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Deus Vult (f./Thassa's Oracle from THB)
Demonic Consultation Buy + Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Buy
JVP is a stand-in for Thassa's Oracle (THB, Rare).

Play Thassa's Oracle.

Then, after it resolves, in response to
the ETB trigger, play DC and name a card
that's not played in your deck.

Produces an instant win via T.O.,
from any boardstate.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Servants to Composted Thinking.
Painter's Servant Buy + Compost Buy + Psychic Corrosion Buy
1. Play all three, with Painter's Servant naming Black.

2. Draw a card however you choose.

3. Profit.

Short of someone having an
Eldrazi Titan in their deck,
this will deck the table.
And you will have your deck in hand.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Oldest Trick In The Book
Chaoslace Buy + Blue Elemental Blast Buy
Chaoslace your opponent's Nightmare or Shivan Dragon or Force of Nature or Mahamoti Djinn, then Blue Elemental Blast it!! Can even counter spells or whatever!
(Submitted by Jobas)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Pitiless Plunderer Buy + March of the Machines Buy
Transform your Treasures into 0/0 creatures and create and infinite loop.
Add Reckless Fireweaver Buy to infinite damage
(Submitted by Zimba)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(1)   
Chieftain of the War-Tide
Stonehoof Chieftain Buy + Nacatl War-Pride Buy + Coat of Arms Buy
Have all three in play. Enter combat, attack with the creatures. If your opponent has 0 creatures, you hit for 13 damage. If they have 2 creatures, you are swinging for 29 with 17 of it being trample and the nontoken War-Pride is indestructible. It gets pretty absurd the more creatures your opponent has.
(Submitted by cruzburger)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(0)   
Potent Citadel Reservoir
Bolas's Citadel Buy + Aetherflux Reservoir Buy + Necropotence Buy
Bolas's Citadel is already really easy to abuse with the Reservoir, but you usually stop after hitting a land. With Necropotence, you can exile that land for only 1 life and continue chaining spells.

If you don't win with casting your whole deck, you will almost certainly hit 50 life for the Reservoir at least once.
(Submitted by cruzburger)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(0)   
Begin the Ritual!
Shadowborn Apostle Buy + Razaketh, the Foulblooded Buy + Bloodbond March Buy
There was another combo here that used the Apostles only once per turn.

1. Activate Apostles. Get Razaketh.
2. Sac a creature (like another Apostle) to tutor for an Apostle.
3. Cast Apostle. Get all in grave to field.

See first comment for full description.
(Submitted by cruzburger)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(0)   
Remove all damage
Favored Hoplite Buy + Saving Grace Buy
Flash Saving Grace Buy enchants Favored Hoplite Buy all damage goes to Favored Hoplite Buy where it will be prevented
(Submitted by Lord Sauron)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(0)   
Fractured Omen (f./Fractured Identity from C17.)
Symbiotic Deployment Buy + Omen Machine Buy + Ordered Migration Buy
Ordered Migration is a stand-in for Fractured Identity (C17, Rare).

Play Symbiotic Deployment first, then exile it via Fractured Identity. This will force opponents to create token copies of Symbiotic Deployment.

Next, drop Omen Machine to prevent both the drawing of cards, and of playing spells during their draw step.

This will lock opponents out from their libraries, while allowing you to play cards off Omen Machine.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Atla's Rolodex (f./Atla Palani from C19.)
Mirror Entity Buy + Jacques le Vert Buy + Invigorate Buy
Jacques le Vert is a stand-in for Atla Palani, Nest Tender (C19, Mythic Rare).

Play Atla and Mirror Entity first then play any pump spell, such as Invigorate, targeting Atla.

Finally, activate Mirror Entity for Zero an arbirtary number of times.

This will cause you to infinitely rolodex your deck, as long as you have a major Eldrazi Titan in the deck.

Creates Infinite ETB's/LTB's for all creatures in your deck.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   

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