Mirage Checklist (350 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Bad River Buy Land Uncommon
Crystal Vein Buy Land Uncommon
Flood Plain Buy Land Uncommon
Forest (1) Buy Land Unknown
Forest (2) Buy Land Unknown
Forest (3) Buy Land Unknown
Forest (4) Buy Land Unknown
Grasslands Buy Land Uncommon
Island (1) Buy Land Unknown
Island (2) Buy Land Unknown
Island (3) Buy Land Unknown
Island (4) Buy Land Unknown
Lion's Eye Diamond Buy 0 Artifact Rare
Mountain (1) Buy Land Unknown
Mountain (2) Buy Land Unknown
Mountain (3) Buy Land Unknown
Mountain (4) Buy Land Unknown
Mountain Valley Buy Land Uncommon
Plains (1) Buy Land Unknown
Plains (2) Buy Land Unknown
Plains (3) Buy Land Unknown
Plains (4) Buy Land Unknown
Rocky Tar Pit Buy Land Uncommon
Swamp (1) Buy Land Unknown
Swamp (2) Buy Land Unknown
Swamp (3) Buy Land Unknown
Swamp (4) Buy Land Unknown
Teferi's Isle Buy Legendary Land Rare
Phyrexian Dreadnought Buy 1 Artifact Creature [12/12] Rare
Charcoal Diamond Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Cursed Totem Buy 2 Artifact Rare
Fire Diamond Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Marble Diamond Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Moss Diamond Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Sky Diamond Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Telim'Tor's Darts Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Chariot of the Sun Buy 3 Artifact Uncommon
Ersatz Gnomes Buy 3 Artifact Creature [1/1] Uncommon
Horrible Hordes Buy 3 Artifact Creature [2/2] Uncommon
Mana Prism Buy 3 Artifact Uncommon
Misers' Cage Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Paupers' Cage Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Phyrexian Vault Buy 3 Artifact Uncommon
Unerring Sling Buy 3 Artifact Uncommon
Ventifact Bottle Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Acidic Dagger Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Amber Prison Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Bone Mask Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Crystal Golem Buy 4 Artifact Creature [3/3] Uncommon
Elixir of Vitality Buy 4 Artifact Uncommon
Grinning Totem Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Patagia Golem Buy 4 Artifact Creature [2/3] Uncommon
Razor Pendulum Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Amulet of Unmaking Buy 5 Artifact Rare
Basalt Golem Buy 5 Artifact Creature [2/4] Uncommon
Igneous Golem Buy 5 Artifact Creature [3/4] Uncommon
Lead Golem Buy 5 Artifact Creature [3/5] Uncommon
Mangara's Tome Buy 5 Artifact Rare
Sand Golem Buy 5 Artifact Creature [3/3] Uncommon
Teeka's Dragon Buy 9 Artifact Creature [5/5] Rare
Civic Guildmage Buy W Summon - Wizard [1/1] Common
Enlightened Tutor Buy W Instant Uncommon
Healing Salve Buy W Instant Common
Ivory Charm Buy W Instant Common
Mtenda Herder Buy W Summon - Scout [1/1] Common
Vigilant Martyr Buy W Summon - Martyr [1/1] Uncommon
Alarum Buy 1W Instant Common
Benevolent Unicorn Buy 1W Summon - Unicorn [1/2] Common
Disempower Buy 1W Instant Common
Disenchant Buy 1W Instant Common
Divine Offering Buy 1W Instant Common
Divine Retribution Buy 1W Instant Rare
Favorable Destiny Buy 1W Enchant Creature Uncommon
Femeref Healer Buy 1W Summon - Cleric [1/1] Common
Illumination Buy WW Interrupt Uncommon
Pacifism Buy 1W Enchant Creature Common
Shadowbane Buy 1W Instant Uncommon
Soul Echo Buy XWW Enchantment Rare
Wall of Resistance Buy 1W Summon - Wall [0/3] Common
Ward of Lights Buy WW Enchant Creature Common
Afterlife Buy 2W Instant Uncommon
Blinding Light Buy 2W Sorcery Uncommon
Celestial Dawn Buy 1WW Enchantment Rare
Dazzling Beauty Buy 2W Instant Common
Femeref Knight Buy 2W Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Femeref Scouts Buy 2W Summon - Scouts [1/4] Common
Mangara's Blessing Buy 2W Instant Uncommon
Mangara's Equity Buy 1WW Enchantment Uncommon
Prismatic Circle Buy 2W Enchantment Common
Ritual of Steel Buy 2W Enchant Creature Common
Sacred Mesa Buy 2W Enchantment Rare
Yare Buy 2W Instant Rare
Zhalfirin Commander Buy 2W Summon - Knight [2/2] Uncommon
Zhalfirin Knight Buy 2W Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Auspicious Ancestor Buy 3W Summon - Ancestor [2/3] Rare
Ekundu Griffin Buy 3W Summon - Griffin [2/2] Common
Mtenda Griffin Buy 3W Summon - Griffin [2/2] Uncommon
Noble Elephant Buy 3W Summon - Elephant [2/2] Common
Null Chamber Buy 3W Enchant World Rare
Sidar Jabari Buy 3W Summon - Legend [2/2] Rare
Spectral Guardian Buy 2WW Summon - Guardian [2/3] Rare
Sunweb Buy 3W Summon - Wall [5/6] Rare
Teremko Griffin Buy 3W Summon - Griffin [2/2] Common
Unyaro Griffin Buy 3W Summon - Griffin [2/2] Uncommon
Ethereal Champion Buy 2WWW Summon - Avatar [3/4] Rare
Iron Tusk Elephant Buy 4W Summon - Elephant [3/3] Uncommon
Jabari's Influence Buy 3WW Instant Rare
Melesse Spirit Buy 3WW Summon - Angel [3/3] Uncommon
Rashida Scalebane Buy 3WW Summon - Legend [3/4] Rare
Zuberi, Golden Feather Buy 4W Summon - Legend [3/3] Rare
Pearl Dragon Buy 4WW Summon - Dragon [4/4] Rare
Cloak of Invisibility Buy U Enchant Creature Common
Mind Bend Buy U Instant Uncommon
Mind Harness Buy U Enchant Creature Uncommon
Mystical Tutor Buy U Instant Uncommon
Power Sink Buy XU Interrupt Common
Prismatic Lace Buy U Instant Rare
Sapphire Charm Buy U Instant Common
Shaper Guildmage Buy U Summon - Wizard [1/1] Common
Bay Falcon Buy 1U Summon - Falcon [1/1] Common
Boomerang Buy UU Instant Common
Coral Fighters Buy 1U Summon - Merfolk [1/1] Uncommon
Flash Buy 1U Instant Rare
Meddle Buy 1U Interrupt Uncommon
Memory Lapse Buy 1U Interrupt Common
Merfolk Raiders Buy 1U Summon - Merfolk [2/3] Common
Reality Ripple Buy 1U Instant Common
Sea Scryer Buy 1U Summon - Merfolk [1/1] Common
Soar Buy 1U Enchant Creature Common
Teferi's Curse Buy 1U Enchant Permanent Common
Azimaet Drake Buy 2U Summon - Drake [1/3] Common
Daring Apprentice Buy 1UU Summon - Wizard [1/1] Rare
Dissipate Buy 1UU Interrupt Uncommon
Dream Cache Buy 2U Sorcery Common
Dream Fighter Buy 2U Summon - Soldier [1/1] Common
Jolt Buy 2U Instant Common
Merfolk Seer Buy 2U Summon - Merfolk [2/2] Common
Political Trickery Buy 2U Sorcery Rare
Suq'Ata Firewalker Buy 1UU Summon - Wizard [0/1] Uncommon
Teferi's Drake Buy 2U Summon - Drake [3/2] Common
Teferi's Imp Buy 2U Summon - Imp [1/1] Rare
Thirst Buy 2U Enchant Creature Common
Tidal Wave Buy 2U Instant Uncommon
Ether Well Buy 3U Instant Uncommon
Floodgate Buy 3U Summon - Wall [0/5] Uncommon
Harmattan Efreet Buy 2UU Summon - Efreet [2/2] Uncommon
Kukemssa Pirates Buy 3U Summon - Pirates [2/2] Rare
Kukemssa Serpent Buy 3U Summon - Serpent [4/3] Common
Polymorph Buy 3U Sorcery Rare
Ray of Command Buy 3U Instant Common
Shimmer Buy 2UU Enchantment Rare
Vaporous Djinn Buy 2UU Summon - Djinn [3/4] Uncommon
Wave Elemental Buy 2UU Summon - Elemental [2/3] Uncommon
Ancestral Memories Buy 2UUU Sorcery Rare
Bazaar of Wonders Buy 3UU Enchant World Rare
Cerulean Wyvern Buy 4U Summon - Wyvern [3/3] Uncommon
Energy Vortex Buy 3UU Enchantment Rare
Hakim, Loreweaver Buy 3UU Summon - Legend [2/4] Rare
Psychic Transfer Buy 4U Sorcery Rare
Sandbar Crocodile Buy 4U Summon - Crocodile [6/5] Common
Taniwha Buy 3UU Summon - Legend [7/7] Rare
Mist Dragon Buy 4UU Summon - Dragon [4/4] Rare
Dark Ritual Buy B Mana Source Common
Ebony Charm Buy B Instant Common
Sewer Rats Buy B Summon - Rats [1/1] Common
Shadow Guildmage Buy B Summon - Wizard [1/1] Common
Soulshriek Buy B Instant Common
Binding Agony Buy 1B Enchant Creature Common
Blighted Shaman Buy 1B Summon - Cleric [1/1] Uncommon
Drain Life Buy 1B Sorcery Common
Enfeeblement Buy BB Enchant Creature Common
Grave Servitude Buy 1B Enchant Creature Common
Mire Shade Buy 1B Summon - Shade [1/1] Uncommon
Painful Memories Buy 1B Sorcery Uncommon
Restless Dead Buy 1B Summon - Skeleton [1/1] Common
Shallow Grave Buy 1B Instant Rare
Skulking Ghost Buy 1B Summon - Ghost [2/1] Common
Soul Rend Buy 1B Instant Uncommon
Wall of Corpses Buy 1B Summon - Wall [0/2] Common
Withering Boon Buy 1B Interrupt Uncommon
Bone Harvest Buy 2B Instant Common
Breathstealer Buy 2B Summon - Night Stalker [2/2] Common
Cadaverous Knight Buy 2B Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Carrion Buy 1BB Instant Rare
Choking Sands Buy 1BB Sorcery Common
Dark Banishing Buy 2B Instant Common
Feral Shadow Buy 2B Summon - Night Stalker [2/1] Common
Forsaken Wastes Buy 2B Enchant World Rare
Infernal Contract Buy BBB Sorcery Rare
Phyrexian Tribute Buy 2B Sorcery Rare
Stupor Buy 2B Sorcery Uncommon
Urborg Panther Buy 2B Summon - Night Stalker [2/2] Common
Abyssal Hunter Buy 3B Summon - Hunter [1/1] Rare
Ashen Powder Buy 2BB Sorcery Rare
Crypt Cobra Buy 3B Summon - Cobra [3/3] Uncommon
Dirtwater Wraith Buy 3B Summon - Wraith [1/3] Common
Dread Specter Buy 3B Summon - Specter [2/2] Uncommon
Fetid Horror Buy 3B Summon - Shade [1/2] Common
Gravebane Zombie Buy 3B Summon - Zombie [3/2] Common
Harbinger of Night Buy 2BB Summon - Spirit [2/3] Rare
Kaervek's Hex Buy 3B Sorcery Uncommon
Nocturnal Raid Buy 2BB Instant Uncommon
Tainted Specter Buy 3B Summon - Specter [2/2] Rare
Tombstone Stairwell Buy 2BB Enchant World Rare
Zombie Mob Buy 2BB Summon - Zombies [2/0] Uncommon
Barbed-Back Wurm Buy 4B Summon - Wurm [4/3] Uncommon
Forbidden Crypt Buy 3BB Enchantment Rare
Purraj of Urborg Buy 3BB Summon - Legend [2/3] Rare
Ravenous Vampire Buy 3BB Summon - Vampire [3/3] Uncommon
Reign of Terror Buy 3BB Sorcery Uncommon
Catacomb Dragon Buy 4BB Summon - Dragon [4/4] Rare
Shauku, Endbringer Buy 5BB Summon - Legend [5/5] Rare
Spirit of the Night Buy 6BBB Summon - Legend [6/5] Rare
Armorer Guildmage Buy R Summon - Wizard [1/1] Common
Builder's Bane Buy XXR Sorcery Common
Chaos Charm Buy R Instant Common
Firebreathing Buy R Enchant Creature Common
Goblin Soothsayer Buy R Summon - Goblin [1/1] Uncommon
Kaervek's Torch Buy XR Sorcery Common
Telim'Tor's Edict Buy R Instant Rare
Agility Buy 1R Enchant Creature Common
Aleatory Buy 1R Instant Uncommon
Consuming Ferocity Buy 1R Enchant Creature Uncommon
Dwarven Miner Buy 1R Summon - Dwarf [1/2] Uncommon
Final Fortune Buy RR Instant Rare
Goblin Elite Infantry Buy 1R Summon - Goblin [2/2] Common
Goblin Tinkerer Buy 1R Summon - Goblin [1/2] Common
Incinerate Buy 1R Instant Common
Lightning Reflexes Buy 1R Enchant Creature Common
Pyric Salamander Buy 1R Summon - Salamander [1/1] Common
Sirocco Buy 1R Instant Uncommon
Spitting Earth Buy 1R Sorcery Common
Torrent of Lava Buy XRR Sorcery Rare
Volcanic Geyser Buy XRR Instant Uncommon
Blistering Barrier Buy 2R Summon - Wall [5/2] Common
Burning Shield Askari Buy 2R Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Chaosphere Buy 2R Enchant World Rare
Dwarven Nomad Buy 2R Summon - Dwarf [1/1] Common
Flare Buy 2R Instant Common
Hammer of Bogardan Buy 1RR Sorcery Rare
Searing Spear Askari Buy 2R Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Stone Rain Buy 2R Sorcery Common
Barreling Attack Buy 2RR Instant Rare
Blind Fury Buy 2RR Instant Uncommon
Burning Palm Efreet Buy 2RR Summon - Efreet [2/2] Uncommon
Ekundu Cyclops Buy 3R Summon - Cyclops [3/4] Common
Emberwilde Djinn Buy 2RR Summon - Djinn [5/4] Rare
Flame Elemental Buy 2RR Summon - Elemental [3/2] Uncommon
Raging Spirit Buy 3R Summon - Spirit [3/3] Common
Reckless Embermage Buy 3R Summon - Wizard [2/2] Rare
Reign of Chaos Buy 2RR Sorcery Uncommon
Talruum Minotaur Buy 2RR Summon - Minotaur [3/3] Common
Viashino Warrior Buy 3R Summon - Viashino [4/2] Common
Wildfire Emissary Buy 3R Summon - Efreet [2/4] Uncommon
Cinder Cloud Buy 3RR Instant Uncommon
Crimson Roc Buy 4R Summon - Roc [2/2] Uncommon
Goblin Scouts Buy 3RR Sorcery Uncommon
Hivis of the Scale Buy 3RR Summon - Legend [3/4] Rare
Illicit Auction Buy 3RR Sorcery Rare
Subterranean Spirit Buy 3RR Summon - Elemental [3/3] Rare
Telim'Tor Buy 4R Summon - Legend [2/2] Rare
Zirilan of the Claw Buy 3RR Summon - Legend [3/4] Rare
Volcanic Dragon Buy 4RR Summon - Dragon [4/4] Rare
Crimson Hellkite Buy 6RRR Summon - Dragon [6/6] Rare
Fog Buy G Instant Common
Granger Guildmage Buy G Summon - Wizard [1/1] Common
Mtenda Lion Buy G Summon - Lion [2/1] Common
Sandstorm Buy G Instant Common
Seedling Charm Buy G Instant Common
Tropical Storm Buy XG Sorcery Uncommon
Village Elder Buy G Summon - Druid [1/1] Common
Worldly Tutor Buy G Instant Uncommon
Afiya Grove Buy 1G Enchantment Rare
Armor of Thorns Buy 1G Enchant Creature Common
Decomposition Buy 1G Enchant Creature Uncommon
Karoo Meerkat Buy 1G Summon - Meerkat [2/1] Uncommon
Quirion Elves Buy 1G Summon - Elf [1/1] Common
Rampant Growth Buy 1G Sorcery Common
Regeneration Buy 1G Enchant Creature Common
Serene Heart Buy 1G Instant Common
Superior Numbers Buy GG Sorcery Uncommon
Tranquil Domain Buy 1G Instant Common
Uktabi Faerie Buy 1G Summon - Faerie [1/1] Common
Unseen Walker Buy 1G Summon - Dryad [1/1] Uncommon
Wall of Roots Buy 1G Summon - Wall [0/5] Common
Brushwagg Buy 1GG Summon - Brushwagg [3/2] Rare
Cycle of Life Buy 1GG Enchantment Rare
Early Harvest Buy 1GG Instant Rare
Fallow Earth Buy 2G Sorcery Uncommon
Femeref Archers Buy 2G Summon - Archer [2/2] Uncommon
Foratog Buy 2G Summon - Atog [1/2] Uncommon
Gibbering Hyenas Buy 2G Summon - Hyenas [3/2] Common
Hall of Gemstone Buy 1GG Enchant World Rare
Jolrael's Centaur Buy 1GG Summon - Centaur [2/2] Common
Mindbender Spores Buy 2G Summon - Wall [0/1] Rare
Roots of Life Buy 1GG Enchantment Uncommon
Sabertooth Cobra Buy 2G Summon - Cobra [2/2] Common
Seeds of Innocence Buy 1GG Sorcery Rare
Waiting in the Weeds Buy 1GG Sorcery Rare
Barbed Foliage Buy 2GG Enchantment Uncommon
Giant Mantis Buy 3G Summon - Mantis [2/4] Common
Jungle Patrol Buy 3G Summon - Soldiers [3/2] Rare
Locust Swarm Buy 3G Summon - Swarm [1/1] Uncommon
Lure of Prey Buy 2GG Instant Rare
Maro Buy 2GG Summon - Nature Spirit [*/*] Rare
Natural Balance Buy 2GG Sorcery Rare
Nettletooth Djinn Buy 3G Summon - Djinn [4/4] Uncommon
Preferred Selection Buy 2GG Enchantment Rare
Stalking Tiger Buy 3G Summon - Tiger [3/3] Common
Unyaro Bee Sting Buy 3G Sorcery Uncommon
Wild Elephant Buy 3G Summon - Elephant [3/3] Common
Jungle Wurm Buy 3GG Summon - Wurm [5/5] Common
Uktabi Wildcats Buy 4G Summon - Wildcats [*/*] Rare
Canopy Dragon Buy 4GG Summon - Dragon [4/4] Rare
Crash of Rhinos Buy 6GG Summon - Rhinos [8/4] Common
Energy Bolt Buy XRW Sorcery Rare
Kaervek's Purge Buy XBR Sorcery Uncommon
Prismatic Boon Buy XWU Instant Uncommon
Savage Twister Buy XRG Sorcery Uncommon
Sealed Fate Buy XUB Sorcery Uncommon
Spatial Binding Buy UB Enchantment Uncommon
Vitalizing Cascade Buy XGW Instant Uncommon
Circle of Despair Buy 1WB Enchantment Rare
Delirium Buy 1BR Instant Uncommon
Frenetic Efreet Buy 1UR Summon - Efreet [2/1] Rare
Grim Feast Buy 1BG Enchantment Rare
Haunting Apparition Buy 1UB Summon - Ghost [*/2] Uncommon
Jungle Troll Buy 1RG Summon - Troll [2/1] Uncommon
Leering Gargoyle Buy 1WU Summon - Gargoyle [2/2] Rare
Radiant Essence Buy 1GW Summon - Spirit [2/3] Uncommon
Reparations Buy 1WU Enchantment Rare
Shauku's Minion Buy 1BR Summon - Minion [2/2] Uncommon
Unfulfilled Desires Buy 1UB Enchantment Rare
Wellspring Buy 1GW Enchant Land Rare
Windreaper Falcon Buy 1RG Summon - Falcon [1/1] Uncommon
Asmira, Holy Avenger Buy 2GW Summon - Legend [2/3] Rare
Benthic Djinn Buy 2UB Summon - Djinn [5/3] Rare
Discordant Spirit Buy 2BR Summon - Spirit [2/2] Rare
Emberwilde Caliph Buy 2UR Summon - Djinn [4/4] Rare
Harbor Guardian Buy 2WU Summon - Guardian [3/4] Uncommon
Hazerider Drake Buy 2WU Summon - Drake [2/3] Uncommon
Phyrexian Purge Buy 2BR Sorcery Rare
Purgatory Buy 2WB Enchantment Rare
Warping Wurm Buy 2GU Summon - Wurm [1/1] Rare
Zebra Unicorn Buy 2GW Summon - Unicorn [2/2] Uncommon
Cadaverous Bloom Buy 3BG Enchantment Rare
Malignant Growth Buy 3GU Enchantment Rare
Reflect Damage Buy 3RW Instant Rare
Sawback Manticore Buy 3RG Summon - Manticore [2/4] Rare
Rock Basilisk Buy 4RG Summon - Basilisk [4/5] Rare
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