Weatherlight Checklist (167 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Gemstone Mine Buy Land Uncommon
Lotus Vale Buy Land Rare
Scorched Ruins Buy Land Rare
Winding Canyons Buy Land Rare
Phyrexian Furnace Buy 1 Artifact Uncommon
Straw Golem Buy 1 Artifact Creature [2/3] Uncommon
Jabari's Banner Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Mind Stone Buy 2 Artifact Common
Null Rod Buy 2 Artifact Rare
Touchstone Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Bosium Strip Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Chimeric Sphere Buy 3 Artifact Uncommon
Jangling Automaton Buy 3 Artifact Creature [3/2] Common
Mana Web Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Serrated Biskelion Buy 3 Artifact Creature [2/2] Uncommon
Steel Golem Buy 3 Artifact Creature [3/4] Uncommon
Thran Forge Buy 3 Artifact Uncommon
Well of Knowledge Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Bubble Matrix Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Dingus Staff Buy 4 Artifact Uncommon
Thran Tome Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Xanthic Statue Buy 8 Artifact Rare
Alms Buy W Enchantment Common
Argivian Find Buy W Instant Uncommon
Benalish Missionary Buy W Summon - Cleric [1/1] Common
Kithkin Armor Buy W Enchant Creature Common
Abeyance Buy 1W Instant Rare
Angelic Renewal Buy 1W Enchantment Common
Duskrider Falcon Buy 1W Summon - Falcon [1/1] Common
Guided Strike Buy 1W Instant Common
Revered Unicorn Buy 1W Summon - Unicorn [2/3] Uncommon
Serenity Buy 1W Enchantment Rare
Serra's Blessing Buy 1W Enchantment Uncommon
Soul Shepherd Buy 1W Summon - Cleric [2/1] Common
Tariff Buy 1W Sorcery Rare
Volunteer Reserves Buy 1W Summon - Soldiers [2/4] Uncommon
Aura of Silence Buy 1WW Enchantment Uncommon
Benalish Infantry Buy 2W Summon - Soldiers [1/3] Common
Benalish Knight Buy 2W Summon - Knight [2/2] Common
Debt of Loyalty Buy 1WW Instant Rare
Empyrial Armor Buy 1WW Enchant Creature Common
Inner Sanctum Buy 1WW Enchantment Rare
Master of Arms Buy 2W Summon - Soldier [2/2] Uncommon
Peacekeeper Buy 2W Summon - Peacekeeper [1/1] Rare
Foriysian Brigade Buy 3W Summon - Soldiers [2/4] Uncommon
Gerrard's Wisdom Buy 2WW Sorcery Uncommon
Heavy Ballista Buy 3W Summon - Soldiers [2/3] Common
Mistmoon Griffin Buy 3W Summon - Griffin [2/2] Uncommon
Southern Paladin Buy 2WW Summon - Knight [3/3] Rare
Ardent Militia Buy 4W Summon - Soldiers [2/5] Common
Alabaster Dragon Buy 4WW Summon - Dragon [4/4] Rare
Abjure Buy U Interrupt Common
Apathy Buy U Enchant Creature Common
Disrupt Buy U Interrupt Common
Mana Chains Buy U Enchant Creature Common
Ancestral Knowledge Buy 1U Enchantment Rare
Ertai's Familiar Buy 1U Summon - Illusion [2/2] Rare
Merfolk Traders Buy 1U Summon - Merfolk [1/2] Common
Paradigm Shift Buy 1U Sorcery Rare
Phantom Wings Buy 1U Enchant Creature Common
Sage Owl Buy 1U Summon - Bird [1/1] Common
Teferi's Veil Buy 1U Enchantment Uncommon
Tolarian Entrancer Buy 1U Summon - Wizard [1/1] Rare
Flux Buy 2U Sorcery Common
Fog Elemental Buy 2U Summon - Elemental [4/4] Common
Manta Ray Buy 1UU Summon - Fish [3/3] Common
Noble Benefactor Buy 2U Summon - Cleric [2/2] Uncommon
Ophidian Buy 2U Summon - Snake [1/3] Common
Phantom Warrior Buy 1UU Summon - Illusion [2/2] Uncommon
Relearn Buy 1UU Sorcery Uncommon
Timid Drake Buy 2U Summon - Drake [3/3] Uncommon
Tolarian Drake Buy 2U Summon - Drake [2/4] Common
Vodalian Illusionist Buy 2U Summon - Merfolk [2/2] Uncommon
Abduction Buy 2UU Enchant Creature Uncommon
Argivian Restoration Buy 2UU Sorcery Uncommon
Avizoa Buy 3U Summon - Avizoa [2/2] Rare
Pendrell Mists Buy 3U Enchantment Rare
Psychic Vortex Buy 2UU Enchantment Rare
Cloud Djinn Buy 5U Summon - Djinn [5/4] Uncommon
Tolarian Serpent Buy 5UU Summon - Serpent [7/7] Rare
Circling Vultures Buy B Summon - Bird [3/2] Uncommon
Fatal Blow Buy B Instant Common
Tendrils of Despair Buy B Sorcery Common
Abyssal Gatekeeper Buy 1B Summon - Gatekeeper [1/1] Common
Barrow Ghoul Buy 1B Summon - Zombie [4/4] Common
Coils of the Medusa Buy 1B Enchant Creature Common
Fledgling Djinn Buy 1B Summon - Djinn [2/2] Common
Shattered Crypt Buy XBB Sorcery Common
Urborg Justice Buy BB Instant Rare
Bone Dancer Buy 1BB Summon - Zombie [2/2] Rare
Buried Alive Buy 2B Sorcery Uncommon
Doomsday Buy BBB Sorcery Rare
Haunting Misery Buy 1BB Sorcery Common
Hidden Horror Buy 1BB Summon - Undead [4/4] Uncommon
Infernal Tribute Buy BBB Enchantment Rare
Mischievous Poltergeist Buy 2B Summon - Ghost [1/1] Uncommon
Necratog Buy 1BB Summon - Atog [1/2] Uncommon
Razortooth Rats Buy 2B Summon - Rats [2/1] Common
Wave of Terror Buy 2B Enchantment Rare
Zombie Scavengers Buy 2B Summon - Zombies [3/1] Common
Agonizing Memories Buy 2BB Sorcery Uncommon
Odylic Wraith Buy 3B Summon - Undead [2/2] Uncommon
Shadow Rider Buy 2BB Summon - Knight [3/3] Common
Strands of Night Buy 2BB Enchantment Uncommon
Urborg Stalker Buy 3B Summon - Undead [2/4] Rare
Festering Evil Buy 3BB Enchantment Uncommon
Gallowbraid Buy 3BB Summon - Legend [5/5] Rare
Morinfen Buy 3BB Summon - Legend [5/4] Rare
Spinning Darkness Buy 4BB Instant Common
Cinder Wall Buy R Summon - Wall [3/3] Common
Desperate Gambit Buy R Instant Uncommon
Firestorm Buy R Instant Rare
Goblin Vandal Buy R Summon - Goblin [1/1] Common
Roc Hatchling Buy R Summon - Bird [0/1] Uncommon
Betrothed of Fire Buy 1R Enchant Creature Common
Dwarven Berserker Buy 1R Summon - Dwarf [1/1] Common
Fire Whip Buy 1R Enchant Creature Common
Fit of Rage Buy 1R Sorcery Common
Goblin Bomb Buy 1R Enchantment Rare
Orcish Settlers Buy 1R Summon - Orcs [1/1] Uncommon
Thunderbolt Buy 1R Instant Common
Bloodrock Cyclops Buy 2R Summon - Cyclops [3/3] Common
Bogardan Firefiend Buy 2R Summon - Spirit [2/1] Common
Boiling Blood Buy 2R Instant Common
Dwarven Thaumaturgist Buy 2R Summon - Dwarf [1/2] Rare
Fervor Buy 2R Enchantment Rare
Heat Stroke Buy 2R Enchantment Rare
Hurloon Shaman Buy 1RR Summon - Minotaur [2/3] Uncommon
Aether Flash Buy 2RR Enchantment Uncommon
Cinder Giant Buy 3R Summon - Giant [5/3] Uncommon
Goblin Grenadiers Buy 3R Summon - Goblins [2/2] Uncommon
Heart of Bogardan Buy 2RR Enchantment Rare
Lava Hounds Buy 2RR Summon - Hounds [4/4] Uncommon
Sawtooth Ogre Buy 2RR Summon - Ogre [3/3] Common
Cone of Flame Buy 3RR Sorcery Uncommon
Lava Storm Buy 3RR Instant Common
Maraxus of Keld Buy 4RR Summon - Legend [*/*] Rare
Thundermare Buy 5R Summon - Thundermare [5/5] Rare
Blossoming Wreath Buy G Instant Common
Briar Shield Buy G Enchant Creature Common
Choking Vines Buy XG Instant Common
Mwonvuli Ooze Buy G Summon - Ooze [*/*] Rare
Rogue Elephant Buy G Summon - Elephant [3/3] Common
Veteran Explorer Buy G Summon - Soldier [1/1] Uncommon
Vitalize Buy G Instant Common
Gaea's Blessing Buy 1G Sorcery Uncommon
Harvest Wurm Buy 1G Summon - Wurm [3/2] Common
Llanowar Druid Buy 1G Summon - Elf [1/2] Common
Nature's Kiss Buy 1G Enchant Creature Common
Sylvan Hierophant Buy 1G Summon - Cleric [1/2] Uncommon
Tranquil Grove Buy 1G Enchantment Rare
Dense Foliage Buy 2G Enchantment Rare
Downdraft Buy 2G Enchantment Uncommon
Fallow Wurm Buy 2G Summon - Wurm [4/4] Uncommon
Familiar Ground Buy 2G Enchantment Uncommon
Llanowar Sentinel Buy 2G Summon - Elf [2/3] Common
Barishi Buy 2GG Summon - Barishi [4/3] Uncommon
Call of the Wild Buy 2GG Enchantment Rare
Fungus Elemental Buy 3G Summon - Elemental [3/3] Rare
Liege of the Hollows Buy 2GG Summon - Spirit [3/4] Rare
Nature's Resurgence Buy 2GG Sorcery Rare
Striped Bears Buy 3G Summon - Bear [2/2] Common
Uktabi Efreet Buy 2GG Summon - Efreet [5/4] Common
Arctic Wolves Buy 3GG Summon - Wolves [4/5] Uncommon
Llanowar Behemoth Buy 3GG Summon - Behemoth [4/4] Uncommon
Redwood Treefolk Buy 4G Summon - Treefolk [3/6] Common
Aboroth Buy 4GG Summon - Aboroth [9/9] Rare
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