Midnight Blue Veil (EDH Specific Combo)
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Buy + The Chain Veil Buy + Astral Cornucopia Buy
Astral Cornucopia must be at 5 or more charge counters, or you must have access to 5 or more mana between 3 or fewer mana rocks, in order for this to work.

Also, Teferi must be your commander.

Play your rock(s) first, then Chain Veil, then finally Teferi.

A full description is in the first comment.
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simondiamond2012Artice Submitter   5/29/2017 6:11:38 PM
Since this is going to be a long description with some math present, I'll be using acronyms to help sort out which is which.

TEF.= Teferi (your general); CV = Chain Veil

TEF. PW + CV (Chain Veil), and 3 mana rocks that each produce 3 mana (like Gilded Lotus, Thran Dynamo, and Basalt Monolith) appear to be the most likely best case starting configuration.
To illustrate the power of this combo, I will start off in this configuration, then move on to only having 5 mana.

First, start will all pieces out except for your general, casting the general for the first time at 6 mana, and with none of the vital pieces used up until this point (I.e., your 3 rocks and CV).

Using the -1 five times in a row, you'll produce 45 mana (30 colorless, 15 blue), in between floating mana for all activations of CV, before TEF. is killed off each time.

Each iteration of this maneuver will allow you to net mana, in a diminishing return style of manner.

Based on this above premise, since your ability to produce mana has a ceiling, yet your Commander Tax doesn't, eventually when your general hits 44 mana to cast (casting TEF. for the 20th time), you'll start losing mana rather than netting mana to cast him after that point. I,e., from the 21st cast onward, you'll lose mana in casting TEF.

Prior to that point however you;ll still be in the positive, a lot of mana.

Here's the math:

45 mana per revolution * 20 castings = 900 mana

900 - 500 (the total amount of mana spent to cast Teferi up to that point) = 400 mana, (2/3rds of it colorless, 1/3rd blue).

<--To figure out the amount of mana needed to cast TEF. execute the summation of 20 in intervals of 2, starting from 6 mana (cast #1) and ending at cast #20, when TEF. is 44 mana to cast.

<-- Also bear in mind this is if you kill off Teferi for the 20th time, and therefore he becomes uncastable, WHICH YOU DON'T WANT TO DO.

In the best case scenario where you don't use the final -1, where TEF. is still alive, instead you're left with 99 free activations of all walkers during this turn (including the present TEF.), and 391 mana (1/3rd blue and 2/3rds colorless).

98 of those activations are +1, and one -10, so you have your entire deck in hand, and TEF. at 88 loyalty, post emblem.

From here, things get goofy.

With 99 free activations of all walkers until the end of this turn, at max you can do 297 damage divided between all opponents (99 damage per opponent in a 4 man game) if you have an Ugin in your deck. And if the combined life totals of all opponents are above 297? Force a restart with Karn and steal everything from everyone! (Either way, everyone will be pissed at you.)

The math will get ever more slim if you only have 5 mana to play between three different rocks as suggested in the initial post however it can still be done.

Using the above configuration, at that point, you're then only netting 5 mana from each activation before you kill off Teferi. (Although you're not appearing to break commander tax parity, however you are in fact because each activation of CV carries over to each new TEF. that's casted. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER!)

At the 10th cast, under this new configuration, TEF. becomes uncastable.

Using similar math reasoning, under best possible scenario, you're left with 245 mana generated, minus 150 mana spent over ten separate castings of TEF. before he's killed off the final time. Following the same logic as before, in this situation, you're left with +95 mana, and +49 free activations, which in theory could still put your deck in your hand and give you an emblem.

Obviously, the more mana you have to devote between 3 rocks, the more mana you'll be able to generate overall.

Eventually, in order to generate infinite mana, you'll need access to a Doubling Cube in the deck, which by following the above guide, you should be able to do.

Yes, the math appears wonky, but it does work, even though this interaction doesn't "go infinite".

The reason why this works is because The Chain Veil "carries over" new instances of any/all PW activations, regardless of however many times a specific PW has hit the field. Whenever your commander hits the field, if it's the first or the tenth time, the board state will recognize the fact that you haven't activated this new walker yet, and so by proxy, you end up "storing" Chain Veil uses.

Hopefully that better explains the math here.

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