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Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • This card works like this... At the beginning of the next player's upkeep, he or she will pick a simple verbal or physical action such as clapping his or her hands. At the beginning of his or her upkeep, the next player (you in a two-player game) must clap his or her hands and then add another action--for example, saying "Yabba Dabba Doo." At the beginning of his or her upkeep, the next player claps his or her hands, says "Yabba Dabba Doo," and then adds a new action. This little game continues until someone messes up the order, at which point the controller of Bureaucracy sacrifices the card and the player who made the mistake loses all the cards in his or her hand. [QAS 1998/09/09]
  • A player must clearly identify to all players what action he or she is adding. Show it and describe it if necessary. Don't make the player guess. [QAS 1998/09/09]
  • The participant is the PLAYER, not the trading card game. [DeLaney 1998/08/12]
  • Each other player in the game must assent that they are capable of performing the action to be added to the ACTION QUEUE at the time it is added, or the PLAYER must choose a different action. [DeLaney 1998/08/12]
  • Duplicate actions are legal. [DeLaney 1998/08/12]
  • You can only add an action to the end of the ACTION QUEUE, not the beginning. [D'Angelo 1998/09/07] Even though some might argue that the beginning is just the "other end". You can optionally play that way.
  • If there is more than one Bureaucracy in play, you choose which order to deal with them, then deal with each of their ACTION QUEUEs separately. [QAS 1998/09/09]
  • You can pick actions which make it hard for the opponent to meet the requirements of another card. Such as clapping hands when the opponent is enchanted with Volrath's Motion Sensor Buy. [QAS 1998/09/09]
  • The action needs to be simple, so saying a Censorship Buy word twenty times is not acceptable. [QAS 1998/09/09] Once is definitely okay, twice is probably okay, and three or more times isn't very simple. [D'Angelo 1998/09/21]
  • A judge can consider "unsportsmanlike" actions illegal. This includes any action which invades a person's privacy without their permission, such as tossing another player's deck into the air, touching the person in any way, or so on. [D'Angelo 1999/02/21]
  • Any action which would break or law or local rule is not a valid choice. [D'Angelo 1999/02/21] For example, you cannot ask someone to yell "Fire" in a crowded room.
  • Yelling "judge" can be considered an illegal action by the judges if it annoys them. [D'Angelo 1999/02/21]
  • All tournament formats have banned cards from Unglued.
  • Note - Also see Unglued rulings, Ruling 507.

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