Unglued Checklist (94 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Ashnod's Coupon Buy 0 Artifact Rare
Blacker Lotus Buy 0 Artifact Rare
Forest Buy Land Common
Island Buy Land Common
Jack-in-the-Mox Buy 0 Artifact Rare
Mountain Buy Land Common
Plains Buy Land Common
Swamp Buy Land Common
Urza's Contact Lenses Buy 0 Artifact Uncommon
Jester's Sombrero Buy 2 Artifact Rare
Clay Pigeon Buy 3 Artifact Creature [1/1] Uncommon
Bronze Calendar Buy 4 Artifact Uncommon
Chaos Confetti Buy 4 Artifact Common
Giant Fan Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Paper Tiger Buy 4 Artifact Creature [4/3] Common
Rock Lobster Buy 4 Artifact Creature [4/3] Common
Scissors Lizard Buy 4 Artifact Creature [4/3] Common
Spatula of the Ages Buy 4 Artifact Uncommon
Urza's Science Fair Project Buy 6 Artifact Creature [4/4] Uncommon
Mirror Mirror Buy 7 Artifact Rare
[Pegasus Token] Buy 0 Miscellaneous - Pegasus Uncommon
[Soldier Token] Buy 0 Miscellaneous - Soldier Uncommon
Get a Life Buy W Instant Uncommon
Prismatic Wardrobe Buy W Sorcery Common
Sex Appeal Buy W Instant Common
I'm Rubber, You're Glue Buy WW Enchantment Rare
Knight of the Hokey Pokey Buy WW Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Mesa Chicken Buy WW Summon - Chicken [2/2] Common
Charm School Buy 2W Enchant Player Uncommon
Lexivore Buy 3W Summon - Beast [2/3] Uncommon
Miss Demeanor Buy 3W Summon - Lady of Proper Etiquette [3/1] Uncommon
Once More with Feeling Buy WWWW Sorcery Rare
Double Dip Buy 4W Instant Common
The Cheese Stands Alone Buy 4WW Enchantment Rare
Look at Me, I'm the DCI Buy 5WW Sorcery Rare
Censorship Buy U Enchantment Uncommon
Denied! Buy U Interrupt Common
Psychic Network Buy U Enchantment Rare
Sorry Buy UU Enchantment Uncommon
Checks and Balances Buy 2U Enchantment Uncommon
Chicken a la King Buy 1UU Summon - Chicken [2/2] Rare
Clam Session Buy 1UU Summon - Clamfolk [2/5] Common
Clam-I-Am Buy 2U Summon - Clamfolk [2/2] Common
Fowl Play Buy 2U Enchant Creature Common
Clambassadors Buy 3U Summon - Clamfolk [4/4] Common
Common Courtesy Buy 2UU Enchantment Uncommon
Free-for-All Buy 3U Enchantment Rare
Bureaucracy Buy 3UU Enchantment Rare
Double Take Buy 3UU Instant Common
[Zombie Token] Buy 0 Miscellaneous - Zombie Uncommon
B.F.M. - 1 Buy Summon - Creature [0/0] Rare
Organ Harvest Buy B Sorcery Common
Ow Buy B Enchantment Rare
Volrath's Motion Sensor Buy B Enchant Player Uncommon
Jumbo Imp Buy 2B Summon - Imp [0/0] Uncommon
Poultrygeist Buy 2B Summon - Chicken [1/1] Common
Temp of the Damned Buy 2B Summon - Zombie [3/3] Common
Deadhead Buy 3B Summon - Zombie [3/3] Common
Double Cross Buy 3BB Sorcery Common
Handcuffs Buy 3BB Enchantment Uncommon
Infernal Spawn of Evil Buy 6BBB Summon - Demon Beast [7/7] Rare
B.F.M. - 2 Buy BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Summon - Creature [99/99] Rare
[Goblin Token] Buy 0 Miscellaneous - Goblin Uncommon
Goblin Bookie Buy R Summon - Goblin [1/1] Common
Goblin Tutor Buy R Instant Uncommon
Ricochet Buy R Enchantment Uncommon
Chicken Egg Buy 1R Summon - Egg [0/1] Common
Strategy, Schmategy Buy 1R Sorcery Rare
The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® Cu Buy XYZRR Sorcery Uncommon
Hurloon Wrangler Buy 2R Summon - Minotaur [2/2] Common
Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire Buy 3R Enchantment Rare
Goblin Bowling Team Buy 3R Summon - Goblins [1/1] Common
Krazy Kow Buy 3R Summon - Cow [3/3] Common
Double Deal Buy 4R Sorcery Common
Jalum Grifter Buy 3RR Summon - Legend [3/5] Rare
Landfill Buy 4R Sorcery Rare
Spark Fiend Buy 4R Summon - Beast [5/6] Rare
[Sheep Token] Buy 0 Miscellaneous - Sheep Uncommon
[Squirrel Token] Buy 0 Miscellaneous - Squirrel Uncommon
Ghazban Ogress Buy G Summon - Ogre [2/2] Common
Flock of Rabid Sheep Buy XGG Sorcery Uncommon
Growth Spurt Buy 1G Instant Common
Gerrymandering Buy 2G Sorcery Uncommon
Gus Buy 2G Summon - Gus [2/2] Common
Hungry Hungry Heifer Buy 2G Summon - Cow [3/3] Uncommon
Squirrel Farm Buy 2G Enchantment Rare
Team Spirit Buy 2G Instant Common
Elvish Impersonators Buy 3G Summon - Elf [*/*] Common
Free-Range Chicken Buy 3G Summon - Chicken [3/3] Common
Timmy, Power Gamer Buy 2GG Summon - Legend [1/1] Rare
Double Play Buy 3GG Sorcery Common
Cardboard Carapace Buy 5G Enchant Creature Rare
Mine, Mine, Mine! Buy 4GG Enchantment Rare
Incoming! Buy 4GGGG Sorcery Rare
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