Cards Reprinted in Eternal Masters

Card Name Originally Printed In       Card Name Originally Printed In
Abundant Growth Buy Avacyn Restored Ancestral Mask Buy Mercadian Masques
Animate Dead Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon) Annihilate Buy Invasion (Uncommon)
Arcanis the Omnipotent Buy Onslaught (Rare) Argothian Enchantress Buy Urza's Saga (Rare)
Armadillo Cloak Buy Invasion Ashnod's Altar Buy Antiquities (Uncommon)
Avarax Buy Onslaught (Uncommon) Aven Riftwatcher Buy Planar Chaos
Balance Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Rare) Baleful Strix Buy Planechase 2012 Edition (Uncommon)
Ballynock Cohort Buy Shadowmoor Battle Squadron Buy Mercadian Masques (Rare)
Beetleback Chief Buy Planechase 2012 Edition (Uncommon) Benevolent Bodyguard Buy Judgment
Blightsoil Druid Buy Morningtide Blood Artist Buy Avacyn Restored (Uncommon)
Bloodbraid Elf Buy Alara Reborn (Uncommon) Bloodfell Caves Buy Khans of Tarkir
Blossoming Sands Buy Khans of Tarkir Borderland Marauder Buy Magic 2015 Core Set
Brago, King Eternal Buy Conspiracy (Rare) Braids, Cabal Minion Buy Odyssey (Rare)
Brainstorm Buy Ice Age Brawn Buy Judgment (Uncommon)
Burning Vengeance Buy Innistrad (Uncommon) Cabal Therapy Buy Judgment (Uncommon)
Calciderm Buy Planar Chaos (Uncommon) Call the Skybreaker Buy Eventide (Rare)
Carbonize Buy Scourge (Uncommon) Carrion Feeder Buy Scourge
Centaur Chieftain Buy Torment (Uncommon) Cephalid Sage Buy Torment (Uncommon)
Chain Lightning Buy Legends Chrome Mox Buy Mirrodin (Rare)
Civic Wayfinder Buy Ravnica: City of Guilds Coalition Honor Guard Buy Apocalypse
Commune with the Gods Buy Theros Control Magic Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon)
Counterspell Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon) Crater Hellion Buy Urza's Saga (Rare)
Dack Fayden Buy Conspiracy (Mythic) Daze Buy Nemesis
Deadbridge Shaman Buy Magic Origins Deathrite Shaman Buy Return to Ravnica (Rare)
Deep Analysis Buy Torment Desperate Ravings Buy Innistrad (Uncommon)
Diminishing Returns Buy Alliances (Rare) Dismal Backwater Buy Khans of Tarkir
Dragon Egg Buy Magic 2014 (Uncommon) Dream Twist Buy Innistrad
Dualcaster Mage Buy Commander 2014 (Rare) Duplicant Buy Mirrodin (Rare)
Duress Buy Urza's Saga Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Buy Champions of Kamigawa (Rare)
Elephant Guide Buy Judgment (Uncommon) Elite Vanguard Buy Magic 2010 (Uncommon)
Elvish Vanguard Buy Onslaught (Rare) Emmessi Tome Buy Tempest (Rare)
Emperor Crocodile Buy Urza's Destiny (Rare) Enlightened Tutor Buy Mirage (Uncommon)
Entomb Buy Odyssey (Rare) Extract from Darkness Buy Conspiracy (Uncommon)
Eyeblight's Ending Buy Lorwyn Fact or Fiction Buy Invasion (Uncommon)
Faith's Fetters Buy Ravnica: City of Guilds Faithless Looting Buy Dark Ascension
Fervent Cathar Buy Avacyn Restored Field of Souls Buy Tempest (Rare)
Firebolt Buy Odyssey Flame Jab Buy Eventide
Flame-Kin Zealot Buy Ravnica: City of Guilds (Uncommon) Flinthoof Boar Buy Magic 2013 (Uncommon)
Fog Buy Limited Edition Alpha Force of Will Buy Alliances (Uncommon)
Future Sight Buy Onslaught (Rare) Gaea's Blessing Buy Weatherlight (Uncommon)
Gamble Buy Urza's Saga (Rare) Gaseous Form Buy Legends
Ghitu Slinger Buy Urza's Legacy Giant Solifuge Buy Guildpact (Rare)
Giant Tortoise (1) Buy Arabian Nights Glacial Wall Buy Ice Age (Uncommon)
Glare of Subdual Buy Ravnica: City of Guilds (Rare) Glimmerpoint Stag Buy Scars of Mirrodin (Uncommon)
Goblin Charbelcher Buy Mirrodin (Rare) Goblin Trenches Buy Apocalypse (Rare)
Gravedigger Buy Portal (Uncommon) Green Sun's Zenith Buy Mirrodin Besieged (Rare)
Harmonize Buy Planar Chaos (Uncommon) Havoc Demon Buy Legions (Rare)
Heritage Druid Buy Morningtide (Uncommon) Honden of Cleansing Fire Buy Champions of Kamigawa (Uncommon)
Honden of Infinite Rage Buy Champions of Kamigawa (Uncommon) Honden of Life's Web Buy Champions of Kamigawa (Uncommon)
Honden of Night's Reach Buy Champions of Kamigawa (Uncommon) Honden of Seeing Winds Buy Champions of Kamigawa (Uncommon)
Humble Buy Urza's Saga (Uncommon) Hydroblast Buy Ice Age
Hymn to Tourach (1) Buy Fallen Empires Ichorid Buy Torment (Rare)
Imperious Perfect Buy Lorwyn (Uncommon) Inkwell Leviathan Buy Conflux (Rare)
Innocent Blood Buy Odyssey Intangible Virtue Buy Innistrad (Uncommon)
Invigorate Buy Mercadian Masques Isochron Scepter Buy Mirrodin (Uncommon)
Jace, the Mind Sculptor Buy WorldWake (Mythic) Jareth, Leonine Titan Buy Onslaught (Rare)
Jetting Glasskite Buy Betrayers of Kamigawa (Uncommon) Juggernaut Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon)
Jungle Hollow Buy Khans of Tarkir Karakas Buy Legends (Uncommon)
Karmic Guide Buy Urza's Legacy (Rare) Keldon Champion Buy Urza's Destiny (Uncommon)
Keldon Marauders Buy Planar Chaos Kird Ape Buy Arabian Nights
Kor Hookmaster Buy Zendikar Llanowar Elves Buy Limited Edition Alpha
Lys Alana Huntmaster Buy Lorwyn Lys Alana Scarblade Buy Lorwyn (Uncommon)
Maelstrom Wanderer Buy Planechase 2012 Edition (Mythic) Malicious Affliction Buy Commander 2014 (Rare)
Man-o'-War Buy Visions Mana Crypt Buy Promo Cards (Arena)
Maze of Ith Buy The Dark (Uncommon) Memory Lapse (1) Buy Homelands
Merfolk Looter Buy Exodus Mesa Enchantress Buy Planar Chaos (Rare)
Millikin Buy Odyssey (Uncommon) Mindless Automaton Buy Exodus (Rare)
Mishra's Factory (1) Buy Antiquities (Rare) Mistral Charger Buy Dissension (Uncommon)
Mogg Fanatic Buy Tempest Mogg War Marshal Buy Time Spiral
Monk Idealist Buy Urza's Saga (Uncommon) Mother of Runes Buy Urza's Legacy (Uncommon)
Mystical Tutor Buy Mirage (Uncommon) Natural Order Buy Visions (Rare)
Nature's Claim Buy WorldWake Nausea Buy Exodus
Necropotence Buy Ice Age (Rare) Nekrataal Buy Visions (Uncommon)
Nevinyrral's Disk Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Rare) Night's Whisper Buy Fifth Dawn (Uncommon)
Nimble Mongoose Buy Odyssey (Uncommon) Oona's Grace Buy Eventide
Orcish Oriflamme Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon) Pacifism Buy Mirage
Peregrine Drake Buy Urza's Saga (Uncommon) Phantom Monster Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon)
Phyrexian Gargantua Buy Apocalypse (Uncommon) Phyrexian Ingester Buy New Phyrexia (Rare)
Phyrexian Rager Buy Apocalypse Pilgrim's Eye Buy WorldWake
Plague Witch Buy Nemesis Price of Progress Buy Exodus (Uncommon)
Prismatic Lens Buy Time Spiral Prodigal Sorcerer Buy Limited Edition Alpha
Prowling Pangolin Buy Onslaught (Uncommon) Pyroblast Buy Ice Age
Pyrokinesis Buy Alliances (Uncommon) Quiet Speculation Buy Judgment (Uncommon)
Raise the Alarm Buy Mirrodin Rally the Peasants Buy Innistrad (Uncommon)
Rancor Buy Urza's Legacy Reckless Charge Buy Odyssey
Regal Force Buy Eventide (Rare) Relic of Progenitus Buy Shards of Alara
Roar of the Wurm Buy Odyssey (Uncommon) Roots Buy Homelands (Uncommon)
Rorix Bladewing Buy Onslaught (Rare) Rugged Highlands Buy Khans of Tarkir
Scoured Barrens Buy Khans of Tarkir Screeching Skaab Buy Dark Ascension
Seal of Cleansing Buy Nemesis Seal of Strength Buy Nemesis
Second Thoughts Buy Odyssey Seismic Stomp Buy Magic 2014
Sengir Autocrat Buy Homelands (Uncommon) Sensei's Divining Top Buy Champions of Kamigawa (Uncommon)
Sentinel Spider Buy Magic 2013 Serendib Efreet Buy Arabian Nights (Rare)
Serra Angel Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon) Shaman of the Pack Buy Magic Origins (Uncommon)
Shardless Agent Buy Planechase 2012 Edition (Uncommon) Shelter Buy Odyssey
Shoreline Ranger Buy Scourge Siege-Gang Commander Buy Scourge (Rare)
Silent Departure Buy Innistrad Silvos, Rogue Elemental Buy Onslaught (Rare)
Sinkhole Buy Limited Edition Alpha Skulking Ghost Buy Mirage
Sneak Attack Buy Urza's Saga (Rare) Soulcatcher Buy Odyssey (Uncommon)
Sphinx of the Steel Wind Buy Alara Reborn (Mythic) Sprite Noble Buy Time Spiral (Rare)
Squadron Hawk Buy Magic 2011 Stingscourger Buy Planar Chaos
Stupefying Touch Buy Torment (Uncommon) Sulfuric Vortex Buy Scourge (Rare)
Swiftwater Cliffs Buy Khans of Tarkir Swords to Plowshares Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon)
Sylvan Library Buy Legends (Uncommon) Sylvan Might Buy Odyssey (Uncommon)
Thornweald Archer Buy Future Sight Thornwood Falls Buy Khans of Tarkir
Thunderclap Wyvern Buy Magic Origins (Uncommon) Ticking Gnomes Buy Urza's Legacy (Uncommon)
Tidal Wave Buy Mirage (Uncommon) Timberwatch Elf Buy Legions
Tooth and Claw Buy Tempest (Rare) Torrent of Souls Buy Shadowmoor (Uncommon)
Toxic Deluge Buy Commander 2013 Edition (Rare) Tragic Slip Buy Dark Ascension
Tranquil Cove Buy Khans of Tarkir Trygon Predator Buy Dissension (Uncommon)
Twisted Abomination Buy Scourge Undying Rage Buy Time Spiral (Uncommon)
Unexpectedly Absent Buy Commander 2013 Edition (Rare) Urborg Uprising Buy Apocalypse
Vampiric Tutor Buy Visions (Rare) Victimize Buy Urza's Saga (Uncommon)
Vindicate Buy Apocalypse (Rare) Visara the Dreadful Buy Onslaught (Rare)
Void Buy Invasion (Rare) Wake of Vultures Buy Visions
Wakedancer Buy Dark Ascension (Uncommon) Wall of Omens Buy Rise of the Eldrazi (Uncommon)
War Priest of Thune Buy Magic 2011 (Uncommon) Warden of Evos Isle Buy Magic 2014 (Uncommon)
Wasteland Buy Tempest (Uncommon) Wee Dragonauts Buy Guildpact
Welkin Guide Buy Shards of Alara Werebear Buy Odyssey
Whitemane Lion Buy Planar Chaos Wildfire Emissary Buy Mirage (Uncommon)
Wind-Scarred Crag Buy Khans of Tarkir Winter Orb Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Rare)
Wirewood Symbiote Buy Scourge (Uncommon) Wonder Buy Judgment (Uncommon)
Worldgorger Dragon Buy Judgment (Rare) Worn Powerstone Buy Urza's Saga (Uncommon)
Wrath of God Buy Limited Edition Alpha (Rare) Xantid Swarm Buy Scourge (Rare)
Yavimaya Enchantress Buy Urza's Destiny (Uncommon) Young Pyromancer Buy Magic 2014 (Uncommon)
Zealous Persecution Buy Alara Reborn (Uncommon)
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