Planar Chaos Checklist (168 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Buy Legendary Land Rare
Mana Tithe Buy W Instant Common
Porphyry Nodes Buy W Enchantment Rare
Rebuff the Wicked Buy W Instant Uncommon
Sunlance Buy W Sorcery Common
Dawn Charm Buy 1W Instant Common
Mantle of Leadership Buy 1W Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Mycologist Buy 1W Creature - Human Druid [0/2] Uncommon
Revered Dead Buy 1W Creature - Spirit Soldier [1/1] Common
Sinew Sliver Buy 1W Creature - Sliver [1/1] Common
Whitemane Lion Buy 1W Creature - Cat [2/2] Common
Aven Riftwatcher Buy 2W Creature - Bird Rebel Soldier [2/3] Common
Mesa Enchantress Buy 1WW Creature - Human Druid [0/2] Rare
Poultice Sliver Buy 2W Creature - Sliver [2/2] Common
Riftmarked Knight Buy 1WW Creature - Human Rebel Knight [2/2] Uncommon
Saltfield Recluse Buy 2W Creature - Human Rebel Cleric [1/2] Common
Serra's Boon Buy 2W Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Stonecloaker Buy 2W Creature - Gargoyle [3/2] Uncommon
Benalish Commander Buy 3W Creature - Human Soldier Lord [*/*] Rare
Calciderm Buy 2WW Creature - Beast [5/5] Uncommon
Dust Elemental Buy 2WW Creature - Elemental [6/6] Rare
Magus of the Tabernacle Buy 3W Creature - Human Wizard [2/6] Rare
Malach of the Dawn Buy 2WW Creature - Angel [2/4] Uncommon
Pallid Mycoderm Buy 3W Creature - Fungus [2/4] Common
Retether Buy 3W Sorcery Rare
Shade of Trokair Buy 3W Creature - Shade [1/2] Common
Ghost Tactician Buy 4W Creature - Spirit Spellshaper [2/5] Common
Saltblast Buy 3WW Sorcery Uncommon
Stormfront Riders Buy 4W Creature - Human Soldier [4/3] Uncommon
Voidstone Gargoyle Buy 3WW Creature - Gargoyle [3/3] Rare
Crovax, Ascendant Hero Buy 4WW Legendary Creature - Human Lord [4/4] Rare
Heroes Remembered Buy 6WWW Sorcery Rare
Piracy Charm Buy U Instant Common
Pongify Buy U Instant Uncommon
Timebender Buy U Creature - Human Wizard [1/1] Uncommon
Venarian Glimmer Buy XU Instant Uncommon
Dreamscape Artist Buy 1U Creature - Human Spellshaper [1/1] Common
Gossamer Phantasm Buy 1U Creature - Illusion [2/1] Common
Magus of the Bazaar Buy 1U Creature - Human Wizard [0/1] Rare
Ovinize Buy 1U Instant Uncommon
Riptide Pilferer Buy 1U Creature - Merfolk Rogue [1/1] Uncommon
Erratic Mutation Buy 2U Instant Common
Merfolk Thaumaturgist Buy 2U Creature - Merfolk Wizard [1/2] Common
Reality Acid Buy 2U Enchantment - Aura Common
Serendib Sorcerer Buy 1UU Creature - Human Wizard [1/1] Rare
Shaper Parasite Buy 1UU Creature - Illusion [2/3] Common
Tidewalker Buy 2U Creature - Elemental [*/*] Uncommon
Wistful Thinking Buy 2U Sorcery Common
Aquamorph Entity Buy 2UU Creature - Shapeshifter [*/*] Common
Auramancer's Guise Buy 2UU Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Braids, Conjurer Adept Buy 2UU Legendary Creature - Human Wizard [2/2] Rare
Chronozoa Buy 3U Creature - Illusion [3/3] Rare
Dismal Failure Buy 2UU Instant Uncommon
Frozen AEther Buy 3U Enchantment Uncommon
Primal Plasma Buy 3U Creature - Elemental Shapeshifter [*/*] Common
Spellshift Buy 3U Instant Rare
Veiling Oddity Buy 3U Creature - Illusion [2/3] Common
Aeon Chronicler Buy 3UU Creature - Avatar [*/*] Rare
Body Double Buy 4U Creature - Shapeshifter [0/0] Rare
Serra Sphinx Buy 3UU Creature - Sphinx [4/4] Rare
Synchronous Sliver Buy 4U Creature - Sliver [3/3] Common
Jodah's Avenger Buy 5U Creature - Shapeshifter [4/4] Uncommon
Dichotomancy Buy 7UU Sorcery Rare
Extirpate Buy B Instant Rare
Midnight Charm Buy B Instant Common
Ridged Kusite Buy B Creature - Horror Spellshaper [1/1] Common
Shrouded Lore Buy B Sorcery Uncommon
Vampiric Link Buy B Enchantment - Aura Common
Blightspeaker Buy 1B Creature - Human Rebel Cleric [1/1] Common
Circle of Affliction Buy 1B Enchantment Uncommon
Cradle to Grave Buy 1B Instant Common
Dash Hopes Buy BB Instant Common
Dunerider Outlaw Buy BB Creature - Human Rebel Rogue [1/1] Uncommon
Imp's Mischief Buy 1B Instant Rare
Rathi Trapper Buy 1B Creature - Human Rebel Rogue [1/2] Common
Big Game Hunter Buy 1BB Creature - Human Rebel Assassin [1/1] Uncommon
Deadly Grub Buy 2B Creature - Insect [3/1] Common
Kor Dirge Buy 2B Instant Uncommon
Melancholy Buy 2B Enchantment - Aura Common
Brain Gorgers Buy 3B Creature - Zombie [4/2] Common
Damnation Buy 2BB Sorcery Rare
Mirri the Cursed Buy 2BB Legendary Creature - Vampire Cat [3/2] Rare
Temporal Extortion Buy BBBB Sorcery Rare
Waning Wurm Buy 3B Creature - Zombie Wurm [7/6] Uncommon
Magus of the Coffers Buy 4B Creature - Human Wizard [4/4] Rare
Muck Drubb Buy 3BB Creature - Beast [3/3] Uncommon
Roiling Horror Buy 3BB Creature - Horror [*/*] Rare
Spitting Sliver Buy 4B Creature - Sliver [3/3] Common
Treacherous Urge Buy 4B Instant Uncommon
Bog Serpent Buy 5B Creature - Serpent [5/5] Common
Enslave Buy 4BB Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Null Profusion Buy 4BB Enchantment Rare
Phantasmagorian Buy 5BB Creature - Horror [6/6] Uncommon
Brute Force Buy R Instant Common
Dead Buy R Instant Common
Dust Corona Buy R Enchantment - Aura Common
Firefright Mage Buy R Creature - Goblin Spellshaper [1/1] Common
Timecrafting Buy XR Instant Uncommon
Blood Knight Buy RR Creature - Human Knight [2/2] Uncommon
Boom Buy 1R Sorcery Rare
Fury Charm Buy 1R Instant Common
Keldon Marauders Buy 1R Creature - Human Warrior [3/3] Common
Rough Buy 1R Sorcery Uncommon
Stingscourger Buy 1R Creature - Goblin Warrior [2/2] Common
AEther Membrane Buy 1RR Creature - Wall [0/5] Uncommon
Fatal Frenzy Buy 2R Instant Rare
Gone Buy 2R Instant Common
Lavacore Elemental Buy 2R Creature - Elemental [5/3] Uncommon
Prodigal Pyromancer Buy 2R Creature - Human Wizard [1/1] Common
Simian Spirit Guide Buy 2R Creature - Ape Spirit [2/2] Common
Skirk Shaman Buy 1RR Creature - Goblin Shaman [2/2] Common
Sulfur Elemental Buy 2R Creature - Elemental [3/2] Uncommon
Detritivore Buy 2RR Creature - Lhurgoyf [*/*] Rare
Hammerheim Deadeye Buy 3R Creature - Giant Warrior [3/3] Uncommon
Needlepeak Spider Buy 3R Creature - Spider [4/2] Common
Pyrohemia Buy 2RR Enchantment Uncommon
Shivan Wumpus Buy 3R Creature - Beast [6/6] Rare
Volcano Hellion Buy 2RR Creature - Hellion [6/5] Rare
Molten Firebird Buy 4R Creature - Phoenix [2/2] Rare
Reckless Wurm Buy 3RR Creature - Wurm [4/4] Uncommon
Shivan Meteor Buy 3RR Sorcery Uncommon
Torchling Buy 3RR Creature - Shapeshifter [3/3] Rare
Battering Sliver Buy 5R Creature - Sliver [4/4] Common
Bust Buy 5R Sorcery Rare
Magus of the Arena Buy 4RR Creature - Human Wizard [5/5] Rare
Tumble Buy 5R Sorcery Uncommon
Akroma, Angel of Fury Buy 5RRR Legendary Creature - Angel [6/6] Rare
Essence Warden Buy G Creature - Elf Shaman [1/1] Common
Healing Leaves Buy G Instant Common
Keen Sense Buy G Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Uktabi Drake Buy G Creature - Drake [2/1] Common
Evolution Charm Buy 1G Instant Common
Fa'adiyah Seer Buy 1G Creature - Human Shaman [1/1] Common
Kavu Predator Buy 1G Creature - Kavu [2/2] Uncommon
Magus of the Library Buy GG Creature - Human Wizard [1/1] Rare
Mire Boa Buy 1G Creature - Snake [2/1] Common
Seal of Primordium Buy 1G Enchantment Common
Utopia Vow Buy 1G Enchantment - Aura Common
Vitaspore Thallid Buy 1G Creature - Fungus [1/1] Common
Ana Battlemage Buy 2G Creature - Human Wizard [2/2] Uncommon
Citanul Woodreaders Buy 2G Creature - Human Druid [1/4] Common
Gaea's Anthem Buy 1GG Enchantment Rare
Groundbreaker Buy GGG Creature - Elemental [6/1] Rare
Hedge Troll Buy 2G Creature - Troll Cleric [2/2] Uncommon
Psychotrope Thallid Buy 2G Creature - Fungus [1/1] Uncommon
Fungal Behemoth Buy 3G Creature - Fungus [*/*] Rare
Harmonize Buy 2GG Sorcery Uncommon
Hunting Wilds Buy 3G Sorcery Uncommon
Life and Limb Buy 3G Enchantment Rare
Pouncing Wurm Buy 3G Creature - Wurm [3/3] Uncommon
Reflex Sliver Buy 3G Creature - Sliver [2/2] Common
Sophic Centaur Buy 3G Creature - Centaur Spellshaper [1/1] Uncommon
Timbermare Buy 3G Creature - Elemental [5/5] Rare
Giant Dustwasp Buy 3GG Creature - Insect [3/3] Common
Deadwood Treefolk Buy 5G Creature - Treefolk [3/6] Uncommon
Jedit Ojanen of Efrava Buy 3GGG Legendary Creature - Cat Warrior Lord [5/5] Rare
Wild Pair Buy 4GG Enchantment Rare
Cautery Sliver Buy WR Creature - Sliver [2/2] Uncommon
Darkheart Sliver Buy BG Creature - Sliver [2/2] Uncommon
Radha, Heir to Keld Buy RG Legendary Creature - Elf Warrior [2/2] Rare
Frenetic Sliver Buy 1UR Creature - Sliver [2/2] Uncommon
Necrotic Sliver Buy 1WB Creature - Sliver [2/2] Uncommon
Dormant Sliver Buy 2UG Creature - Sliver [2/2] Uncommon
Intet, the Dreamer Buy 3URG Legendary Creature - Dragon [6/6] Rare
Numot, the Devastator Buy 3WUR Legendary Creature - Dragon [6/6] Rare
Oros, the Avenger Buy 3WBR Legendary Creature - Dragon [6/6] Rare
Teneb, the Harvester Buy 3WBG Legendary Creature - Dragon [6/6] Rare
Vorosh, the Hunter Buy 3UBG Legendary Creature - Dragon [6/6] Rare
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