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Q: What happens if Humility Buy and two Opalescence Buys are in play? Is the game a draw?

A: This scenario used to create a dependency loop, but a rules correction was made July 1st, 2003. Now, all enchantments that are creatures become 1/1 creatures with no abilities. If Humility Buy and one Opalescence Buy are in play, all enchantments other than Opalescence Buy are 1/1 creatures with no abilities. If Humility Buy and two or more Opalescence Buy are in play, all enchantments are 1/1 creatures with no abilities.

418.5a The values of an object's characteristics are determined by starting with the actual object, then applying continuous effects in a series of layers in the following order: (1) copy effects (see rule 503, "Copying Objects"), (2) control-changing effects, (3) text-changing effects, (4) type-, subtype-, and supertype-changing effects, (5) all other continuous effects, except those that change power or toughness, and (6) power- or toughness-changing effects.
Inside each layer, apply effects from characteristic-setting abilities first, then effects from all other abilities. For power- or toughness-changing effects, apply changes from counters after changes from characteristic-setting abilities. See also the rules for timestamp order and dependency (rules 418.5b-418.5g).

* Some effects, such as Humility Buy's effect, have been clarified by this change. Humility Buy doesn't affect any type-, supertype- or subtype-changing effects at all, so the scenario of Opalescence Buy + Opalescence Buy + Humility Buy, which had been really confusing, is now simple to handle. Opalescence Buy creates a type-changing effect. Humility Buy creates an "other" effect and a power/toughness-changing effect. Opalescence Buy's effect is always applied before Humility Buy's effects. As a result, all enchantments are 1/1 creatures with no abilities if Humility Buy and one or more [card]Opal

Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • An enchantment that turns into a creature cannot attack unless it started your most recent turn in play, and you have controlled it continuously since that time. [Urza's Destiny FAQ 1999/05/25] See Ruling G19.27.
  • If one Opalescence and Humility Buy are in play, then Opalescence turns Humility into a 4/4 creature, then Humility turns itself into a 1/1 creature with no abilities. Yes, this is counter-intuitive since Humility no longer has the ability to remove abilities, but this is the outcome. The timing rules for the interaction of continuous effects say you apply them in this order and you never loop back to see if that application would change things. [D'Angelo 1999/05/01] If new creatures or enchantments come into play, you apply Opalescence and Humility in order, so they come into play as 1/1 with no abilities. [D'Angelo 1999/07/27] See Ruling 418.5 for the rules.
  • If Humility Buy is in play with more than one Opalescence, then you apply the Opalescence effects in order, then apply Humility last. So all enchantments (including all of the Opalescences) end up being 1/1 creatures with no abilities. [WotC Rules Team 2003/09/01] See Ruling 418.5.
  • Does not animate itself. But can be animated by another Opalescence. [DeLaney 1999/06/08]

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