Masters Edition Checklist (185 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Diamond Valley Buy Land Unknown
Forest Buy Basic Land - Forest Unknown
Island Buy Basic Land - Island Unknown
Island of Wak-Wak Buy Land Unknown
Lake of the Dead Buy Land Unknown
Mishra's Factory Buy Land Unknown
Mountain Buy Basic Land - Mountain Unknown
Plains Buy Basic Land - Plains Unknown
Rainbow Vale Buy Land Unknown
Shield Sphere Buy 0 Artifact Creature - Wall [0/6] Unknown
Swamp Buy Basic Land - Swamp Unknown
Thawing Glaciers Buy Land Unknown
Urza's Bauble Buy 0 Artifact Unknown
Zuran Orb Buy 0 Artifact Unknown
Ashnod's Transmogrant Buy 1 Artifact Unknown
Ivory Tower Buy 1 Artifact Unknown
Urza's Chalice Buy 1 Artifact Unknown
Ankh of Mishra Buy 2 Artifact Unknown
Copper Tablet Buy 2 Artifact Unknown
Shield of the Ages Buy 2 Artifact Unknown
Winter Orb Buy 2 Artifact Unknown
Dragon Engine Buy 3 Artifact Creature - Construct [1/3] Unknown
Forcefield Buy 3 Artifact Unknown
Onulet Buy 3 Artifact Creature - Construct [2/2] Unknown
Phyrexian War Beast Buy 3 Artifact Creature - Beast [3/4] Unknown
Cursed Rack Buy 4 Artifact Unknown
Nevinyrral's Disk Buy 4 Artifact Unknown
Su-Chi Buy 4 Artifact Creature - Construct [4/4] Unknown
Tawnos's Coffin Buy 4 Artifact Unknown
Walking Wall Buy 4 Artifact Creature - Wall [0/6] Unknown
Ring of Ma'ruf Buy 5 Artifact Unknown
Stone Calendar Buy 5 Artifact Unknown
Clockwork Beast Buy 6 Artifact Creature - Beast [0/4] Unknown
Mirror Universe Buy 6 Artifact Unknown
Serpent Generator Buy 6 Artifact Unknown
Animate Wall Buy W Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Benalish Hero Buy W Creature - Human Soldier [1/1] Unknown
Death Speakers Buy W Creature - Human Cleric [1/1] Unknown
Death Ward Buy W Instant Unknown
Crusade Buy WW Enchantment Unknown
Greater Realm of Preservation Buy 1W Enchantment Unknown
Hallowed Ground Buy 1W Enchantment Unknown
Icatian Lieutenant Buy WW Creature - Human Soldier [1/2] Unknown
Mesa Pegasus Buy 1W Creature - Pegasus [1/1] Unknown
Order of Leitbur Buy WW Creature - Human Cleric Knight [2/1] Unknown
Argivian Archaeologist Buy 1WW Creature - Human Artificer [1/1] Unknown
Dust to Dust Buy 1WW Sorcery Unknown
Exile Buy 2W Instant Unknown
Holy Light Buy 2W Instant Unknown
Preacher Buy 1WW Creature - Human Cleric [1/1] Unknown
Thunder Spirit Buy 1WW Creature - Elemental Spirit [2/2] Unknown
Tivadar's Crusade Buy 1WW Sorcery Unknown
Angry Mob Buy 2WW Creature - Human [0/0] Unknown
Armageddon Buy 3W Sorcery Unknown
Divine Transformation Buy 2WW Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Knights of Thorn Buy 3W Creature - Human Knight [2/2] Unknown
Moat Buy 2WW Enchantment Unknown
Petra Sphinx Buy 2WWW Creature - Sphinx [3/4] Unknown
Righteous Avengers Buy 4W Creature - Human Soldier [3/1] Unknown
Hand of Justice Buy 5W Creature - Avatar [2/6] Unknown
Icatian Town Buy 5W Sorcery Unknown
Elder Land Wurm Buy 4WWW Creature - Dragon Wurm [5/5] Unknown
Seraph Buy 6W Creature - Angel [4/4] Unknown
High Tide Buy U Instant Unknown
Hydroblast Buy U Instant Unknown
Mystic Remora Buy U Enchantment Unknown
Psychic Purge Buy U Sorcery Unknown
Word of Undoing Buy U Instant Unknown
Arcane Denial Buy 1U Instant Unknown
Giant Tortoise Buy 1U Creature - Turtle [1/1] Unknown
Homarid Spawning Bed Buy UU Enchantment Unknown
Psychic Venom Buy 1U Enchantment - Aura Unknown
River Merfolk Buy UU Creature - Merfolk [2/1] Unknown
Sea Sprite Buy 1U Creature - Faerie [1/1] Unknown
Sunken City Buy UU Enchantment Unknown
Telekinesis Buy UU Instant Unknown
Apprentice Wizard Buy 1UU Creature - Human Wizard [0/1] Unknown
Seasinger Buy 1UU Creature - Merfolk [0/1] Unknown
Serendib Efreet Buy 2U Creature - Efreet [3/4] Unknown
Time Elemental Buy 2U Creature - Elemental [0/2] Unknown
Vodalian Knights Buy 1UU Creature - Merfolk Knight [2/2] Unknown
Diminishing Returns Buy 2UU Sorcery Unknown
Illusionary Forces Buy 3U Creature - Illusion [4/4] Unknown
Illusions of Grandeur Buy 3U Enchantment Unknown
Juxtapose Buy 3U Sorcery Unknown
Phantom Monster Buy 3U Creature - Illusion [3/3] Unknown
Force of Will Buy 3UU Instant Unknown
Illusionary Wall Buy 4U Creature - Illusion Wall [7/4] Unknown
Vesuvan Doppelganger Buy 3UU Creature - Shapeshifter [0/0] Unknown
Amnesia Buy 3UUU Sorcery Unknown
Polar Kraken Buy 8UUU Creature - Kraken [11/11] Unknown
Paralyze Buy B Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Thrull Retainer Buy B Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Animate Dead Buy 1B Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Basal Thrull Buy BB Creature - Thrull [1/2] Unknown
Black Knight Buy BB Creature - Human Knight [2/2] Unknown
Blight Buy BB Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Chains of Mephistopheles Buy 1B Enchantment Unknown
Cuombajj Witches Buy BB Creature - Human Wizard [1/3] Unknown
Erg Raiders Buy 1B Creature - Human Warrior [2/3] Unknown
Hymn to Tourach Buy BB Sorcery Unknown
Nether Shadow Buy BB Creature - Spirit [1/1] Unknown
Order of the Ebon Hand Buy BB Creature - Cleric Knight [2/1] Unknown
Hecatomb Buy 1BB Enchantment Unknown
Khabal Ghoul Buy 2B Creature - Zombie [1/1] Unknown
Mindstab Thrull Buy 1BB Creature - Thrull [2/2] Unknown
Oubliette Buy 1BB Enchantment Unknown
Phyrexian Boon Buy 2B Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Pox Buy BBB Sorcery Unknown
Breeding Pit Buy 3B Enchantment Unknown
Derelor Buy 3B Creature - Thrull [4/4] Unknown
Feast or Famine Buy 3B Instant Unknown
Juzam Djinn Buy 2BB Creature - Djinn [5/5] Unknown
The Fallen Buy 1BBB Creature - Zombie [2/3] Unknown
Contagion Buy 3BB Instant Unknown
Eater of the Dead Buy 4B Creature - Horror [3/4] Unknown
Hyalopterous Lemure Buy 4B Creature - Spirit [4/3] Unknown
Thrull Champion Buy 4B Creature - Thrull [2/2] Unknown
Baron Sengir Buy 5BBB Legendary Creature - Vampire [5/5] Unknown
Crookshank Kobolds Buy 0 Creature - Kobold [0/1] Common
Artifact Blast Buy R Instant Unknown
Dwarven Catapult Buy XR Instant Unknown
Goblin Chirurgeon Buy R Creature - Goblin Shaman [0/2] Unknown
Goblin Grenade Buy R Sorcery Unknown
Goblins of the Flarg Buy R Creature - Goblin Warrior [1/1] Unknown
Lightning Bolt Buy R Instant Unknown
Pyroblast Buy R Instant Unknown
Winds of Change Buy R Sorcery Unknown
Dwarven Soldier Buy 1R Creature - Dwarf Soldier [2/1] Unknown
Varchild's War-Riders Buy 1R Creature - Human Warrior [3/4] Unknown
Ball Lightning Buy RRR Creature - Elemental [6/1] Unknown
Bestial Fury Buy 2R Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Brothers of Fire Buy 1RR Creature - Human Shaman [2/2] Unknown
Granite Gargoyle Buy 2R Creature - Gargoyle [2/2] Unknown
Mana Flare Buy 2R Enchantment Unknown
Orcish Mechanics Buy 2R Creature - Orc [1/1] Unknown
Spinal Villain Buy 2R Creature - Beast [1/2] Unknown
Ydwen Efreet Buy RRR Creature - Efreet [3/6] Unknown
Balduvian Horde Buy 2RR Creature - Human Barbarian [5/5] Unknown
Goblin Mutant Buy 2RR Creature - Goblin Mutant [5/3] Unknown
Goblin Wizard Buy 2RR Creature - Goblin Wizard [1/1] Unknown
Keldon Warlord Buy 2RR Creature - Human Barbarian [*/*] Unknown
Marton Stromgald Buy 2RR Legendary Creature - Human Knight [1/1] Unknown
Mountain Yeti Buy 2RR Creature - Yeti [3/3] Unknown
Stone Giant Buy 2RR Creature - Giant [3/4] Unknown
Fissure Buy 3RR Instant Unknown
Jokulhaups Buy 4RR Sorcery Unknown
Berserk Buy G Instant Unknown
Fyndhorn Elves Buy G Creature - Elf Druid [1/1] Unknown
Ghazban Ogre Buy G Creature - Ogre [2/2] Unknown
Scryb Sprites Buy G Creature - Faerie [1/1] Unknown
Winter Blast Buy XG Sorcery Unknown
Nature's Lore Buy 1G Sorcery Unknown
Spectral Bears Buy 1G Creature - Bear Spirit [3/3] Unknown
Sylvan Library Buy 1G Enchantment Unknown
Wyluli Wolf Buy 1G Creature - Wolf [1/1] Unknown
Chub Toad Buy 2G Creature - Frog [1/1] Unknown
Ice Storm Buy 2G Sorcery Unknown
Thorn Thallid Buy 1GG Creature - Fungus [2/2] Unknown
Wanderlust Buy 2G Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Carnivorous Plant Buy 3G Creature - Plant Wall [4/5] Unknown
Eureka Buy 2GG Sorcery Unknown
Hungry Mist Buy 2GG Creature - Elemental [6/2] Unknown
Ifh-Biff Efreet Buy 2GG Creature - Efreet [3/3] Unknown
Primal Order Buy 2GG Enchantment Unknown
Rabid Wombat Buy 2GG Creature - Wombat [0/1] Unknown
Roots Buy 3G Enchantment - Aura Unknown
Singing Tree Buy 3G Creature - Plant [0/3] Unknown
Storm Seeker Buy 3G Instant Unknown
Yavimaya Ants Buy 2GG Creature - Insect [5/1] Unknown
Thicket Basilisk Buy 3GG Creature - Basilisk [2/4] Unknown
Tornado Buy 4G Enchantment Unknown
Autumn Willow Buy 4GG Legendary Creature - Avatar [4/4] Unknown
Shambling Strider Buy 4GG Creature - Yeti [5/5] Unknown
Gargantuan Gorilla Buy 4GGG Creature - Ape [7/7] Unknown
Energy Arc Buy WU Instant Unknown
Lim-Dul's Vault Buy UB Instant Unknown
Adun Oakenshield Buy BRG Legendary Creature - Human Knight [1/2] Unknown
Centaur Archer Buy 1RG Creature - Centaur Archer [3/2] Unknown
Fire Covenant Buy 1BR Instant Unknown
Jacques le Vert Buy 1WRG Legendary Creature - Human Warrior [3/2] Unknown
Lord of Tresserhorn Buy 1UBR Legendary Creature - Zombie [10/4] Unknown
Phelddagrif Buy 1WUG Legendary Creature - Phelddagrif [4/4] Unknown
Hymn of Rebirth Buy 3WG Sorcery Unknown
Dakkon Blackblade Buy 2WUUB Legendary Creature - Human Warrior [*/*] Unknown
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