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CardSet Unhinged
Date Released Friday, November 19 2004
Cards in Set 145
Cardset Cost $137.38 *


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The R&D department at Wizards of the Coast, (specifically Mark Rosewatter) has been antsy ever since the release of Unglued to do another humorous, tournament illegal set. April fools day 2004, Wizards of the Coast made a gag announcement concerning the creation of a new "Unglued type" set. The real gag, however, was that they were not kidding. The result is the recently released Unhinged set.

Unhinged breaks several of the established rules, including cards like Little Girl Buy which boast a casting cost of of a white mana, and boasts a power and toughness of /. Other favorites are the Mox Lotus Buy, which can produce infinite mana, with no risk of burn, and Richard Garfield, Ph.D. Buy which can become any card you can think of. Finally let us not forget all the cards like Circle of Protection: Art Buy, which make reference to a card's illustrator.

This set is not tournament legal, with the exception of the beautifully painted lands, but it is definitely good for a laugh.

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