MTG Starter 1999 Edition Checklist (173 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Forest (1) Buy Land Unknown
Forest (2) Buy Land Unknown
Forest (3) Buy Land Unknown
Forest (4) Buy Land Unknown
Island (3) Buy Land Unknown
Island (1) Buy Land Unknown
Island (2) Buy Land Unknown
Island (4) Buy Land Unknown
Mountain (1) Buy Land Unknown
Mountain (2) Buy Land Unknown
Mountain (3) Buy Land Unknown
Mountain (4) Buy Land Unknown
Plains (1) Buy Land Unknown
Plains (2) Buy Land Unknown
Plains (3) Buy Land Unknown
Plains (4) Buy Land Unknown
Swamp (1) Buy Land Unknown
Swamp (2) Buy Land Unknown
Swamp (3) Buy Land Unknown
Swamp (4) Buy Land Unknown
Devoted Hero Buy W Creature - Soldier [1/2] Common
Devout Monk Buy W Creature - Cleric [1/1] Common
Eager Cadet Buy W Creature - Soldier [1/1] Unknown
False Peace Buy W Sorcery Uncommon
Loyal Sentry Buy W Creature - Soldier [1/1] Rare
Knight Errant Buy 1W Creature - Knight [2/2] Common
Royal Falcon Buy 1W Creature - Bird [1/1] Unknown
Sacred Nectar Buy 1W Sorcery Common
Steadfastness Buy 1W Sorcery Common
Veteran Cavalier Buy WW Creature - Knight [2/2] Uncommon
Angelic Blessing Buy 2W Sorcery Common
Bargain Buy 2W Sorcery Uncommon
Blinding Light Buy 2W Sorcery Rare
Border Guard Buy 2W Creature - Soldier [1/4] Common
Charging Paladin Buy 2W Creature - Knight [2/2] Uncommon
Righteous Charge Buy 1WW Sorcery Uncommon
Royal Trooper Buy 2W Creature - Soldier [2/2] Uncommon
Venerable Monk Buy 2W Creature - Cleric [2/2] Common
Wild Griffin Buy 2W Creature - Griffin [2/2] Common
Armageddon Buy 3W Sorcery Rare
Breath of Life Buy 3W Sorcery Uncommon
Foot Soldiers Buy 3W Creature - Soldier [2/4] Common
Gerrard's Wisdom Buy 2WW Sorcery Rare
Path of Peace Buy 3W Sorcery Common
Vengeance Buy 3W Sorcery Uncommon
Angel of Light Buy 4W Creature - Angel [3/3] Uncommon
Angel of Mercy Buy 4W Creature - Angel [3/3] Uncommon
Ardent Militia Buy 4W Creature - Soldier [2/5] Uncommon
Champion Lancer Buy 4WW Creature - Knight [3/3] Rare
Righteous Fury Buy 4WW Sorcery Rare
Archangel Buy 5WW Creature - Angel [5/5] Rare
Eye Spy Buy U Sorcery Uncommon
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Buy U Creature - Merfolk [1/1] Unknown
Sleight of Hand Buy U Sorcery Common
Coral Eel Buy 1U Creature - Eel [2/1] Common
Counterspell Buy UU Instant Uncommon
Extinguish Buy 1U Instant Common
Ingenious Thief Buy 1U Creature - Thief [1/1] Common
Owl Familiar Buy 1U Creature - Bird [1/1] Uncommon
Piracy Buy UU Sorcery Rare
Remove Soul Buy 1U Instant Common
Sea Eagle Buy 1U Creature - Bird [1/1] Unknown
Storm Crow Buy 1U Creature - Bird [1/2] Common
Wind Sail Buy 1U Sorcery Uncommon
Exhaustion Buy 2U Sorcery Uncommon
Man-o'-War Buy 2U Creature - Jellyfish [2/2] Uncommon
Phantom Warrior Buy 1UU Creature - Illusion [2/2] Rare
Relearn Buy 1UU Sorcery Uncommon
Time Ebb Buy 2U Sorcery Common
Undo Buy 1UU Sorcery Uncommon
Wind Drake Buy 2U Creature - Drake [2/2] Common
Giant Octopus Buy 3U Creature - Octopus [3/3] Common
Ransack Buy 3U Sorcery Rare
Snapping Drake Buy 3U Creature - Drake [3/2] Common
Touch of Brilliance Buy 3U Sorcery Common
Air Elemental Buy 3UU Creature - Elemental [4/4] Uncommon
Psychic Transfer Buy 4U Sorcery Rare
Tidings Buy 3UU Sorcery Uncommon
Time Warp Buy 3UU Sorcery Rare
Water Elemental Buy 3UU Creature - Elemental [5/4] Uncommon
Vizzerdrix Buy 6U Creature - Beast [6/6] Rare
Denizen of the Deep Buy 6UU Creature - Serpent [11/11] Rare
Chorus of Woe Buy B Sorcery Common
Muck Rats Buy B Creature - Rat [1/1] Common
Raise Dead Buy B Sorcery Common
Bog Imp Buy 1B Creature - Imp [1/1] Common
Dakmor Scorpion Buy 1B Creature - Scorpion [2/1] Common
Ravenous Rats Buy 1B Creature - Rat [1/1] Uncommon
Bog Raiders Buy 2B Creature - Zombie [2/2] Common
Coercion Buy 2B Sorcery Uncommon
Feral Shadow Buy 2B Creature - Night Stalker [2/1] Common
Grim Tutor Buy 1BB Sorcery Rare
Hand of Death Buy 2B Sorcery Common
Howling Fury Buy 2B Sorcery Uncommon
Mind Rot Buy 2B Sorcery Common
Scathe Zombies Buy 2B Creature - Zombie [2/2] Unknown
Serpent Warrior Buy 2B Creature - Soldier [3/3] Common
Wicked Pact Buy 1BB Sorcery Rare
Ancient Craving Buy 3B Sorcery Rare
Bog Wraith Buy 3B Creature - Wraith [3/3] Uncommon
Dakmor Ghoul Buy 2BB Creature - Zombie [2/2] Uncommon
Gravedigger Buy 3B Creature - Zombie [2/2] Uncommon
Stream of Acid Buy 2BB Sorcery Uncommon
Dakmor Plague Buy 3BB Sorcery Uncommon
Hollow Dogs Buy 4B Creature - Hound [3/3] Common
Soul Feast Buy 3BB Sorcery Uncommon
Abyssal Horror Buy 4BB Creature - Horror [2/2] Rare
Dakmor Lancer Buy 4BB Creature - Knight [3/3] Rare
Dakmor Sorceress Buy 5B Creature - Wizard [*/4] Rare
Dark Offering Buy 4BB Sorcery Uncommon
Dread Reaper Buy 3BBB Creature - Horror [6/5] Rare
Shrieking Specter Buy 5B Creature - Specter [2/2] Uncommon
Goblin Mountaineer Buy R Creature - Goblin [1/1] Common
Mons's Goblin Raiders Buy R Creature - Goblin [1/1] Unknown
Raging Goblin Buy R Creature - Goblin [1/1] Common
Scorching Spear Buy R Sorcery Common
Tremor Buy R Sorcery Common
Goblin Glider Buy 1R Creature - Goblin [1/1] Uncommon
Goblin Lore Buy 1R Sorcery Uncommon
Hulking Goblin Buy 1R Creature - Goblin [2/2] Common
Last Chance Buy RR Sorcery Rare
Spitting Earth Buy 1R Sorcery Uncommon
Volcanic Hammer Buy 1R Sorcery Common
Goblin Cavaliers Buy 2R Creature - Goblin [3/2] Common
Goblin Chariot Buy 2R Creature - Goblin [2/2] Common
Goblin General Buy 1RR Creature - Goblin [1/1] Uncommon
Goblin Hero Buy 2R Creature - Goblin [2/2] Unknown
Hulking Ogre Buy 2R Creature - Ogre [3/3] Uncommon
Stone Rain Buy 2R Sorcery Common
Goblin Settler Buy 3R Creature - Goblin [1/1] Uncommon
Ogre Warrior Buy 3R Creature - Ogre [3/3] Common
Relentless Assault Buy 2RR Sorcery Rare
Earth Elemental Buy 3RR Creature - Elemental [4/5] Uncommon
Fire Elemental Buy 3RR Creature - Elemental [5/4] Uncommon
Goblin Commando Buy 4R Creature - Goblin [2/2] Uncommon
Jagged Lightning Buy 3RR Sorcery Uncommon
Lava Axe Buy 4R Sorcery Common
Volcanic Dragon Buy 4RR Creature - Dragon [4/4] Rare
Cinder Storm Buy 6R Sorcery Uncommon
Devastation Buy 5RR Sorcery Rare
Fire Tempest Buy 5RR Sorcery Rare
Thunder Dragon Buy 5RR Creature - Dragon [5/5] Rare
Trained Orgg Buy 6R Creature - Beast [6/6] Rare
Norwood Ranger Buy G Creature - Elf [1/2] Common
Renewing Touch Buy G Sorcery Uncommon
Willow Elf Buy G Creature - Elf [1/1] Unknown
Grizzly Bears Buy 1G Creature - Bear [2/2] Common
Lynx Buy 1G Creature - Cat [2/1] Uncommon
Monstrous Growth Buy 1G Sorcery Common
Moon Sprite Buy 1G Creature - Faerie [1/1] Uncommon
Nature's Lore Buy 1G Sorcery Common
Squall Buy 1G Sorcery Common
Summer Bloom Buy 1G Sorcery Rare
Alluring Scent Buy 1GG Sorcery Rare
Gorilla Warrior Buy 2G Creature - Ape [3/2] Common
Lone Wolf Buy 2G Creature - Wolf [2/2] Common
Nature's Cloak Buy 2G Sorcery Rare
Untamed Wilds Buy 2G Sorcery Uncommon
Wood Elves Buy 2G Creature - Elf [1/1] Uncommon
Bull Hippo Buy 3G Creature - Hippo [3/3] Uncommon
Norwood Archers Buy 3G Creature - Elf [3/3] Common
Southern Elephant Buy 3G Creature - Elephant [3/4] Common
Sylvan Yeti Buy 2GG Creature - Elemental [*/4] Rare
Whirlwind Buy 2GG Sorcery Rare
Wild Ox Buy 3G Creature - Ox [3/3] Uncommon
Durkwood Boars Buy 4G Creature - Boar [4/4] Common
Natural Spring Buy 3GG Sorcery Uncommon
Pride of Lions Buy 3GG Creature - Cat [4/4] Uncommon
Silverback Ape Buy 3GG Creature - Ape [5/5] Uncommon
Sylvan Basilisk Buy 3GG Creature - Basilisk [2/4] Rare
Barbtooth Wurm Buy 5G Creature - Wurm [6/4] Common
Thorn Elemental Buy 5GG Creature - Elemental [7/7] Rare
Whiptail Wurm Buy 6G Creature - Wurm [8/5] Uncommon
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