A Horrific Thing
Thing in the Ice Buy + Hex Parasite Buy + Followed Footsteps Buy
Have Thing in the Ice and Hex Parasite in play. Drain the counters off Thing in the Ice and you've got a 7/8 on turn two. Stick Followed Footsteps on him later and you'll clear the board of non-horror creatures every turn.
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cruzburger   10/15/2017 4:03:19 PM
There are a few issues with this. You STILL have to cast an instant or sorcery to trigger it. The wording is not like Vanishing, but more like Fading. When the trigger happens, it checks the number of counters. Then, if there are no more, then it flips. It isn't "when the last is removed."

Second, and more importantly, the token copies from Followed Footsteps Buy are tokens and only copy the front side of the card. I don't remember which rule it specifically is off the top of my head, but basically, token copies of anything cannot transform.

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