FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I counter the original spell, is the copy countered also?

A: No. The copy of the spell exists independently of the original spell. So, you'll need two Counterspell Buys if you want to totally stop the effect.

Q: What is "the stack"?

A: In short, the stack is the place where spells go between the time they're played and the time they "happen". For more detailed information about the stack, see The Stack FAQ.

Q: What happens if I use Mirari Buy to copy a spell with Storm?

A: The Storm would not trigger for that spell. Storm only triggers when the spell is "played", but Mirari Buy merely "puts" the copy on the stack.

Essentially, you would only get one copy of the spell.

Q: Can I pay 3 more than once per spell to make multiple copies?

A: No. The Mirari Buy has a triggered ability, not an activated ability. When you play an Instant or Sorcery, the Mirari Buy triggers, and puts an option to pay 3 for a copy on the stack on top of the original spell. When that trigger resolves, you may pay 3 once for a single copy of the spell that triggered the Mirari Buy.

Q: If the original spell is countered before the Mirari Buy trigger resolves, can I still make a copy?

A: Yes. If this happens and you pay the 3, the 'last known information' about the spell that triggered the Mirari Buy is used for the copy. ie, you get a copy of the spell as it was just before it left the stack. See Ruling A.4.6.

Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • If the spell is countered before the triggered ability resolves, then the ability will make a copy of how the spell looked right before it was countered. [DeLaney 2001/10/13]
  • You choose whether or not to pay when the trigger resolves. [DeLaney 2001/10/13]
  • It triggers once per spell, so you can't get multiple copies of a spell using this card. And since this card is Legendary, you can't have more than one in play. [DeLaney 2001/10/13]
  • Everything about the original spell is copied, including any decisions made on announcement, such as whether Kicker or Buyback were paid. Effects on the spell, such as Sleight of Mind or Flashback, are not copied. [DeLaney 2001/10/13]
  • If the copied spell requires a target and there are no legal targets, then the copy has the same target (which should be illegal) as the original. [Jordan 2001/10/14]
  • The copy is not "played" so it will not trigger anything that triggers on a spell being played. [Odyssey FAQ 2001/10/04]
  • You are not required to choose new targets. If you do choose, then the targets must be legal. If you don't change them, the spell is placed on the stack whether or not the targets are legal. The legality of the targets is always checked on resolution of the spell, so the spell may be countered at that time if all of its targets are illegal. [Barclay 2002/03/27]
  • Note - Also see Copying Objects, Ruling 503.
  • Note - Also see Legendary Permanents, Ruling G12.9.

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