Visions Checklist (167 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Coral Atoll Buy Land Uncommon
Dormant Volcano Buy Land Uncommon
Everglades Buy Land Uncommon
Griffin Canyon Buy Land Rare
Jungle Basin Buy Land Uncommon
Karoo Buy Land Uncommon
Phyrexian Marauder Buy X Artifact Creature [0/0] Rare
Phyrexian Walker Buy 0 Artifact Creature [0/3] Common
Quicksand Buy Land Uncommon
Undiscovered Paradise Buy Land Rare
Juju Bubble Buy 1 Artifact Uncommon
Magma Mine Buy 1 Artifact Uncommon
Triangle of War Buy 1 Artifact Rare
Anvil of Bogardan Buy 2 Artifact Rare
Helm of Awakening Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Wand of Denial Buy 2 Artifact Rare
Dragon Mask Buy 3 Artifact Uncommon
Brass-Talon Chimera Buy 4 Artifact Creature [2/2] Uncommon
Diamond Kaleidoscope Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Iron-Heart Chimera Buy 4 Artifact Creature [2/2] Uncommon
Lead-Belly Chimera Buy 4 Artifact Creature [2/2] Uncommon
Sands of Time Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Sisay's Ring Buy 4 Artifact Common
Snake Basket Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Teferi's Puzzle Box Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Tin-Wing Chimera Buy 4 Artifact Creature [2/2] Uncommon
Matopi Golem Buy 5 Artifact Creature [3/3] Uncommon
Hope Charm Buy W Instant Common
Infantry Veteran Buy W Summon - Soldier [1/1] Common
Resistance Fighter Buy W Summon - Soldier [1/1] Common
Tithe Buy W Instant Rare
Freewind Falcon Buy 1W Summon - Falcon [1/1] Common
Gossamer Chains Buy WW Enchantment Common
Honorable Passage Buy 1W Instant Uncommon
Longbow Archer Buy WW Summon - Archer [2/2] Uncommon
Parapet Buy 1W Enchantment Common
Peace Talks Buy 1W Sorcery Uncommon
Relic Ward Buy 1W Enchant Artifact Uncommon
Remedy Buy 1W Instant Common
Righteous Aura Buy 1W Enchantment Common
Sun Clasp Buy 1W Enchant Creature Common
Equipoise Buy 2W Enchantment Rare
Jamuraan Lion Buy 2W Summon - Lion [3/1] Common
Knight of Valor Buy 2W Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Retribution of the Meek Buy 2W Sorcery Rare
Teferi's Honor Guard Buy 2W Summon - Knight [2/2] Uncommon
Warrior's Honor Buy 2W Instant Common
Zhalfirin Crusader Buy 1WW Summon - Knight [2/2] Rare
Daraja Griffin Buy 3W Summon - Griffin [2/2] Uncommon
Eye of Singularity Buy 3W Enchant World Rare
Miraculous Recovery Buy 4W Instant Uncommon
Archangel Buy 5WW Summon - Angel [5/5] Rare
Betrayal Buy U Enchant Creature Common
Prosperity Buy XU Sorcery Uncommon
Shrieking Drake Buy U Summon - Drake [1/1] Common
Vanishing Buy U Enchant Creature Common
Vision Charm Buy U Instant Common
Chronatog Buy 1U Summon - Atog [1/2] Rare
Flooded Shoreline Buy UU Enchantment Rare
Foreshadow Buy 1U Instant Uncommon
Impulse Buy 1U Instant Common
Mystic Veil Buy 1U Enchant Creature Common
Time and Tide Buy UU Instant Uncommon
Cloud Elemental Buy 2U Summon - Elemental [2/3] Common
Knight of the Mists Buy 2U Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Man-o'-War Buy 2U Summon - Jellyfish [2/2] Common
Ovinomancer Buy 2U Summon - Sorcerer [0/1] Uncommon
Shimmering Efreet Buy 2U Summon - Efreet [2/2] Uncommon
Teferi's Realm Buy 1UU Enchant World Rare
Three Wishes Buy 1UU Instant Rare
Undo Buy 1UU Sorcery Common
Breezekeeper Buy 3U Summon - Djinn [4/4] Common
Dream Tides Buy 2UU Enchantment Uncommon
Inspiration Buy 3U Instant Common
Rainbow Efreet Buy 3U Summon - Efreet [3/1] Rare
Waterspout Djinn Buy 2UU Summon - Djinn [4/4] Uncommon
Desertion Buy 3UU Interrupt Rare
Death Watch Buy B Enchant Creature Common
Funeral Charm Buy B Instant Common
Vampiric Tutor Buy B Instant Rare
Brood of Cockroaches Buy 1B Summon - Insects [1/1] Uncommon
Dark Privilege Buy 1B Enchant Creature Common
Fallen Askari Buy 1B Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Infernal Harvest Buy 1B Sorcery Common
Vampirism Buy 1B Enchant Creature Uncommon
Wicked Reward Buy 1B Instant Common
Blanket of Night Buy 1BB Enchantment Uncommon
Coercion Buy 2B Sorcery Common
Crypt Rats Buy 2B Summon - Rats [1/1] Common
Desolation Buy 1BB Enchantment Uncommon
Kaervek's Spite Buy BBB Instant Rare
Necromancy Buy 2B Enchantment Uncommon
Python Buy 1BB Summon - Python [3/2] Common
Suq'Ata Assassin Buy 1BB Summon - Assassin [1/1] Uncommon
Tar Pit Warrior Buy 2B Summon - Cyclops [3/4] Common
Urborg Mindsucker Buy 2B Summon - Mindsucker [2/2] Common
Forbidden Ritual Buy 2BB Sorcery Rare
Nekrataal Buy 2BB Summon - Nekrataal [2/1] Uncommon
Pillar Tombs of Aku Buy 2BB Enchant World Rare
Wake of Vultures Buy 3B Summon - Vultures [3/1] Common
Aku Djinn Buy 3BB Summon - Djinn [5/6] Rare
Necrosavant Buy 3BBB Summon - Necrosavant [5/5] Rare
Goblin Swine-Rider Buy R Summon - Goblin [1/1] Common
Hearth Charm Buy R Instant Common
Keeper of Kookus Buy R Summon - Goblin [1/1] Common
Mob Mentality Buy R Enchant Creature Uncommon
Rock Slide Buy XR Instant Common
Tremor Buy R Sorcery Common
Goblin Recruiter Buy 1R Summon - Goblin [1/1] Uncommon
Song of Blood Buy 1R Sorcery Common
Dwarven Vigilantes Buy 2R Summon - Dwarf [2/2] Common
Heat Wave Buy 2R Enchantment Uncommon
Raging Gorilla Buy 2R Summon - Gorilla [2/3] Common
Solfatara Buy 2R Instant Common
Suq'Ata Lancer Buy 2R Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Viashino Sandstalker Buy 1RR Summon - Viashino [4/2] Uncommon
Elkin Lair Buy 3R Enchant World Rare
Lightning Cloud Buy 3R Enchantment Rare
Relentless Assault Buy 2RR Sorcery Rare
Spitting Drake Buy 3R Summon - Drake [2/2] Uncommon
Bogardan Phoenix Buy 2RRR Summon - Phoenix [3/3] Rare
Hulking Cyclops Buy 3RR Summon - Cyclops [5/5] Uncommon
Kookus Buy 3RR Summon - Djinn [3/5] Rare
Ogre Enforcer Buy 3RR Summon - Ogre [4/4] Rare
Talruum Champion Buy 4R Summon - Minotaur [3/3] Common
Talruum Piper Buy 4R Summon - Minotaur [3/3] Uncommon
Fireblast Buy 4RR Instant Common
Elephant Grass Buy G Enchantment Uncommon
Emerald Charm Buy G Instant Common
Mortal Wound Buy G Enchant Creature Common
Quirion Ranger Buy G Summon - Elf [1/1] Common
Spider Climb Buy G Enchant Creature Common
Feral Instinct Buy 1G Instant Common
River Boa Buy 1G Summon - Snake [2/1] Common
Summer Bloom Buy 1G Sorcery Uncommon
City of Solitude Buy 2G Enchantment Rare
Katabatic Winds Buy 2G Enchantment Rare
Quirion Druid Buy 2G Summon - Druid [1/2] Rare
Uktabi Orangutan Buy 2G Summon - Ape [2/2] Uncommon
Warthog Buy 1GG Summon - Warthog [3/2] Common
Wind Shear Buy 2G Instant Uncommon
Bull Elephant Buy 3G Summon - Elephant [4/4] Common
Creeping Mold Buy 2GG Sorcery Uncommon
Elven Cache Buy 2GG Sorcery Common
Giant Caterpillar Buy 3G Summon - Caterpillar [3/3] Common
King Cheetah Buy 3G Summon - Cheetah [3/2] Common
Kyscu Drake Buy 3G Summon - Drake [2/2] Uncommon
Natural Order Buy 2GG Sorcery Rare
Rowen Buy 2GG Enchantment Rare
Stampeding Wildebeests Buy 2GG Summon - Wildebeests [5/4] Uncommon
Lichenthrope Buy 3GG Summon - Lichenthrope [5/5] Rare
Panther Warriors Buy 4G Summon - Cat Warrior [6/3] Common
Femeref Enchantress Buy GW Summon - Enchantress [1/2] Rare
Pygmy Hippo Buy GU Summon - Hippopotamus [2/2] Rare
Simoon Buy RG Instant Uncommon
Squandered Resources Buy BG Enchantment Rare
Suleiman's Legacy Buy RW Enchantment Rare
Army Ants Buy 1BR Summon - Insects [1/1] Uncommon
Corrosion Buy 1BR Enchantment Rare
Guiding Spirit Buy 1WU Summon - Angel [1/2] Rare
Mundungu Buy 1UB Summon - Wizard [1/1] Uncommon
Righteous War Buy 1WB Enchantment Rare
Tempest Drake Buy 1WU Summon - Drake [2/2] Uncommon
Breathstealer's Crypt Buy 2UB Enchantment Rare
Scalebane's Elite Buy 3WG Summon - Soldiers [4/4] Uncommon
Firestorm Hellkite Buy 4UR Summon - Dragon [6/6] Rare
Viashivan Dragon Buy 2RRGG Summon - Dragon [4/4] Rare
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