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Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • This is a triggered mana ability. [D'Angelo 2000/03/03]
  • Mana Flare adds one of whatever color the land produces after applying any land type or color changing effects. [Duelist Magazine #6, Page 130]
  • When used with lands that produce multiple colors, such as Badlands Buy, Mana Flare produces 2 of one color, not one of each. [bethmo 1994/05/12]
  • When used with Urza's lands (and other colorless producing lands) they produce one extra colorless mana each. [bethmo 1994/05/12]
  • Only produces extra mana when land is tapped for mana, not when tapped by Twiddle Buy or for some other effect. [bethmo 1994/04/01]
  • Applies to all players in multiplayer games. [Duelist Magazine #4, Page 64]
  • If the land produces more than one color or type of mana at a single time, such as with Balduvian Trading Post Buy, you choose which kind of mana the Mana Flare actually provides. [Duelist Magazine #12, Page 26]
  • Any restrictions on the mana generated by the land are copied along with the color. [bethmo 1996/12/07]
  • The mana is provided when the triggered ability (see Ruling 404) resolves. [Duelist Magazine #18, Page 29]

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