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Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • The tokens are of creature type "Rabid" and creature type "Sheep". [D'Angelo 2000/03/09]
  • You do not have to flip all the coins at once. [QAS 1998/09/09]
  • The opponent only calls heads or tails once, not once per coin. [Barclay 1998/08/12]
  • No, we don't know why Sheep are green. Maybe Seattle sheep graze near a nuclear power plant. [Barclay 1998/08/13]
  • Optional Rule: You do have to flip all the coins at once. Extra dexterity may be required. [Barclay 1998/08/12]
  • All tournament formats have banned cards from Unglued.
  • Note - Also see Token Creatures, Ruling 216.
  • Note - Also see Unglued rulings, Ruling 507.
  • Note - Also see X Costs, Ruling G24.1.

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