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Kelje   2/18/2005 12:01:06 AM
So many great things. Taps everything down including enchantments and equipment.

works well with mesmeric orb

Last Modified: 2/18/2005 12:01:51 AM     

AveryBug Hunter   3/31/2010 3:01:53 PM
Sands of Time Buy specifically DOESN'T tap down enchantments, and tapping enchantments and equipment has no effect 99% of the time anyway.

Oracle text clears this card up a little. Triggers at the beginning of upkeep step. Basically, whatever was tapped will be untapped and vice versa.

Since there's no more mana burn, you (and your opp) can tap all your unused lands in response to Sands of Time trying to tap them down (and even use that mana as acceleration for instants/flash since they're about to untap immediately anyway). Use it for costs like Pact of Negation Buy and the other pacts, or for echo/upkeep costs. (If you don't miss many land drops, you can keep pace with a cumulative 1 upkeep pretty well this way.)

Creatures without haste (or other means of tapping themselves the turn they come out) will effectively have two turns of uselessness instead of one (summoning sickness first turn, second turn will be spent tapped). After that, they must still tap every turn or else be useless.

This is huge with Deep-Slumber Titan Buy! Also good with other cards that don't untap as usual: Forsaken City Buy, Jokulmorder Buy, Lantern-Lit Graveyard Buy, Vulshok Gauntlets Buy, etc.

Another huge synergy with this card is with Phasing. Phasing is a complicated mechanic, but basically modifies stuff in the Untap Step (which gets skipped). So if something phases out, it's not phasing back in until Sands of Time is gone. You can even phase out Sands of Time so it doesn't have any effect until your next turn! Reality Ripple Buy and Vision Charm Buy seem good with this.

Tangle Wire Buy works really well with this card too. Since you control the triggered abilities from both cards, you can choose the order they get applied every upkeep. So you can maximize the amount of things that untap on your turn (by having Tangle Wire tap down more of your stuff before it all gets untapped by Sands of Time) and minimize the amount of things that untap on your opp's turn.

Basalt Monolith Buy and Grim Monolith Buy can help you control your mana better (and include of course Power Artifact Buy for infinite mana if you're playing either one).

Both of Masako the Humorless Buy's two abilities synergize great with this card.

Cards like Springleaf Drum Buy, Heritage Druid Buy and instants with Convoke/Conspire will enable you to tap your creatures without haste. Lodestone Myr Buy and Icy Manipulator Buy/Scepter of Dominance Buy can keep your other stuff from getting tapped down from Sands.

It guarantees effects from all your tap triggered effects: Psychic Venom Buy/Pooling Venom Buy, Blight Buy, Spirit Shackle Buy, etc.

Forcibly untaps opp's cards like Coffin Queen Buy, or your Merieke Ri Berit Buy.

Basically, if you don't use it (by tapping it) you lose access to it. I just realized how close this is to Stasis Buy.

Last Modified: 3/31/2010 4:40:17 PM     

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