Unglued Spoiler (94 cards)

Ashnod's CouponBuy, 0, Rare
tap, Sacrifice Ashnod's Coupon: Target player gets you target drink.
Errata: You pay any costs for the drink.

Limited time offer. Void where prohibited. Limit one per purchase. Valid only in participating duels. This coupon is nontransferable and invalid if shattered, crumbled, detonated, pillaged, or otherwise disenchanted. Cash value less than 1/20 of a cent.ffer not valid in Quebec, Rhode Island, or where prohibited by law or the DCI.
Illus. Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Blacker LotusBuy, 0, Rare
tap: Tear Blacker Lotus into pieces. Add four mana of any one color to your mana pool. Play this ability as a mana source. Remove the pieces from the game afterwards.

Illus. Christopher Rush
Bronze CalendarBuy, 4, Uncommon
Your spells cost 1 less to play as long as you speak in a voice other than your normal voice.
If you speak in your normal voice, sacrifice Bronze Calendar.

Every page holds a month, every date a numeral.
Illus. Melissa A. Benson
Chaos ConfettiBuy, 4, Common
4, tap: Tear Chaos Confetti into pieces. Throw the pieces onto the playing area from a distance of at least five feet. Destroy each card in play that a piece touches. Remove the pieces from the game afterwards.

And you thought that was just an urban legend.
Illus. Carl Critchlow
Clay PigeonBuy, 3, Uncommon
Artifact Creature [1/1]
1, Throw Clay Pigeon into the air at least two feet above your head while seated, Attempt to catch it with one hand: If you catch Clay Pigeon, prevent all damage to you from any one source and return Clay Pigeon to play, tapped. Otherwise, sacrifice it.

Illus. D. Alexander Gregory
ForestBuy, Common

Illus. Terese Nielsen
Giant FanBuy, 4, Rare
2, tap: Move target counter from one card to another. If the second card's rules text refers to any type of counters, the moved counter becomes one of those counters. Otherwise, it becomes a +1/+1 counter.

Only a villain would unleash a giant fan on anyone!
Illus. Randy Gallegos
IslandBuy, Common

Illus. Daren Bader
Jack-in-the-MoxBuy, 0, Rare
tap: Roll a six-sided die for Jack-in-the-Mox. On a 1, sacrifice Jack-in-the-Mox and lose 5 life. Otherwise, Jack-in-the-Mox has one of the following effects. Treat this ability as a mana source.
2 — Add W to your mana pool.
3 — Add U to your mana pool.
4 — Add B to your mana pool.
5 — Add R to your mana pool.
6 — Add G to your mana pool.

Illus. Dan Frazier
Jester's SombreroBuy, 2, Rare
2, tap, Sacrifice Jester's Sombrero: Look through target player's sideboard and remove any three of those cards from it for the remainder of the match.

“¡Yo quiero Kormus Bell!”
Illus. Dan Frazier
Mirror MirrorBuy, 7, Rare
Mirror Mirror comes into play tapped.
7, tap, Sacrifice Mirror Mirror: At end of turn, exchange life totals with target player and exchange all cards in play that you control, and all cards in your hand, library, and graveyard, with that player until endof game.

Illus. Kaja Foglio
MountainBuy, Common

Illus. Tom Wänerstrand
Paper TigerBuy, 4, Common
Artifact Creature [4/3]
Rock Lobsters cannot attack or block.

The tiger is always quick to fold.
Illus. Carl Critchlow
PlainsBuy, Common

Illus. Christopher Rush
Rock LobsterBuy, 4, Common
Artifact Creature [4/3]
Scissors Lizards cannot attack or block.

Many take the lobster for granite.
Illus. Heather Hudson
Scissors LizardBuy, 4, Common
Artifact Creature [4/3]
Paper Tigers cannot attack or block.

Nothing beats the lizard's shear power.
Illus. Carl Critchlow
Spatula of the AgesBuy, 4, Uncommon
4, tap, Sacrifice Spatula of the Ages: Put into play from your hand any card from an Unglued supplement.

At last Urza's powers were focused through the incredible artifact.
“Who wants pancakes?” he asked.

Illus. Melissa A. Benson
SwampBuy, Common

Illus. Mark Zug
Urza's Contact LensesBuy, 0, Uncommon
Urza's Contact Lenses comes into play tapped and does not untap during its controller's untap phase.
All players play with their hands face up.
Clap your hands twice: Tap or untap Urza's Contact Lenses.

Illus. David A. Cherry
Urza's Science Fair ProjectBuy, 6, Uncommon
Artifact Creature [4/4]
2: Roll a six-sided die for Urza's Science Fair Project.
1 — It gets -2/-2 until end of turn.
2 — It deals no combat damage this turn.
3 — Attacking does not cause it to tap this turn.
4 — It gains first strike until end of turn.
5 — It gains flyinguntil end of turn.
6 — It gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

Illus. Phil Foglio
[Pegasus Token]Buy, 0, Uncommon
Miscellaneous - Pegasus
Illus. Mark Zug
[Soldier Token]Buy, 0, Uncommon
Miscellaneous - Soldier
Illus. Daren Bader
Charm SchoolBuy, 2W, Uncommon
Enchant Player
When Charm School comes into play, choose a color and balance Charm School on your head.
Prevent all damage to you of the chosen color.
If Charm School falls off your head, sacrifice Charm School.

Illus. Kaja Foglio
Double DipBuy, 4W, Common
Choose another player. Gain 5 life now and an additional 5 life at the beginning of the next game with that player.

In a duel and taking a lickin' . . .
Illus. D. Alexander Gregory
Get a LifeBuy, W, Uncommon
Target player and each of his or her teammates exchange life totals.

Gimme five! (Or whatever you got.)
Illus. Melissa A. Benson
I'm Rubber, You're GlueBuy, WW, Rare
Speak only in rhyming sentences. If you do not, sacrifice I'm Rubber, You're Glue.
Say “I'm rubber, you're glue. Everything bounces off me and sticks to you”: Target spell or ability, which targets only you, targets another player of your choice instead.(The new target must be legal.)

Illus. Phil Foglio
Knight of the Hokey PokeyBuy, WW, Common
Summon - Knight [2/2]
First strike
1W, Do the Hokey Pokey (Stand up, wiggle your butt, raise your hands above your head, and shake them wildly as you rotate 360 degrees) : Prevent all damage to Knight of the Hokey Pokey from any one source.

That's what it's all about.
Illus. Kev Walker
LexivoreBuy, 3W, Uncommon
Summon - Beast [2/3]
If Lexivore damages any player, destroy target card in play, other than Lexivore, with the most lines of text in its text box. (If more than one card has the most lines of text, you choose which of those cards to destroy.)

Plucking the chicken
—Elvish expression meaning “flinging the monkey”

Illus. Daniel Gelon
Look at Me, I'm the DCIBuy, 5WW, Rare
Ban one card, other than a basic land, for the remainder of the match. (For the remainder of the match, each player removes from the game all copies of that card in play or in any graveyard, hand, library, or sideboard.)

Few understand the DCI's rigorous decision-making process.
Illus. Mark Rosewater
Mesa ChickenBuy, WW, Common
Summon - Chicken [2/2]
Stand up, Flap your arms, Cluck like a chicken: Mesa Chicken gains flying until end of turn.

“Lo! lord of layers proudly comb-crested
Hero to hens father to feathers
Crowing sun-caller weaver of wattle
Elder to eggs.”
—Rooster Saga

Illus. Kev Walker
Miss DemeanorBuy, 3W, Uncommon
Summon - Lady of Proper Etiquette [3/1]
Flying, first strike
During each other player's turn, compliment that player on his or her game play or sacrifice Miss Demeanor.

Even war can be civil.
Illus. Matthew D. Wilson
Once More with FeelingBuy, WWWW, Rare
Remove Once More with Feeling from the game as well as all cards in play and in all graveyards. Each player shuffles his or her hand into her or his library, then draws seven cards. Each player's life total is set to 10.
DCI ruling: This card is restricted. (You cannot play with more than one in a deck.)

If yo [ . . . ] ted.
Illus. Terese Nielsen
Prismatic WardrobeBuy, W, Common
Destroy target card that does not share a color with clothing worn by its controller. You cannot choose an artifact or land card.

“Spring in Dominaria means pastels!”
—Excerpt from Mage's Home Journal

Illus. D. Alexander Gregory
Sex AppealBuy, W, Common
Prevent up to 3 damage total to any number of creatures and/or players. If there are more players in the room of the opposite sex, prevent up to 3 additional damage total to any number of creatures and/or players.

Illus. Matthew D. Wilson
The Cheese Stands AloneBuy, 4WW, Rare
If you control no cards in play other than The Cheese Stands Alone and have no cards in your hand, you win the game.

The meat, on the other hand, has frequent visitors.
Illus. Randy Elliott
BureaucracyBuy, 3UU, Rare
Pursuant to subsection 3.1(4) of Richard's Rules of Order, during the upkeep of each participant in this game of the Magic: The Gathering® trading card game (hereafter known as “PLAYER”), that PLAYER performs all actions in the sequence of previously added actions (hereafter known as “ACTION QUEUE”), in the order those actions were added, then adds another action to the end of the ACTION QUEUE. All actions must be simple physical or verbal actions that a player can perform while sitting in a chair, withou

Illus. Mark Zug
CensorshipBuy, U, Uncommon
When Censorship comes into play, choose a [CENSORED] word.
Whenever any [CENSORED] player says the chosen [CENSORED] word, Censorship deals 2 [CENSORED] damage to him or her.

Editor's note: There were no suitable flavor text submissions for this card.
Checks and BalancesBuy, 2U, Uncommon
Whenever any spell is played, counter that spell if each player, other than the caster and his or her teammates, agrees to choose and discard a card. Those players must discard those cards after agreeing.
Checks and Balances may be played only in a gamewith three or more players.

Illus. David A. Cherry
Chicken a la KingBuy, 1UU, Rare
Summon - Chicken [2/2]
Whenever a 6 is rolled on a six-sided die, put a +1/+1 counter on each Chicken in play. (You may roll dice only when a card instructs you to.)
Tap a Chicken you control: Roll a six-sided die.

During the Chicken Revolution, the king managed to keep his head while the others—well, just ran around.
Illus. Mark Zug
Clam SessionBuy, 1UU, Common
Summon - Clamfolk [2/5]
When Clam Session comes into play, choose a word.
During your upkeep, sing at least six words of a song, one of which must be the chosen word, or sacrifice Clam Session. You cannot repeat a song.

“Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Pearl . . . .”
Illus. Randy Elliott
Clam-I-AmBuy, 2U, Common
Summon - Clamfolk [2/2]
Whenever you roll a 3 on a six-sided die, you may reroll that die.

The Clams down in Clamville
All scootered and skittled—
“The three is no more!”
The Clam fiddler fiddled.

Illus. Randy Elliott
ClambassadorsBuy, 3U, Common
Summon - Clamfolk [4/4]
If Clambassadors damages any player, choose an artifact, creature, or land you control. That player gains control of that artifact, creature, or land.

“Sorry we shelled your village—here's some gold.”
Illus. Randy Elliott
Common CourtesyBuy, 2UU, Uncommon
Counter any spell unless its caster asks your permission to play that spell. If you refuse permission, Sacrifice Common Courtesy and counter the spell.

“You didn't say the Magic word.”
Illus. Mike Raabe
Denied!Buy, U, Common
Play Denied! only as any opponent casts target spell. Name a card, then look at all cards in that player's hand. If the named card is in the player's hand, counter target spell.

“Don't worry about it. It happens to every mage sooner or later.”
Illus. Quinton Hoover
Double TakeBuy, 3UU, Common
Choose another player. Draw two cards now and draw an additional two cards at the beginning of the next game with that player.

“But next time we meet, . . .”
Illus. Phil Foglio
Fowl PlayBuy, 2U, Common
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature loses all abilities and is a 1/1 creature that counts as a Chicken.

“I feel like chicken tonight!”
Illus. Mark Poole
Free-for-AllBuy, 3U, Rare
When Free-for-All comes into play, set aside all creatures in play, face down.
During each player's upkeep, that player chooses a creature card at random from those set aside in this way and puts that creature into play under his or her control.
If Free-for-All leaves play, put each creature still set aside this way into its owner's graveyard.

Illus. Phil Foglio
Psychic NetworkBuy, U, Rare
Each player reveals the top card of his or her library to all other players by continuously holding it against his or her forehead. This does not allow a player to look at his or her own card. (That card still counts as the top card of your library. Whenever you draw a card, draw that one and replace it with the next card of your library.)

Illus. Phil Foglio
SorryBuy, UU, Uncommon
Before playing any spell, if a copy of that spell card is in any graveyard, the spell's caster may say “Sorry.” If he or she does not, any other player may counter the spell by saying “Sorry” as it is cast.
If any player says “Sorry” at any other time, Sorry deals 2 damage to that player.

Illus. Kaja Foglio
[Zombie Token]Buy, 0, Uncommon
Miscellaneous - Zombie
Illus. Christopher Rush
B.F.M. - 1Buy, Rare
Summon - Creature [0/0]
You must play both B.F.M. cards to put
leaves play, sacrifice the other.
B.F.M. can be blocked only by three or

“It was big. Really, really big. No, bigger
No, more. Look, we're talking krakens and

Illus. Douglas Shuler
Summon - Creature [99/99]
B.F.M. into play. If either B.F.M. card

more creatures.

than that. Even bigger. Keep going. More.
dreadnoughts for jewelry. It was big!”
—Arna Kennerüd, skyknight

Illus. Douglas Shuler
DeadheadBuy, 3B, Common
Summon - Zombie [3/3]
Put Deadhead into play. Use this ability only if any opponent loses contact with his or her hand of cards and only if Deadhead is in your graveyard.

“I'm back from the Dead,” the zombie moaned. “And they were far out, man.”
Illus. Daren Bader
Double CrossBuy, 3BB, Common
Choose another player. Look at that player's hand and choose one of those cards other than a basic land. He or she discards that card. At the beginning of the next game with the player, look at the player's hand and choose one of those cards other than abasic land. He or she discards that card.

“You're in for a nasty butt-kickin'.”
Illus. Jeff Laubenstein
HandcuffsBuy, 3BB, Uncommon
Target player keeps both hands in contact with each other. If he or she does not, sacrifice Handcuffs and that player sacrifices three cards in play.

“That was fun! Now me.”
—Gwendlyn Di Corci

Illus. Jeff Laubenstein
Infernal Spawn of EvilBuy, 6BBB, Rare
Summon - Demon Beast [7/7]
Flying, first strike
1B, Reveal Infernal Spawn of Evil from your hand, Say “It's coming!”: Infernal Spawn of Evil deals 1 damage to target opponent. Use this ability only during your upkeep and only once each upkeep.

Illus. Ron Spencer
Jumbo ImpBuy, 2B, Uncommon
Summon - Imp [0/0]
When you play Jumbo Imp, roll a six-sided die. Jumbo Imp comes into play with a number of +1/+1 counters on it equal to the die roll.
During your upkeep, roll a six-sided die and put on Jumbo Imp a number of +1/+1 counters equal to the die roll.
At the end of your turn, roll a six-sided die and remove from Jumbo Imp a number of +1/+1 counters equal to the die roll.

Illus. Pete Venters
Organ HarvestBuy, B, Common
You and your teammates may sacrifice any number of creatures. For each creature sacrificed in this way, add BB to your mana pool.

“Lucy, you've got some spleenin' to do.”
Illus. Terese Nielsen
OwBuy, B, Rare
Whenever any creature damages a player, for each Ow card in play, that player says “Ow” once or Ow deals 1 damage to him or her.

Have you ever noticed how some flavor text has no relevance whatsoever to the card it's on?
Illus. Edward P. Beard, Jr.
PoultrygeistBuy, 2B, Common
Summon - Chicken [1/1]
Whenever a creature is put into any graveyard from play, you may roll a six-sided die. On a 1, sacrifice Poultrygeist. Otherwise, put a +1/+1 counter on Poultrygeist.

Farmer Brown never ate eggs again.
Illus. Daren Bader
Temp of the DamnedBuy, 2B, Common
Summon - Zombie [3/3]
When you play Temp of the Damned, roll a six-sided die. Temp of the Damned comes into play with a number of funk counters on it equal to the die roll.
During your upkeep, remove a funk counter from Temp of the Damned or sacrifice Temp of the Damned.

“Not the graveyard shift again!”
Illus. Adam Rex
Volrath's Motion SensorBuy, B, Uncommon
Enchant Player
When Volrath's Motion Sensor comes into play, choose target hand controlled by an opponent. Enchanted player balances Volrath's Motion Sensor on the back of that hand.
If Volrath's Motion Sensor falls off the hand, sacrifice Volrath's Motion Sensor and that player loses 3 life.

Illus. Mark Tedin
[Goblin Token]Buy, 0, Uncommon
Miscellaneous - Goblin
Illus. Pete Venters
Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos FireBuy, 3R, Rare
Whenever any player taps a card, that player gives control of that card to an opponent at end of turn.
If a player does not tap any nonland cards during his or her turn, Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire deals 3 damage to that player at end of turn.

Illus. Richard Kane Ferguson
Chicken EggBuy, 1R, Common
Summon - Egg [0/1]
During your upkeep, roll a six-sided die. On a 6, sacrifice Chicken Egg and put a Giant Chicken token into play. Treat this token as a 4/4 red creature that counts as a Chicken.

“That's a lotta nuggets.”
—Jaya Ballard, task mage

Illus. Christopher Rush
Double DealBuy, 4R, Common
Choose another player. Double Deal deals 3 damage to that player now and deals an additional 3 damage to the player at the beginning of the next game with the player.

“I'm facing defeat, . . .”
Illus. Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Goblin BookieBuy, R, Common
Summon - Goblin [1/1]
R, tap: Reflip any coin or reroll any die.

“Glok loved bets! He'd sit in the bar all night an' laugh an' laugh. Hey—he still owes me.”
—Squee, goblin casino hand

Illus. Phil Foglio
Goblin Bowling TeamBuy, 3R, Common
Summon - Goblins [1/1]
Whenever Goblin Bowling Team damages any creature or player, roll a six-sided die. Goblin Bowling Team deals to that creature or player additional damage equal to the die roll.

Flog was out of his league—this game wasn't up his alley, but the team couldn't spare him if he split.
Illus. Pete Venters
Goblin TutorBuy, R, Uncommon
Roll a six-sided die for Goblin Tutor. On a 1, Goblin Tutor has no effect. Otherwise, search your library for the indicated card, reveal that card to all players, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library afterwards.
2 — Any Goblin Tutor
3 — Any enchantment
4 — Any artifact
5 — Any creature
6 — Any sorcery, instant, or interrupt

Illus. Quinton Hoover
Hurloon WranglerBuy, 2R, Common
Summon - Minotaur [2/2]
Denimwalk (If defending player is wearing any clothing made of denim, this creature is unblockable.)

“Nothing comes between me and my Didgeridoos™.”
Illus. Kaja Foglio
Jalum GrifterBuy, 3RR, Rare
Summon - Legend [3/5]
1R, tap: Put Jalum Grifter and two lands you control face down in front of target opponent after revealing each card to him or her. Then, rearrange the order of the three cards as often as you wish, keeping them on the table at all times. That opponent then chooses one of those cards. If a land is chosen, destroy target card in play. Otherwise, sacrifice Jalum Grifter.

Illus. Phil Foglio
Krazy KowBuy, 3R, Common
Summon - Cow [3/3]
During your upkeep, roll a six-sided die. On a 1, sacrifice Krazy Kow and it deals 3 damage to each creature and player.

“I got your milk right here!”
Illus. Ron Spencer
LandfillBuy, 4R, Rare
Choose a land type. Remove from play all lands of that type that you control. Drop those cards, one at a time, onto the playing area from a height of at least one foot. Destroy each card in play that is completely covered by those cards. Then return to play, tapped, all lands dropped in this way.

Illus. Daren Bader
RicochetBuy, R, Uncommon
Whenever any spell targets a single player, each player rolls a six-sided die. That spell is redirected to the player or players with the lowest die roll. If two or more players tie for the lowest die roll, they reroll until there is no tie.

Illus. David A. Cherry
Spark FiendBuy, 4R, Rare
Summon - Beast [5/6]
When Spark Fiend comes into play, roll two six-sided dice. On a total of 2, 3, or 12, sacrifice Spark Fiend. On a total of 7 or 11, do not roll dice for Spark Fiend during any of your following upkeep phases. If you roll any other total, note it.
Duringyour upkeep, roll two six-sided dice. On a total of 7, sacrifice Spark Fiend. If you roll the noted total, do not roll dice for Spark Fiend during any of your following upkeep phases. On any other roll, there is no effect.

Illus. Pete Venters
Strategy, SchmategyBuy, 1R, Rare
Roll a six-sided die for Strategy, Schmategy. On a 1, Strategy, Schmategy has no effect. Otherwise, it has one of the following effects.
2 — Destroy all artifacts.
3 — Destroy all lands.
4 — Strategy, Schmategy deals 3 damage to each creature and player.
5 — Each player discards his or her hand and draws seven cards.
6 — Roll the die two more times.

Illus. Daniel Gelon
The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® CuBuy, XYZRR, Uncommon
The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® Customer Service deals X damage to each of Y target creatures and Z target players.

Mon.–Fri. 9:00 A.M.–8:00 P.M. Pacific
(206) 624-0933

Illus. Melissa A. Benson
[Sheep Token]Buy, 0, Uncommon
Miscellaneous - Sheep
Illus. Kev Walker
[Squirrel Token]Buy, 0, Uncommon
Miscellaneous - Squirrel
Illus. Ron Spencer
Cardboard CarapaceBuy, 5G, Rare
Enchant Creature
For each other Cardboard Carapace card you have with you, enchanted creature gets +1/+1.
Errata: This does not count any Cardboard Carapace cards in play that you control or in your graveyard, hand, or library.

[ . . . ] that exciting [ . . . ] about [ . . . ]
Illus. Douglas Shuler
Double PlayBuy, 3GG, Common
Choose another player. Search your library for a basic land and put that land into play. At the beginning of the next game with that player, search your library for an additional basic land and put that land into play. In both cases, shuffle your libraryafterwards.

The wizard exclaimed, “I'm no chicken . . . .”
Illus. Phil Foglio
Elvish ImpersonatorsBuy, 3G, Common
Summon - Elf [*/*]
When you play Elvish Impersonators, roll two six-sided dice one after the other. Elvish Impersonators comes into play with power equal to the first die roll and toughness equal to the second.

Illus. Phil Foglio
Flock of Rabid SheepBuy, XGG, Uncommon
Flip X coins; an opponent calls heads or tails. For each flip you win, put a Rabid Sheep token into play. Treat these tokens as 2/2 green creatures that count as Sheep.

And their bleating was like a wet salmon slapped upon the land—slap! slap! slap!
Illus. Anthony S. Waters
Free-Range ChickenBuy, 3G, Common
Summon - Chicken [3/3]
1G: Roll two six-sided dice. If both die rolls are the same, Free-Range Chicken gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number rolled on each die. Otherwise, if the total rolled is equal to any other total you have rolled this turn for Free-Range Chicken, sacrifice it. (For example, if you roll two 3s, Free-Range Chicken gets +3/+3. If you roll a total of 6 for Free-Range Chicken later in that turn, sacrifice it.)

Illus. Mike Raabe
GerrymanderingBuy, 2G, Uncommon
Remove all lands from play and shuffle them together. Randomly deal to each player one land card for each land he or she had before. Each player puts those lands into play under his or her control, untapped.

Illus. Doug Chaffee
Ghazban OgressBuy, G, Common
Summon - Ogre [2/2]
When Ghazbán Ogress comes into play, the player who has won the most Magic games that day gains control of it. If more than one player has won the same number of games, you retain control of Ghazbán Ogress.

Illus. Mike Raabe
Growth SpurtBuy, 1G, Common
Roll a six-sided die. Target creature gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is equal to the die roll.

MORE TO LOVE: Friendly, nature-loving, Bunyonesque SEM seeks SEF looking for a huge commitment. [ . . . ] seeks atog prince
Illus. Jeff Laubenstein
GusBuy, 2G, Common
Summon - Gus [2/2]
Gus comes into play with one +1/+1 counter on it for each game you have lost to your opponent since you last won a Magic game against him or her.

“Now I lay me down to sleep — What are you starin' at?”
Illus. DiTerlizzi
Hungry Hungry HeiferBuy, 2G, Uncommon
Summon - Cow [3/3]
During your upkeep, remove a counter from any card you control or sacrifice Hungry Hungry Heifer.

Illus. Randy Gallegos
Incoming!Buy, 4GGGG, Rare
Each player searches his or her library for any number of artifacts, creatures, enchantments, and lands and puts those cards into play. Each player shuffles his or her library afterwards.

Illus. Quinton Hoover
Mine, Mine, Mine!Buy, 4GG, Rare
When Mine, Mine, Mine! comes into play, each player puts his or her library into his or her hand.
Each player skips his or her discard phase and does not lose as a result of being unable to draw a card.
Each player cannot play more than one spell each turn.
If Mine, Mine, Mine! leaves play, each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library.

Illus. Heather Hudson
Squirrel FarmBuy, 2G, Rare
1G: Choose a card in your hand. Covering the artist's name, reveal the card to target player. If that player cannot name the artist, reveal the artist's name and put a Squirrel token into play. Treat this token as a 1/1 green creature.

“And the ignorant shall fall to the squirrels.”
—Chip 2:54

Illus. Ron Spencer
Team SpiritBuy, 2G, Common
All creatures controlled by target player and his or her teammates get +1/+1 until end of turn.

Due to some late-night partying, the chicken missed the group photo.
Illus. Terese Nielsen
Timmy, Power GamerBuy, 2GG, Rare
Summon - Legend [1/1]
4: Put a creature into play from your hand.

“Just wait till I get my Leviathan . . . .”
Illus. Edward P. Beard, Jr.
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