Oversize Cards Checklist (80 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Adarkar Wastes Buy Land Unknown
Black Lotus Buy 0 Mono Artifact Unknown
Blacker Lotus Buy 0 Artifact Unknown
Brushland Buy Land Unknown
City Of Brass Buy Land Unknown
Forest Buy Land Unknown
Island Buy Land Unknown
Karplusan Forest Buy Land Unknown
Library of Alexandria Buy Land Unknown
Mountain Buy Land Unknown
Plains Buy Land Unknown
Swamp Buy Land Unknown
Zuran Orb Buy 0 Artifact Unknown
Cursed Scroll Buy 1 Artifact Unknown
Ivory Tower Buy 1 Artifact Unknown
Chaos Orb Buy 2 Mono Artifact Unknown
Icy Manipulator Buy 4 Mono Artifact Unknown
Jester's Cap Buy 4 Artifact Unknown
Mirror Universe Buy 6 Artifact Unknown
Mirror Mirror Buy 7 Artifact Unknown
Swords to Plowshares Buy W Instant Unknown
Abeyance Buy 1W Instant Unknown
Balance Buy 1W Sorcery Unknown
Disenchant Buy 1W Instant Unknown
Greater Realm of Preservation Buy 1W Enchantment Unknown
Order Of The White Shield Buy WW Summon - Knights [2/1] Unknown
Blinking Spirit Buy 3W Summon - Blinking Spirit [2/2] Unknown
Enduring Renewal Buy 2WW Enchantment Unknown
Serra Angel Buy 3WW Summon - Angel [4/4] Unknown
Serra Angel [alternate art] Buy 3WW Summon - Angel [4/4] Unknown
Personal Incarnation Buy 3WWW Summon - Avatar [6/6] Unknown
Hydroblast Buy U Interrupt Unknown
Prosperity Buy XU Sorcery Unknown
Recall Buy XXU Sorcery Unknown
Dissipate Buy 1UU Interrupt Unknown
Meditate Buy 2U Instant Unknown
Deflection Buy 3U Interrupt Unknown
Vesuvan Doppelganger Buy 3UU Summon - Doppelganger [*/*] Unknown
Sibilant Spirit Buy 5U Summon - Spirit [5/6] Unknown
Vampiric Tutor Buy B Instant Unknown
Black Knight Buy BB Summon - Knight [2/2] Unknown
Drain Life Buy 1B Sorcery Unknown
Nether Shadow Buy BB Summon - Shadow [1/1] Unknown
Dark Banishing Buy 2B Instant Unknown
Infernal Contract Buy BBB Sorcery Unknown
Necropotence Buy BBB Enchantment Unknown
Pox Buy BBB Sorcery Unknown
All Hallow's Eve Buy 2BB Enchantment Unknown
Guardian Beast Buy 3B Summon - Guardian [2/4] Unknown
Juzam Djinn Buy 2BB Summon - Djinn [5/5] Unknown
Fallen Angel Buy 3BB Summon - Angel [3/3] Unknown
Baron Sengir Buy 5BBB Summon - Legend [5/5] Unknown
Infernal Spawn Of Evil Buy 6BBB Summon - Demon Beast [7/7] Unknown
Earthquake Buy XR Sorcery Unknown
Fireball Buy XR Sorcery Unknown
Pyroblast Buy R Interrupt Unknown
Incinerate Buy 1R Instant Unknown
Pyroclasm Buy 1R Sorcery Unknown
Pyroclasm Buy 1R Sorcery Uncommon
Hurloon Minotaur Buy 1RR Summon - Minotaur [2/3] Unknown
Wheel of Fortune Buy 2R Sorcery Unknown
Balduvian Horde Buy 2RR Summon - Barbarian [5/5] Unknown
Shatterstorm Buy 2RR Sorcery Unknown
Jokulhaups Buy 4RR Sorcery Unknown
Shivan Dragon Buy 4RR Summon - Dragon [5/5] Unknown
Crimson Hellkite Buy 6RRR Summon - Dragon [6/6] Unknown
Hurricane Buy XG Sorcery Uncommon
Aswan Jaguar Buy 1GG Summon - Jaguar [2/2] Unknown
Squirrel Farm Buy 2G Enchantment Unknown
Erhnam Djinn Buy 3G Summon - Djinn [4/5] Unknown
Erhnam Djinn Buy 3G Summon - Djinn [4/5] Unknown
Lhurgoyf Buy 2GG Summon - Lhurgoyf [*/*] Unknown
Natural Balance Buy 2GG Sorcery Unknown
Autumn Willow Buy 4GG Summon - Legend [4/4] Unknown
Force Of Nature Buy 2GGGG Summon - Force [8/8] Unknown
Incoming! Buy 4GGGG Sorcery Unknown
Squandered Resources Buy BG Enchantment Unknown
Stormbind Buy 1RG Enchantment Unknown
Cadaverous Bloom Buy 3BG Enchantment Unknown
Sol'kanar the Swamp King Buy 2RBU Summon - Legend [5/5] Unknown
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