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Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • Only affects the drawing of cards. It does not affect spells like Demonic Tutor Buy, Millstone Buy, or Petra Sphinx Buy which affect the library but do not say "draw" a card. [bethmo 1994/06/22]
  • Affects all draws even if you have to put the cards back afterwards. This ruling applies to things like Sylvan Library Buy and Brainstorm Buy. [D'Angelo 1995/07/11]
  • In a multi-player game, it affects all opponents. [D'Angelo 2000/03/03]
  • If multiple cards are drawn at once, this card triggers once for each card drawn. [D'Angelo 2000/03/03]
  • Type 1 tournaments (see Ruling 801) restricted this card from 1994/08/01 until 1999/10/01.
  • Type 1.5 tournaments (see Ruling 802) banned this card until 1999/10/01.
  • Extended tournaments (see Ruling 803) banned this card until 2003/09/01.
  • Standard (Type 2) tournaments (see Ruling 804) banned this card until 2003/09/01.

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