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Working: Both in play, 1# sac Cat by any engine, 2# use Lili's [-3] ability to return Cat, 3# blink Lili by Cat, repeat
(Submitted by Valdelino_PHB)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(1)   
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simondiamond2012Artice Submitter   4/9/2017 7:32:57 AM
The big problem I see here is that there are zero free sacrifice outlets for standard, thereby making this interaction implausible. (After Amonkhet's release, there may be a free creature sac outlet released, but none yet that I've seen.)

In the older formats however, this interaction can work, although it is a bit slow to pull off, not to mention only available at sorcery speed. For a B/W midrange token deck, this could function as an alt win con.

Last Modified: 4/9/2017 7:39:44 AM     

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