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Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • The effect is cumulative. [Aahz 1997/01/29]
  • You apply the Helm to the total play cost. Since the play cost is the total of the mana cost (see Ruling G13.7) and all costs in the card text, this means you can apply the Helm to things like Fireball Buy's extra targets and to Buyback (see Ruling 502.16) costs. The cost reduction is not applied separately to each thing, however, it is applied just once to the total cost. For example, a Capsize Buy costs {U}{U}{1} to cast and {3} for Buyback for a total play cost of {U}{U}{4}. One Helm makes the cost {U}{U}{3} and three Helms makes the cost {U}{U}{1}. See how the reduction is applied to the total and not to individual items. [D'Angelo 1998/01/06]
  • The effect is applied for Kicker (see Ruling 502.21) the same way it is applied for Buyback (see Ruling 502.16). You add the Kicker to the total cost before applying any reductions. [D'Angelo 2001/07/22]
  • The cost reduction can apply to external penalty effects such as Gloom Buy. [WotC Rules Team 1998/02/01]
  • The generic X cost is still considered generic even if there is a requirement that a specific color be used for it. For example, "only black mana can be spent this way". This distinction is important for effects which reduce the generic portion of a spell's cost. For example, if you had two Helms in play (each reduces the generic costs of all spells by 1), you could cast a Drain Life Buy for just {B} and still do 1 damage. [WotC Rules Team 1997/06/01] [Duelist Magazine #19, Page 26]
  • Can lower the cost to zero. For example, a Brass Man Buy. But cannot lower something below zero. [D'Angelo 1998/06/26]
  • The lower cost is not optional like with some other cost reducers. [D'Angelo 1997/01/27]
  • Can never affect the colored (non-generic) part of a play cost or any additions to the cost. [D'Angelo 1998/07/29]

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