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Username Normal Owned Foil Owned  
bobthelittleman 100 0 View Collection
thejuggalo 23 0 View Collection
mirari (3) 10 0 View Collection
Mr. Moxen 10 0 View Collection
Eclipse (1) 9 0 View Collection
The Clothed Avenger 8 0 View Collection
thepowerofcheese 8 0 View Collection
bykov13 8 0 View Collection
FatSam001 8 0 View Collection
paradoxbox 8 0 View Collection

People Who Want It

Username Normal Wanted Foil Wanted  
Albanact 5 1 View Collection
afgior 4 0 View Collection
superman2747 4 0 Collection Hidden
finalheaven07 4 0 Collection Hidden
Castor_Troy 4 0 View Collection
Alamortaz 4 0 View Collection
Pratheon 4 0 Collection Hidden
dr_nick11 4 0 View Collection
Violet 4 0 Collection Hidden
CGaige 4 0 Collection Hidden

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