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CardSet Alliances
Date Released June 1996
Cards in Set 199
Cardset Cost $177.77 *


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Pre-Constructed Decks:
There are no PCDs for this set.


The goddess Freyalise has brought spring to Dominaria and finally ended the Ice Age. As the glaciers recede from the continents, many new races are formed and conflicts begin as these races attempt to establish territory. This is how Alliances returns us to the story of Dominaria; but, more importantly, Alliances brings with it some powerful new spells.

Easily the most interesting theme that Alliances brings is Pitch-Cards. That is, cards that can be played by discarding a card rather than paying mana. You can no longer assume that if your opponent is tapped out, he can do nothing. Another new set of cards is the Sac-Lands. These lands require you to sacrifice a basic land when they come into play, but they're well worth it.

Notable Cards:
Force of Will Buy is a control players dream. This pitch-card counterspell can be played even if you don't have mana available. That ought to catch your opponent off guard.

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