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Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • You control the entire turn, from untap step to the cleanup step. This includes playing spells, abilities, declaring attackers, assigning combat damage, and so on. [Mirrodin FAQ 2003/10/01]
  • You can see everything that player can see but you normally could not, including that player's hand, face-down creatures, and any cards in his or her library that they are allowed to look at. [Mirrodin FAQ 2003/10/01]
  • You can take control of your own turn, but this has no real effect. You still lose life from mana burn. [Mirrodin FAQ 2003/10/01]
  • You cannot make the other player concede. [Mirrodin FAQ 2003/10/01]
  • If another effect occurs that takes control of the player's actions, such as Defensive Formation Buy taking control of combat decision, then the other effect takes precedence. [Barclay 2003/10/10]
  • Note - Also see Legends and Legendary Objects, Ruling 215.

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