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10th Edition Checklist (383 cards)

  Card Name Casting Cost  Spell Type Rarity
Adarkar Wastes Buy Land Rare
Battlefield Forge Buy Land Rare
Brushland Buy Land Rare
Caves of Koilos Buy Land Rare
Faerie Conclave Buy Land Uncommon
Forbidding Watchtower Buy Land Uncommon
Forest Buy Basic Land - Forest Unknown
Forest Buy Basic Land - Forest Unknown
Forest Buy Basic Land - Forest Unknown
Forest Buy Basic Land - Forest Unknown
Fountain of Youth Buy Artifact Uncommon
Ghitu Encampment Buy Land Uncommon
Island Buy Basic Land - Island Unknown
Island Buy Basic Land - Island Unknown
Island Buy Basic Land - Island Unknown
Island Buy Basic Land - Island Unknown
Karplusan Forest Buy Land Rare
Llanowar Wastes Buy Land Rare
Mountain Buy Basic Land - Mountain Unknown
Mountain Buy Basic Land - Mountain Unknown
Mountain Buy Basic Land - Mountain Unknown
Mountain Buy Basic Land - Mountain Unknown
Ornithopter Buy Artifact Creature - Thopter [0/2] Uncommon
Plains Buy Basic Land - Plains Unknown
Plains Buy Basic Land - Plains Unknown
Plains Buy Basic Land - Plains Unknown
Plains Buy Basic Land - Plains Unknown
Quicksand Buy Land Uncommon
Shivan Reef Buy Land Rare
Spawning Pool Buy Land Uncommon
Spellbook Buy Artifact Uncommon
Sulfurous Springs Buy Land Rare
Swamp Buy Basic Land - Swamp Unknown
Swamp Buy Basic Land - Swamp Unknown
Swamp Buy Basic Land - Swamp Unknown
Swamp Buy Basic Land - Swamp Unknown
Terramorphic Expanse Buy Land Common
Treetop Village Buy Land Uncommon
Underground River Buy Land Rare
Yavimaya Coast Buy Land Rare
Chromatic Star Buy 1 Artifact Uncommon
Leonin Scimitar Buy 1 Artifact - Equipment Uncommon
Pithing Needle Buy 1 Artifact Rare
Angel's Feather Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Demon's Horn Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Doubling Cube Buy 2 Artifact Rare
Dragon's Claw Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Howling Mine Buy 2 Artifact Rare
Kraken's Eye Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Millstone Buy 2 Artifact Rare
Mind Stone Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Wurm's Tooth Buy 2 Artifact Uncommon
Bottle Gnomes Buy 3 Artifact Creature - Gnome [1/3] Uncommon
Crucible of Worlds Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Loxodon Warhammer Buy 3 Artifact - Equipment Rare
Phyrexian Vault Buy 3 Artifact Uncommon
Sculpting Steel Buy 3 Artifact Rare
Steel Golem Buy 3 Artifact Creature - Golem [3/4] Uncommon
Whispersilk Cloak Buy 3 Artifact - Equipment Uncommon
Chimeric Staff Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Icy Manipulator Buy 4 Artifact Uncommon
Jayemdae Tome Buy 4 Artifact Rare
Juggernaut Buy 4 Artifact Creature - Juggernaut [5/3] Uncommon
Rod of Ruin Buy 4 Artifact Uncommon
Citanul Flute Buy 5 Artifact Rare
Coat of Arms Buy 5 Artifact Rare
Mantis Engine Buy 5 Artifact Creature - Insect [3/3] Uncommon
Razormane Masticore Buy 5 Artifact Creature - Masticore [5/5] Rare
The Hive Buy 5 Artifact Rare
Composite Golem Buy 6 Artifact Creature - Golem [4/4] Uncommon
Legacy Weapon Buy 7 Legendary Artifact Rare
Platinum Angel Buy 7 Artifact Creature - Angel [4/4] Rare
Colossus of Sardia Buy 9 Artifact Creature - Golem [9/9] Rare
Bandage Buy W Instant Common
Condemn Buy W Instant Uncommon
Demystify Buy W Instant Common
Hail of Arrows Buy XW Instant Uncommon
High Ground Buy W Enchantment Uncommon
Holy Day Buy W Instant Common
Holy Strength Buy W Enchantment - Aura Common
Honor Guard Buy W Creature - Human Soldier [1/1] Common
Icatian Priest Buy W Creature - Human Cleric [1/1] Uncommon
Loyal Sentry Buy W Creature - Human Soldier [1/1] Rare
Luminesce Buy W Instant Uncommon
Righteousness Buy W Instant Rare
Soul Warden Buy W Creature - Human Cleric [1/1] Uncommon
Spirit Link Buy W Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Suntail Hawk Buy W Creature - Bird [1/1] Common
Tundra Wolves Buy W Creature - Wolf [1/1] Common
Angelic Wall Buy 1W Creature - Wall [0/4] Common
Ghost Warden Buy 1W Creature - Spirit [1/1] Common
Pacifism Buy 1W Enchantment - Aura Common
Samite Healer Buy 1W Creature - Human Cleric [1/1] Common
Spirit Weaver Buy 1W Creature - Human Wizard [2/1] Uncommon
Starlight Invoker Buy 1W Creature - Human Cleric Mutant [1/3] Uncommon
Steadfast Guard Buy WW Creature - Human Rebel [2/2] Common
True Believer Buy WW Creature - Human Cleric [2/2] Rare
Youthful Knight Buy 1W Creature - Human Knight [2/1] Common
Angelic Blessing Buy 2W Sorcery Common
Aura of Silence Buy 1WW Enchantment Uncommon
Benalish Knight Buy 2W Creature - Human Knight [2/2] Common
Field Marshal Buy 1WW Creature - Human Soldier [2/2] Rare
Glorious Anthem Buy 1WW Enchantment Rare
Heart of Light Buy 2W Enchantment - Aura Common
Mobilization Buy 2W Enchantment Rare
Nomad Mythmaker Buy 2W Creature - Human Nomad Cleric [2/2] Rare
Paladin en-Vec Buy 1WW Creature - Human Knight [2/2] Rare
Pariah Buy 2W Enchantment - Aura Rare
Reviving Dose Buy 2W Instant Common
Rule of Law Buy 2W Enchantment Uncommon
Skyhunter Prowler Buy 2W Creature - Cat Knight [1/3] Common
Skyhunter Skirmisher Buy 1WW Creature - Cat Knight [1/1] Uncommon
Story Circle Buy 1WW Enchantment Rare
Tempest of Light Buy 2W Instant Uncommon
Treasure Hunter Buy 2W Creature - Human [2/2] Uncommon
Venerable Monk Buy 2W Creature - Human Monk Cleric [2/2] Common
Warrior's Honor Buy 2W Instant Common
Wild Griffin Buy 2W Creature - Griffin [2/2] Common
Aven Cloudchaser Buy 3W Creature - Bird Soldier [2/2] Common
Ballista Squad Buy 3W Creature - Human Rebel [2/2] Uncommon
Cho-Manno, Revolutionary Buy 2WW Legendary Creature - Human Rebel [2/2] Rare
Serra's Embrace Buy 2WW Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Skyhunter Patrol Buy 2WW Creature - Cat Knight [2/3] Common
Voice of All Buy 2WW Creature - Angel [2/2] Rare
Wall of Swords Buy 3W Creature - Wall [3/5] Uncommon
Windborn Muse Buy 3W Creature - Spirit [2/3] Rare
Wrath of God Buy 2WW Sorcery Rare
Angel of Mercy Buy 4W Creature - Angel [3/3] Uncommon
Angelic Chorus Buy 3WW Enchantment Rare
Kjeldoran Royal Guard Buy 3WW Creature - Human Soldier [2/5] Rare
Loxodon Mystic Buy 3WW Creature - Elephant Cleric [3/3] Common
Serra Angel Buy 3WW Creature - Angel [4/4] Rare
Beacon of Immortality Buy 5W Instant Rare
Ancestor's Chosen Buy 5WW Creature - Human Cleric [4/4] Uncommon
Reya Dawnbringer Buy 6WWW Legendary Creature - Angel [4/6] Rare
Cloud Sprite Buy U Creature - Faerie [1/1] Common
Fugitive Wizard Buy U Creature - Human Wizard [1/1] Common
Mind Bend Buy U Instant Rare
Peek Buy U Instant Common
Robe of Mirrors Buy U Enchantment - Aura Common
Shimmering Wings Buy U Enchantment - Aura Common
Telepathy Buy U Enchantment Uncommon
Unsummon Buy U Instant Common
Aura Graft Buy 1U Instant Uncommon
Boomerang Buy UU Instant Common
Flashfreeze Buy 1U Instant Uncommon
Hurkyl's Recall Buy 1U Instant Rare
Lumengrid Warden Buy 1U Creature - Human Wizard [1/3] Common
Merfolk Looter Buy 1U Creature - Merfolk Rogue [1/1] Common
Remove Soul Buy 1U Instant Common
Sage Owl Buy 1U Creature - Bird [1/1] Common
Sky Weaver Buy 1U Creature - Metathran Wizard [2/1] Uncommon
Spiketail Hatchling Buy 1U Creature - Drake [1/1] Uncommon
Telling Time Buy 1U Instant Uncommon
Twincast Buy UU Instant Rare
Vedalken Mastermind Buy UU Creature - Vedalken Wizard [1/2] Uncommon
Academy Researchers Buy 1UU Creature - Human Wizard [2/2] Uncommon
Ambassador Laquatus Buy 1UU Legendary Creature - Merfolk Wizard [1/3] Rare
Cancel Buy 1UU Instant Common
Cephalid Constable Buy 1UU Creature - Cephalid Wizard [1/1] Rare
Cloud Elemental Buy 2U Creature - Elemental [2/3] Common
Counsel of the Soratami Buy 2U Sorcery Common
Crafty Pathmage Buy 2U Creature - Human Wizard [1/1] Common
Deluge Buy 2U Instant Uncommon
Fog Elemental Buy 2U Creature - Elemental [4/4] Uncommon
Horseshoe Crab Buy 2U Creature - Crab [1/3] Common
Phantom Warrior Buy 1UU Creature - Illusion Warrior [2/2] Uncommon
Puppeteer Buy 2U Creature - Human Wizard [1/2] Uncommon
Reminisce Buy 2U Sorcery Uncommon
Rootwater Commando Buy 2U Creature - Merfolk [2/2] Common
Twitch Buy 2U Instant Common
Wall of Air Buy 1UU Creature - Wall [1/5] Uncommon
Aven Fisher Buy 3U Creature - Bird Soldier [2/2] Common
Clone Buy 3U Creature - Shapeshifter [0/0] Rare
Dehydration Buy 3U Enchantment - Aura Common
Discombobulate Buy 2UU Instant Uncommon
Dreamborn Muse Buy 2UU Creature - Spirit [2/2] Rare
March of the Machines Buy 3U Enchantment Rare
Plagiarize Buy 3U Instant Rare
Rootwater Matriarch Buy 2UU Creature - Merfolk [2/3] Rare
Sift Buy 3U Sorcery Common
Snapping Drake Buy 3U Creature - Drake [3/2] Common
Thieving Magpie Buy 2UU Creature - Bird [1/3] Uncommon
Air Elemental Buy 3UU Creature - Elemental [4/4] Uncommon
Aven Windreader Buy 3UU Creature - Bird Soldier Wizard [3/3] Common
Evacuation Buy 3UU Instant Rare
Persuasion Buy 3UU Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Scalpelexis Buy 4U Creature - Beast [1/5] Rare
Sunken Hope Buy 3UU Enchantment Rare
Tidings Buy 3UU Sorcery Uncommon
Traumatize Buy 3UU Sorcery Rare
Arcanis the Omnipotent Buy 3UUU Legendary Creature - Wizard [3/4] Rare
Mahamoti Djinn Buy 4UU Creature - Djinn [5/6] Rare
Sea Monster Buy 4UU Creature - Serpent [6/6] Common
Time Stop Buy 4UU Instant Rare
Denizen of the Deep Buy 6UU Creature - Serpent [11/11] Rare
Time Stretch Buy 8UU Sorcery Rare
Deathmark Buy B Sorcery Uncommon
Festering Goblin Buy B Creature - Zombie Goblin [1/1] Common
Plague Beetle Buy B Creature - Insect [1/1] Common
Sleeper Agent Buy B Creature - Minion [3/3] Rare
Unholy Strength Buy B Enchantment - Aura Common
Vampire Bats Buy B Creature - Bat [0/1] Common
Consume Spirit Buy X1B Sorcery Uncommon
Contaminated Bond Buy 1B Enchantment - Aura Common
Cruel Edict Buy 1B Sorcery Uncommon
Distress Buy BB Sorcery Common
Drudge Skeletons Buy 1B Creature - Skeleton [1/1] Uncommon
Fear Buy BB Enchantment - Aura Common
Hate Weaver Buy 1B Creature - Zombie Wizard [2/1] Uncommon
No Rest for the Wicked Buy 1B Enchantment Uncommon
Ravenous Rats Buy 1B Creature - Rat [1/1] Common
Spineless Thug Buy 1B Creature - Zombie Mercenary [2/2] Common
Terror Buy 1B Instant Common
Thrull Surgeon Buy 1B Creature - Thrull [1/1] Uncommon
Afflict Buy 2B Instant Common
Assassinate Buy 2B Sorcery Common
Doomed Necromancer Buy 2B Creature - Human Cleric Mercenary [2/2] Rare
Dusk Imp Buy 2B Creature - Imp [2/1] Common
Hidden Horror Buy 1BB Creature - Horror [4/4] Uncommon
Hypnotic Specter Buy 1BB Creature - Specter [2/2] Rare
Knight of Dusk Buy 1BB Creature - Human Knight [2/2] Uncommon
Looming Shade Buy 2B Creature - Shade [1/1] Common
Lord of the Undead Buy 1BB Creature - Zombie [2/2] Rare
Megrim Buy 2B Enchantment Uncommon
Midnight Ritual Buy X2B Sorcery Rare
Mind Rot Buy 2B Sorcery Common
Nantuko Husk Buy 2B Creature - Zombie Insect [2/2] Uncommon
Phyrexian Rager Buy 2B Creature - Horror [2/2] Common
Rain of Tears Buy 1BB Sorcery Uncommon
Recover Buy 2B Sorcery Common
Relentless Rats Buy 1BB Creature - Rat [2/2] Uncommon
Royal Assassin Buy 1BB Creature - Human Assassin [1/1] Rare
Scathe Zombies Buy 2B Creature - Zombie [2/2] Common
Severed Legion Buy 1BB Creature - Zombie [2/2] Common
Underworld Dreams Buy BBB Enchantment Rare
Agonizing Memories Buy 2BB Sorcery Uncommon
Bog Wraith Buy 3B Creature - Wraith [3/3] Uncommon
Diabolic Tutor Buy 2BB Sorcery Uncommon
Dross Crocodile Buy 3B Creature - Zombie Crocodile [5/1] Common
Grave Pact Buy 1BBB Enchantment Rare
Graveborn Muse Buy 2BB Creature - Zombie Spirit [3/3] Rare
Gravedigger Buy 3B Creature - Zombie [2/2] Common
Highway Robber Buy 2BB Creature - Human Mercenary [2/2] Common
Mortal Combat Buy 2BB Enchantment Rare
Mortivore Buy 2BB Creature - Lhurgoyf [*/*] Rare
Nekrataal Buy 2BB Creature - Human Assassin [2/1] Uncommon
Stronghold Discipline Buy 2BB Sorcery Uncommon
Beacon of Unrest Buy 3BB Sorcery Rare
Essence Drain Buy 4B Sorcery Common
Head Games Buy 3BB Sorcery Rare
Mass of Ghouls Buy 3BB Creature - Zombie Warrior [5/3] Common
Sengir Vampire Buy 3BB Creature - Vampire [4/4] Rare
Soul Feast Buy 3BB Sorcery Uncommon
Ascendant Evincar Buy 4BB Legendary Creature - Vampire [3/3] Rare
Nightmare Buy 5B Creature - Nightmare [*/*] Rare
Lord of the Pit Buy 4BBB Creature - Demon [7/7] Rare
Phage the Untouchable Buy 3BBBB Legendary Creature - Minion [4/4] Rare
Plague Wind Buy 7BB Sorcery Rare
Blaze Buy XR Sorcery Uncommon
Duct Crawler Buy R Creature - Insect [1/1] Common
Firebreathing Buy R Enchantment - Aura Common
Mogg Fanatic Buy R Creature - Goblin [1/1] Uncommon
Raging Goblin Buy R Creature - Goblin Berserker [1/1] Common
Shock Buy R Instant Common
Spark Elemental Buy R Creature - Elemental [3/1] Uncommon
Fists of the Anvil Buy 1R Instant Common
Goblin Elite Infantry Buy 1R Creature - Goblin Warrior [2/2] Common
Goblin Lore Buy 1R Sorcery Uncommon
Goblin Piker Buy 1R Creature - Goblin Warrior [2/1] Common
Guerrilla Tactics Buy 1R Instant Uncommon
Incinerate Buy 1R Instant Common
Pyroclasm Buy 1R Sorcery Uncommon
Rage Weaver Buy 1R Creature - Human Wizard [2/1] Uncommon
Spitting Earth Buy 1R Sorcery Common
Stun Buy 1R Instant Common
Viashino Sandscout Buy 1R Creature - Viashino Scout [2/1] Common
Arcane Teachings Buy 2R Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Bloodrock Cyclops Buy 2R Creature - Cyclops [3/3] Common
Bogardan Firefiend Buy 2R Creature - Elemental Spirit [2/1] Common
Cryoclasm Buy 2R Sorcery Uncommon
Flamewave Invoker Buy 2R Creature - Goblin Mutant [2/2] Uncommon
Goblin King Buy 1RR Creature - Goblin [2/2] Rare
Goblin Sky Raider Buy 2R Creature - Goblin Warrior [1/2] Common
Orcish Artillery Buy 1RR Creature - Orc Warrior [1/3] Uncommon
Prodigal Pyromancer Buy 2R Creature - Human Wizard [1/1] Common
Seismic Assault Buy RRR Enchantment Rare
Shunt Buy 1RR Instant Rare
Smash Buy 2R Instant Common
Squee, Goblin Nabob Buy 2R Legendary Creature - Goblin [1/1] Rare
Threaten Buy 2R Sorcery Uncommon
Wall of Fire Buy 1RR Creature - Wall [0/5] Uncommon
Anaba Bodyguard Buy 3R Creature - Minotaur [2/3] Common
Demolish Buy 3R Sorcery Common
Flowstone Slide Buy X2RR Sorcery Rare
Furnace of Rath Buy 1RRR Enchantment Rare
Furnace Whelp Buy 2RR Creature - Dragon [2/2] Uncommon
Hill Giant Buy 3R Creature - Giant [3/3] Common
Lavaborn Muse Buy 3R Creature - Spirit [3/3] Rare
Lightning Elemental Buy 3R Creature - Elemental [4/1] Common
Manabarbs Buy 3R Enchantment Rare
Relentless Assault Buy 2RR Sorcery Rare
Shatterstorm Buy 2RR Sorcery Uncommon
Sudden Impact Buy 3R Instant Uncommon
Uncontrollable Anger Buy 2RR Enchantment - Aura Common
Viashino Runner Buy 3R Creature - Viashino [3/2] Common
Beacon of Destruction Buy 3RR Instant Rare
Cone of Flame Buy 3RR Sorcery Uncommon
Earth Elemental Buy 3RR Creature - Elemental [4/5] Uncommon
Lava Axe Buy 4R Sorcery Common
Rock Badger Buy 4R Creature - Beast [3/3] Common
Scoria Wurm Buy 4R Creature - Wurm [7/7] Rare
Siege-Gang Commander Buy 3RR Creature - Goblin [2/2] Rare
Thundering Giant Buy 3RR Creature - Giant [4/3] Uncommon
Dragon Roost Buy 4RR Enchantment Rare
Kamahl, Pit Fighter Buy 4RR Legendary Creature - Human Barbarian [6/1] Rare
Shivan Dragon Buy 4RR Creature - Dragon [5/5] Rare
Soulblast Buy 3RRR Instant Rare
Shivan Hellkite Buy 5RR Creature - Dragon [5/5] Rare
Bloodfire Colossus Buy 6RR Creature - Giant [6/6] Rare
Warp World Buy 5RRR Sorcery Rare
Birds of Paradise Buy G Creature - Bird [0/1] Rare
Commune with Nature Buy G Sorcery Common
Elvish Berserker Buy G Creature - Elf Berserker [1/1] Common
Giant Growth Buy G Instant Common
Hurricane Buy XG Sorcery Rare
Llanowar Elves Buy G Creature - Elf Druid [1/1] Common
Root Maze Buy G Enchantment Rare
Skyshroud Ranger Buy G Creature - Elf [1/1] Common
Wall of Wood Buy G Creature - Wall [0/3] Common
Aggressive Urge Buy 1G Instant Common
Canopy Spider Buy 1G Creature - Spider [1/3] Common
Gaea's Herald Buy 1G Creature - Elf [1/1] Rare
Grizzly Bears Buy 1G Creature - Bear [2/2] Common
Joiner Adept Buy 1G Creature - Elf Druid [2/1] Rare
Might Weaver Buy 1G Creature - Human Wizard [2/1] Uncommon
Naturalize Buy 1G Instant Common
Primal Rage Buy 1G Enchantment Uncommon
Quirion Dryad Buy 1G Creature - Dryad [1/1] Rare
Rampant Growth Buy 1G Sorcery Common
Regeneration Buy 1G Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Rushwood Dryad Buy 1G Creature - Dryad [2/1] Common
Sylvan Scrying Buy 1G Sorcery Uncommon
Treetop Bracers Buy 1G Enchantment - Aura Common
Blanchwood Armor Buy 2G Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Civic Wayfinder Buy 2G Creature - Elf Warrior Druid [2/2] Common
Elvish Champion Buy 1GG Creature - Elf [2/2] Rare
Femeref Archers Buy 2G Creature - Human Archer [2/2] Uncommon
Llanowar Sentinel Buy 2G Creature - Elf [2/3] Common
Lure Buy 1GG Enchantment - Aura Uncommon
Mirri, Cat Warrior Buy 1GG Legendary Creature - Cat Warrior [2/3] Rare
Overgrowth Buy 2G Enchantment - Aura Common
Pincher Beetles Buy 2G Creature - Insect [3/1] Common
Recollect Buy 2G Sorcery Uncommon
Rootwalla Buy 2G Creature - Lizard [2/2] Common
Scion of the Wild Buy 1GG Creature - Avatar [*/*] Rare
Troll Ascetic Buy 1GG Creature - Troll Shaman [3/2] Rare
Viridian Shaman Buy 2G Creature - Elf Shaman [2/2] Uncommon
Yavimaya Enchantress Buy 2G Creature - Human Druid [2/2] Uncommon
Abundance Buy 2GG Enchantment Rare
Creeping Mold Buy 2GG Sorcery Uncommon
Elvish Piper Buy 3G Creature - Elf Shaman [1/1] Rare
Giant Spider Buy 3G Creature - Spider [2/4] Common
Hunted Wumpus Buy 3G Creature - Beast [6/6] Uncommon
Karplusan Strider Buy 3G Creature - Yeti [3/4] Uncommon
Might of Oaks Buy 3G Instant Rare
Stalking Tiger Buy 3G Creature - Cat [3/3] Common
Stampeding Wildebeests Buy 2GG Creature - Beast [5/4] Uncommon
Upwelling Buy 3G Enchantment Rare
Elven Riders Buy 3GG Creature - Elf [3/3] Uncommon
Kavu Climber Buy 3GG Creature - Kavu [3/3] Common
Natural Spring Buy 3GG Sorcery Common
Overrun Buy 2GGG Sorcery Uncommon
Seedborn Muse Buy 3GG Creature - Spirit [2/4] Rare
Spined Wurm Buy 4G Creature - Wurm [5/4] Common
Sylvan Basilisk Buy 3GG Creature - Basilisk [2/4] Uncommon
Craw Wurm Buy 4GG Creature - Wurm [6/4] Common
Rhox Buy 4GG Creature - Beast [5/5] Rare
Tangle Spider Buy 4GG Creature - Spider [3/4] Uncommon
Enormous Baloth Buy 6G Creature - Beast [7/7] Uncommon
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer Buy 4GGG Legendary Creature - Elemental [*/*] Rare
Avatar of Might Buy 6GG Creature - Avatar [8/8] Rare
Verdant Force Buy 5GGG Creature - Elemental [7/7] Rare
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