearance, including a new twist on Modular (Arcbound Wanderer Buy) and faster version of Equipment (Cranial Plating Buy).

In addition to Sunburst, Fifth Dawn also introduces another new keyworded mechanic - Scry. Scry is a simple but powerful ability that allows you to peek at the top cards of your library and choose whether you want them to stay there or go to the bottom of your library instead. The utility of cards like Fill with Fright Buy, Ferocious Charge Buy, and Tel-Jilad Justice Buy is certain to make sure they see play in limited and they may even poke their heads up in constructed.

Notable Cards
The designers of Fifth Dawn intentionally filled it with plenty of cards that are just begging to become part powerful combos. Only time will tell how abusable these cards are, but players are already finding ways to break cards like Staff of Domination Buy, Summoning Station Buy, and Doubling Cube Buy. Other cards that are sure to be popular are the Bringer cycle (Bringer of the Black Dawn Buy, Bringer of the Red Dawn Buy, etc.) and the Beacon cycle (Beacon of Creation Buy, Beacon of Destruction Buy, etc.). Finally, White players everywhere are excited to see the return of Circle of Protection: Artifacts Buy, which will definitely find its way into many sideboards, and maybe even a few main decks.

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