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Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • A changed land is considered to be the new land type in all ways. This is not just a change of name. It changes the color of mana produced too. [Mirage, Page 58]
  • Will not add or remove Snow-Covered nature from a land. [Duelist Magazine #6, Page 132]
  • If by any chance more than one counter is on the same land, you can remove older ones before newer ones. For example Mountain changed to Swamp by the Tomb, then someone Phantasmal Terrain Buys the land to Island, then you Swamp it again. Removing the newest counter reverts the land to an Island. Removing the oldest one leaves the newer one in effect. [bethmo 1994/05/09]
  • After leaving play, the ability will only remove counters that this instance of the card created. [D'Angelo 2001/08/31]
  • Extended tournaments (see Ruling 803) have always banned this card.
  • Note - No mana cost was listed in the Alpha printing of the Limited Edition. This was corrected in the Beta printing. [Duelist Magazine #2, Page 68]
  • Note - The card is of type "Artifact" and not "Mono Artifact". [Duelist Magazine #3, Page 79]

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