Chronicles Checklist (125 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
City of Brass Buy Land Rare
Fountain of Youth Buy 0 Artifact Common
Safe Haven Buy Land Rare
Tormod's Crypt Buy 0 Artifact Common
Urza's Mine (1) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Mine (4) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Mine (2) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Mine (3) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Power Plant (3) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Power Plant (1) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Power Plant (2) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Power Plant (4) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Tower (1) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Tower (4) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Tower (3) Buy Land Uncommon
Urza's Tower (2) Buy Land Uncommon
Ashnod's Transmogrant Buy 1 Artifact Common
Feldon's Cane Buy 1 Artifact Common
Jeweled Bird Buy 1 Artifact Rare
Obelisk of Undoing Buy 1 Artifact Rare
Arena of the Ancients Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Ashnod's Altar Buy 3 Artifact Common
Jalum Tome Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Barl's Cage Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Horn of Deafening Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Living Armor Buy 4 Artifact Common
Sentinel Buy 4 Artifact Creature [1/*] Rare
Triassic Egg Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Gauntlets of Chaos Buy 5 Artifact Rare
Book of Rass Buy 6 Artifact Rare
Rakalite Buy 6 Artifact Rare
Runesword Buy 6 Artifact Common
Serpent Generator Buy 6 Artifact Rare
Voodoo Doll Buy 6 Artifact Rare
Bronze Horse Buy 7 Artifact Creature [4/4] Rare
Abu Ja'far Buy W Summon - Leper [0/1] Uncommon
Indestructible Aura Buy W Instant Common
Divine Offering Buy 1W Instant Common
Repentant Blacksmith Buy 1W Summon - Smith [1/2] Common
Shield Wall Buy 1W Instant Uncommon
Blood of the Martyr Buy WWW Instant Uncommon
D'Avenant Archer Buy 2W Summon - Archer [1/2] Common
Keepers of the Faith Buy 1WW Summon - Keepers [2/3] Common
Angelic Voices Buy 2WW Enchantment Rare
War Elephant Buy 3W Summon - Elephant [2/2] Common
Witch Hunter Buy 2WW Summon - Hunter [1/1] Uncommon
Petra Sphinx Buy 2WWW Summon - Sphinx [3/4] Rare
Ivory Guardians Buy 4WW Summon - Guardians [3/3] Uncommon
Akron Legionnaire Buy 6WW Summon - Legionnaire [8/4] Rare
Enchantment Alteration Buy U Instant Uncommon
Flash Flood Buy U Instant Common
Recall Buy XXU Sorcery Uncommon
Boomerang Buy UU Instant Common
Dance of Many Buy UU Enchantment Rare
Dandan Buy UU Summon - Dandân [4/1] Common
Fishliver Oil Buy 1U Enchant Creature Common
Remove Soul Buy 1U Interrupt Common
Puppet Master Buy UUU Enchant Creature Uncommon
Teleport Buy UUU Instant Rare
Azure Drake Buy 3U Summon - Drake [2/4] Uncommon
Juxtapose Buy 3U Sorcery Rare
Wall of Vapor Buy 3U Summon - Wall [0/1] Common
Wall of Wonder Buy 2UU Summon - Wall [1/5] Uncommon
Bog Rats Buy B Summon - Rats [1/1] Common
Cuombajj Witches Buy BB Summon - Witches [1/3] Common
Giant Slug Buy 1B Summon - Slug [1/1] Common
Hasran Ogress Buy BB Summon - Ogre [3/2] Common
Transmutation Buy 1B Instant Common
Wall of Shadows Buy 1BB Summon - Wall [0/1] Common
Banshee Buy 2BB Summon - Banshee [0/1] Uncommon
Hell's Caretaker Buy 3B Summon - Hell's Caretaker [1/1] Rare
Takklemaggot Buy 2BB Enchant Creature Uncommon
The Fallen Buy 1BBB Summon - Fallen [2/3] Uncommon
Fallen Angel Buy 3BB Summon - Angel [3/3] Uncommon
Shimian Night Stalker Buy 3BB Summon - Night Stalker [4/4] Uncommon
The Wretched Buy 3BB Summon - Wretched [2/5] Rare
Yawgmoth Demon Buy 4BB Summon - Demon [6/6] Rare
Active Volcano Buy R Instant Common
Goblin Artisans Buy R Summon - Goblins [1/1] Uncommon
Goblin Digging Team Buy R Summon - Goblins [1/1] Common
Goblins of the Flarg Buy R Summon - Goblins [1/1] Common
Primordial Ooze Buy R Summon - Ooze [1/1] Uncommon
Blood Moon Buy 2R Enchantment Rare
Fire Drake Buy 1RR Summon - Drake [1/2] Uncommon
Goblin Shrine Buy 1RR Enchant Land Common
Land's Edge Buy 1RR Enchant World Rare
Wall of Heat Buy 2R Summon - Wall [2/6] Common
Aladdin Buy 2RR Summon - Aladdin [1/1] Uncommon
Mountain Yeti Buy 2RR Summon - Yeti [3/3] Common
Beasts of Bogardan Buy 4R Summon - Beast [3/3] Uncommon
Wall of Opposition Buy 3RR Summon - Wall [0/6] Uncommon
Cocoon Buy G Enchant Creature Uncommon
Concordant Crossroads Buy G Enchant World Rare
Ghazban Ogre Buy G Summon - Ogre [2/2] Common
Metamorphosis Buy G Sorcery Common
Revelation Buy G Enchant World Rare
Scavenger Folk Buy G Summon - Scavenger Folk [1/1] Common
Argothian Pixies Buy 1G Summon - Faerie [2/1] Common
Emerald Dragonfly Buy 1G Summon - Dragonfly [1/1] Common
Cat Warriors Buy 1GG Summon - Cat Warrior [2/2] Common
Cyclone Buy 2GG Enchantment Rare
Erhnam Djinn Buy 3G Summon - Djinn [4/5] Uncommon
Rabid Wombat Buy 2GG Summon - Wombat [0/1] Uncommon
Storm Seeker Buy 3G Instant Uncommon
Craw Giant Buy 3GGGG Summon - Giant [6/4] Uncommon
Xira Arien Buy BRG Summon - Legend [1/2] Rare
Ayesha Tanaka Buy WWUU Summon - Legend [2/2] Rare
Kei Takahashi Buy 2WG Summon - Legend [2/2] Uncommon
Nebuchadnezzar Buy 3UB Summon - Legend [3/3] Rare
Rubinia Soulsinger Buy 2WUG Summon - Legend [2/3] Rare
Sol'kanar the Swamp King Buy 2UBR Summon - Legend [5/5] Rare
Tobias Andrion Buy 3WU Summon - Legend [4/4] Uncommon
Tor Wauki Buy 2BBR Summon - Legend [3/3] Uncommon
Dakkon Blackblade Buy 2WUUB Summon - Legend [*/*] Rare
Johan Buy 3WRG Summon - Legend [5/4] Rare
Marhault Elsdragon Buy 3RRG Summon - Legend [4/6] Uncommon
Stangg Buy 4RG Summon - Legend [3/4] Rare
Gabriel Angelfire Buy 3WWGG Summon - Legend [4/4] Rare
Sivitri Scarzam Buy 5UB Summon - Legend [6/4] Uncommon
Arcades Sabboth Buy 2WWUUGG Summon - Elder Dragon Legend [7/7] Rare
Axelrod Gunnarson Buy 4BBRR Summon - Legend [5/5] Rare
Chromium Buy 2WWUUBB Summon - Elder Dragon Legend [7/7] Rare
Nicol Bolas Buy 2UUBBRR Summon - Elder Dragon Legend [7/7] Rare
Palladia-Mors Buy 2WWRRGG Summon - Elder Dragon Legend [7/7] Rare
Vaevictis Asmadi Buy 2BBRRGG Summon - Elder Dragon Legend [7/7] Rare
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